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11 March 16th, 2010 Brett Claywell speaks in first interview since Kish got the AX!

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In a doozy of an interview from Fancast’s, Sara Bibel, One Life to Live’s Brett Claywell (Kyle) answers questions surrounding the abrupt ending of the Kish same-sex storyline, and responds to the online rumors  that questioned his and Scott Evans’s professionalism,  that could have figured into why the duo got the boot.  Here are some enlightening excerpts below on the performance standard issues, the Kish fan base, if the couple will ever return, and Brett’s feelings toward the show’s head writer, and executive producer.

Brett on the TV Guide Canada column which reported rumors of their performance issues a being a reason they were written-off: “Scott informed me of that yesterday.  It’s amazing to me that two people can put so much of their heart into a story that can be so passionate and serious and tell a story as honestly and as truthfully as we tried to and just open our hearts to the world and just try to make a difference, try and touch people and stories like this will come out that are absolutely, 100% false.  I’d love for anyone to watch one day of any of the work we’ve done and tell me that Scott and I were not 100% committed to what we were doing.  We were so dedicated to our work. It’s hurtful.  I’m really offended that someone would make completely false claims.  I’m angry.  It’s slander. One of the last days that Scott and I worked together, the argument scene that just aired two weeks ago when I had the DNA test, we had all these scenes that were from different episodes, 41 pages of dialogue that Scott and I filmed in maybe an hour and a half.  We work so methodically together and so well together.  We would film scenes in one take like everybody does.  You ask the directors we worked with.  The fact that you can spend a year and a half pouring your heart into a story and one person with one article can try to bruise that reputation you have, it’s disheartening and it’s offensive.”

Brett on whether he thinks Kish will ever return: “I think they intentionally left it open.  Whether or not it’s going to happen, I can’t predict the future.  But Scott and I would both love to work together again.  We filmed our last day together and we didn’t even know it was our last day together.  I feel like there’s still some closure [needed] both for the story and us working together.”

Brett on what he sees as the response from fans: “I realized this week that we don’t have a fanbase.  We have an army.  I think I need to start making uniforms for them.  I couldn’t be more appreciative.  Moving to New York and telling this story… being an actor you’re on an island sometimes.  You’re just standing on your own two feet dealing with all the pressure and the stress that come with certain things.  Playing this role was more difficult than anything I’ve ever done in my life and it was more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done in my life.  It’s probably the proudest accomplishment I’ve ever had in my life.  A lot of that is a testament to the fans because they give you strength.  They help you know in the times that you feel most alone that you really aren’t.  Knowing that your work is really important to somebody, that it means something to somebody… every moment that I might have had a weak moment where I was getting overwhelmed there was a word from somebody that doesn’t even know that I read it that affected me just enough to get me through.  You say fans, because you don’t know them, but they’re more like friendships.  The support they gave is like no other.”

Brett on his feelings now toward One Life’s head writer, Ron Carlivati and EP, Frank Valentini: “I want to make sure that I put on the record that from my eyes and from my perspective I have no bitterness or no anger towards Frank and Ron.  Frank, he kept me around.  The character was created.  The character was revealed to be a gay man.  Through the whole process we had nothing but communication and support and belief and trust with Frank Valentini. People need to remember that this story never would have been told without either of them.  Without Ron’s writing but especially without Frank’s support.  I never would have played this role probably without Frank’s support.  At the end of the day it was sad to go.  It’s our family in a lot of ways and a little part of us feels like we’re being thrown under the bus by our family, maybe, but I am appreciative and indebted to Frank for being bold enough to tell this story and to tell it as truthfully as we did.  That truth may have shocked some people.  It may have created discussions in households and in places that never would have had the discussion.  To be bold enough to make that choice and to stand by it is why we did the work. I forever will be grateful to Frank and I think people should understand that… It might be a slower train than we want for equality to be on the streets or on the air but this still was progress.  The support that ABC gave us, the bravery that One Life To Live had as a show, the beauty in the words that Ron wrote, and the strength of the performances that Scott and I gave, this should be nothing but a celebration for a year that changed daytime television.”

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  1. carla says:

    shame on abc


  2. steve says:

    brett buddy great interview your fans have just begun to fight for you guys along with
    gladd i not gay but my wife & i love watching oltl the show should be in black to mourn
    you & scott’s loss signed kish petition today.
    steve h. – in alabama


  3. bottomchef says:

    this interview at least cleared up the rumor that Claywell found out online when the news broke and was not told by OLTL. So he was told. Regarding the professionalism issue, what’s Claywell gonna say? “Yes Evans and I partied all the time?” Of course not. He’s gonna say they were professional yada yada yada. Part of being professional is not trashing your former employers, which Claywell did for both primetime and daytime soaps with his “no one writes for me” and “we were thrown under the bus” comments.

    so where’s the complaint of racism since daphnee duplaix was let go? she’s a person of color, so based on the mindset of the kish fans, racism must be the reason she was axed. the characters of color on soaps are relegated to the background.

    Get over yourself Claywell. There’s no stability in acting, so to whine that he gave his heart and soul into playing Kyle, whatevs, any actor can say that if it was true or not. Claywell and Evans are contributing to this media circus known as Kishtastrophe and are milking it for all its worth. Claywell and Evans seem to be using it to drag out more publicity from this Kishtastrophe.


    Harper replied


    You’re disgusting. Part of being a human being is standing up for one’s self when one has been wronged! Professionalism does not mean allowing others to screw you over and take it like a champ. Claywell would have probably never said anything but the smear campaign was too much for him.

