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14 June 27th, 2011 Bren Foster Re-hired by Days of our Lives!

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Looks like DAYS new writing and producing team has changed course slightly, and has decided to re-hire axed hunk, Bren Foster!

Foster who just debuted as Quinn, (Vivian Alamain’s never before heard of son) is staying put in Salem, according to news from Soap Opera Digest.

So, are you glad that Bren is sticking around? Who would you like to see him involved with in story?  Let us know!

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  1. Mo says:

    Yay! Good news. Days made my day! I still want to see the story of him and Viv, but I guess Louise is still going. I hope this is a long-term stay and that he has a good story. He’s a great actor. Which lucky lady can he hook up with? Hmm…I guess Gabi will be available soon! I think most are already paired off, but I look forward to him making Salen his home!


    Desera Codey replied

    I dont like the character Quinn its silly to have him without chloe , she really helped him she is a much better actor , Don’t think his acting is up to scratch . If Vivian is his mum why the Australian accent ?? seems silly too me … Maybe there will be a big twist and we will find out he is really gay , that would be interesting . So sad for all the others they had been on so much longer than him .


    mo replied

    I actually think Bren is a great actor. His scenes with Louise are amazing. Quinn’s dad was apparently Australian and Viv left Q w/his dad so he grew up in Australia and thus has an Australian accent. I like Quinn teaming up with Viv. Wish Louise were staying so we could see more of this. Regardless, super glad Bren is staying. He’s a great addition to the cast.

  2. Imane Assi says:

    Unacceptable when Nadia is still out. I’m glad he still has his job but disgusted by what they’re doing to Nadia and a long time fans favorite Chloe…They take the time to redeem him but don’t bother fixing some of the damages caused by DH to a long time fans favorite like Chloe?…Unacceptable…


    Kenneth replied

    Nadia was leaving anyway. She was not fired.


    Imane Assi replied

    Nadia was leaving in November,when her contract will be up. They let her go 5 months earlier. Amd she could have changed her mind with the new writers but now we won’t even get the chance to fix the damages caused by DH to Chloe, to get the real Chloe back and a proper exit for Chloe. God knows what exit they’re gonna give Chloe now since Nadia is leaving 5 months earlier.

  3. bob says:

    the best new ever!!!


  4. Brian T says:

    I like the actor but so far not a fan of the character. I am hoping they will say that Victor is his real father or something!


  5. mainsoapfan says:

    Bren Foster is a great actor, i am very happy they got him back!


  6. Gmbenet says:

    Didn’t care for the Quinn character.


  7. bettyrj says:

    I’m glad Bren is staying. I like his acting and I think he’s really a hunk. I don’t know who he could pair up with but wish that Vivian was staying so they could have a storyline together! Maybe they could make him be the resident bad guy and let up on EJ!


  8. dina camapanella says:

    He and louise sorel are great together…..i don’t understand why days is letting louise go……….they are making ahuge mistake bringing back carrie and austin and all of these other boring characters….louise makes the show interesting and she and son quinn are great together……SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAve Vivian!!!!!!


  9. Nicky says:

    I personally also think it is good that they kept Quinn.. I too feel that they should make him the resident bad is time for EJ to return to the character we saw and fell in love with when he first entered Salem..As for Carrie and Austin What are they thinking..a love triangle..Rafe, Sami, Austin and Carrie hope not, has all been done before..Anyway love Days and hope it remains on air..


  10. vera falco says:

    thank god bren was rehired……he is an eyeful. been watching the show since the beginning love scott too…..


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