    Please don’t bother to say that studios and networks don’t screw over their actors. Soaps have long histories of doing such. Michael Zaslow was fired infamously by P&G after he became ill. Last year, Sony leaked salary information about Eric Braeden.

    Claywell was kind and gracious to OLTL’s executive producer Frank Valentini and to head writer Ron Carlavati. Nice of you to over look this statement by Claywell: “Through the whole process we had nothing but communication and support and belief and trust with Frank Valentini. People need to remember that this story never would have been told without either of them. Without Ron’s writing but especially without Frank’s support. I never would have played this role probably without Frank’s support. ”

    This is 2010. Companies have shown that they have no loyalty to their employees. Claywell was more than kind to his former bosses even as they weren’t to him.

    For the record, fans of Daphnee Duplaix do look suspiciously at OLTL for her firing because OLTL has a history of hiring and firing minority actors. Paul Rauch is infamous for his firing all of the black actor on OLTL in the 1970s. As of today, rumors are swirling that most of the minority cast is going to be let go. Adios Destiny, Shaun, and Tea. Layla’s portrayer, Tika Sumpter is now recurring.

    Soaps, in general, have a poor history of recognizing their diverse audience by hiring and nurturing minority actors. ATWT has no people of color in its cast. When is the last time a person of color had a decent storyline on GH? Days has backburnered the Carvers for years. Y&R is joked about the editors for only having its black cast brought out on the 1st and 15th of the month.


    bottomchef replied

    Actors should be open to harsh criticism since they’re “public property” and it’s in the nature of their job to be scrutinized, but you have shown a lot of “class” by calling me names. And all for what? Bec you’re a fan of kish? Bec you’re annoyed at any comment saying Evans’s acting is shoddy? Bec you’re aggravated when ppl don’t support the interviews of the actors who seem to be making their axing into a homophobia issue when it’s not? I won’t stoop to your level.

    Yes daytime’s been terrible w/ racial diversity casting. That’s been established long ago. What else is new? But Duplaix was written out bec she’s a racial minority, mich like the kish actors were not written off bec of homophobia.

    How can ABC be homophobic? OLTL let kish have a love scene! AMC penned the real groundbreaking lgbtq storyline by letting Bianca come out, w/c was acted by the fantastic Eden Reigel. AMC let Bianca and reese marry! ABC is not homophobic. Evans and Claywell should learn interview etiquette lessons from Eden reigel. Chuck Pratt blamed Eden Reigel for Rianca bec Reigel left AMC. Reigel had nothing but kind words for AMC, her former employer. She didn’t trash AMC, unlike Evans and Claywell. Now she’s on Y&R!

  4. Doe says:

    Very good strong words from Brett, but very truthful. Kish is composed of two very fine actors who were willing to take that story and run with it. I wish them luck, but I would be surprised if OLTL would bring themback. We shall see….


  5. Chris 2010 says:

    Great interview! I wish him the best of luck for all the future opportunities!


  6. Mairead says:

    Bottomchef… spew a lot of anger about these 2 very talented actors and your attack on them seems very personal……sounds like you might even be a jealous actor who resents their popularity and success…….could that be it???/…..hmm…


  7. Megan says:

    Brett is a very special young man and together with Scott Evans he has made kish one of the most beloved couples ever seen on daytime…..OLTL is making a monumental mistake in ending this beautiful love story and will soon realize just how many new viewers they brought to the show when Kish leaves and their countless fans leave with them…..

    Bottomchef…..get over yourself your hateful rants will never deflect from the amazing talent of Brett and Scott and the positive impact they and their story has left on daytime TV………
    I could amost believe you are an employee of ABC/OLTL…why else would you have such a
    hatred of these wonderfully talented actors??……BTW..point me to a story where Brett or Scott have trashed ABC…they are merely trying to defend their reputation against false allegations which they have every right to do and they are actually the only ones acting professionally is this whole sad situation….


  8. Jardo says:


    I agree with everyone else here. Brett Claywell and Scott Evans have been nothing but gracious to EVERYONE during this whole situation. I dare you to point out any interview/article where either of them have said anything against OLTL or ABC, or any of the people they worked for or with. Unlike you, these young men are above trashing others and have shown themselves to be nothing but professionals with class and integrity, obviously characteristics their former employer is lacking. Furthermore, actors are not “public property.” They aren’t “property” at all! And they have a right to defend their character when lies and untruths are printed about them. Anybody who wouldn’t do so in the same situation would be crazy as their career would be at stake.

    Furthermore, I must agree with others here that you must be carrying a personal vendetta against these wonderful young men because I can’t believe you would spend so much time on a message board spewing your hatred against them when you likely don’t know them personally and can’t vouch for their character one way or the other. They have done nothing to you or anyone else to deserve such hatred, but people like you obviously think anyone that has more class or is a better person than you are should be criticized and shot down (I’m assuming so you can feel better about yourself because of your own self-hatred and what you lack as a human being). You obviously have much more time on your hands than sense! Why else would you come on this board and criticize and bash two wonderful young men that you don’t even know at all just for the sake of a little attention. You know nothing about the character of either of these young men, and you never will.

    Why don’t you go “get a life” and try to be somebody instead of criticizing others who have long surpassed you!


  9. christa lyon says:

    for kyle lewis and oliver fish and their child sierra rose to bring them home to lianview beofre the holiday and keep them stay in lianview oliver fish still employed at lianvew police officer and kyle still employed at lianview hospital since dr greg evans is leaving his role and he needs help his back up at lianview hospital and jonh mcbain need back up at lianview police station with oliver fish and make their return on – screen agian


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