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22 October 5th, 2011 Brian Frons announces The Chew Creator, Randall Barone as new V.P. Programming & Development ABC Daytime!


ABC Daytime President, Brian Frons announced yesterday that he has named The Chew creator, Randall Barone (pictured here) as the new V.P. Programming & Development at ABC Daytime!

Clearly this move is indicative of a complete dawning of a new age at the ABC Daytime line-up where more reality and talk shows in your morning and afternoons are the flavor of their programming perspective, and indicative of their long range plans.   So where will this leave General Hospital? That is the question.  Here now is the official press release announcing Barone in his new spot!

ABC Daytime Official Press Release: Veteran television producer Randall Barone has been named vice president, Programming & Development, ABC Daytime, it was announced today by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group, to whom he will report. In this role Barone will continue to oversee the programming and development for the network’s award-winning talk show The View, as well as The Chew.

For the past year and a half, Barone was instrumental in the creation and development of The Chew, working closely with executive producer Gordon Elliot and his team at Follow Productions. The Chew is the first show to debut on ABC Daytime in 15 years and combines the best of talk, food and lifestyle programming.

Barone began his career as a producer in Philadelphia. He worked at WXYZ-TV (Detroit) as an Emmy Award-winning producer of various shows and was executive producer in charge of programming at KGO-TV (San Francisco). He was the senior supervising producer of Good Morning America from 1990-98, in charge of special projects, and traveled the show throughout Europe, Australia and Alaska. He worked as the senior supervising producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show from 1998-99, and returned to ABC to work on the development of several projects for daytime television. In July 2000 he was named creative executive in charge of The View. Barone is a recipient of both local Emmy Awards and national Emmy Awards for his work on Good Morning America. He resides in Manhattan.

So soapers, what do you think of this next move to the future of ABC Daytime?

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  1. Jan says:

    So what does this mean?
    Who knows.


    leah replied

    swirl and flush abc… and since frons is such a little sh- we wont need a plunger. I love grays and castle but i some how cant support a net work which employs Brian Frons.. He is as Lucci said- ignorance and ego…

    Bring back the soaps…


    Brynda replied

    As they say: “Garbage in, garbage out”! Guess where the chew and Brian Frons ranks and rates. Sorry ABC and Disney, boycotting the ABC and the other stations they own and Disneyland as well. I guess you can say “I have had enough of the Mickey Mouse treatment. Sorry guys, you blew it. Of course the chew got better ratings the AMCl at the end, it was heartbreaking to watch you humilate my show at the end and it was hard to watch. But guess what I would not take credit for it replacement. Pure garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You lose.


  2. Jared says:

    Please stay vigilant and boycott the goo and abc.


  3. moneek77 says:

    ABC/Disney …after Jan.2012 your daytime programming is cancelled so doesn’t matter what pawn you put in place. Too much realty and talk shows already.We want scripted TV not cheap substitutes.


  4. Kathy says:

    Randall Barone : Public Enemy #2


  5. mary amos says:

    ABC has become the cheapest network and everyone is turning off abc.They had a bigger following then they wanted to admit.Even other countries have gotten on websites over the cancelling of soaps.Soaps are like reading a good book you can’t out down and that was has kept veiwers there,no one is wanting more cooking and talk shows. there anywhere day and night.ABC has really created a bad move that will not be repared.We will never forgive these cheap idiots and there lies to the cast of all my children.They moved there families to please abc and abc knew they were going to cancel them. that is really really low. its in print in this articile that they had planned this all along.Shame on you abc,Your the lowest of the lowest.


  6. Mona Prager says:

    This just validates the fact that Brian Frons is an unscrupulous scoundrel because Randall Barone has been in the creation and development of The Chew for a year and a half. It’s no wonder that Susan Lucci said she felt blind sighted by Frons. He knew all that time that he was planning to KILL AMC and give it the axe! I agree wholeheartedly with Susan Lucci’s feelings about him and he deserved the wrath of La Lucci!


  7. mary amos says:

    As you see they had this planned when they forced all my children stars to move across the country to keep there jobs.This is as low as you can go.ABC/Disney had become a cutthoart network.If I where the stars of this show I would be sueing the whole bunch for there lies and disrupting there families.I only wish ABC/Disney goes down and the idiots that run it go down with it.Need to keep there mouth shut about screwing over the cast of all my children.ABC your the lowest of the lowest


  8. JoAnn Leepard says:

    ABC used to be my favorite network…the one where most of my favorite shows were on…used to be until April 14th that is! It seems that TITB (The Idiots That Be) at Disney/ABC are deliberately trying to tank their own network. Since when does a person get a promotion for creating garbage? I neither get it nor do I even care since the ONLY thing that I watch on ABC is One Life to Live! Once OLTL leaves the airwaves in January 2012 my TV will NEVER be tuned to ABC again! My new favorite network is TOLN (The Online Network)! Can hardly wait for it’s launch date in January 2012! Thank you Prospect Park! As for Disney/ABC–may their “death” be swift and painful!


  9. Iakovos says:

    No real surprise. ABC has made a decision for its bottom line. Cheap seems to be the new way to do things everywhere. No one wants to make commitments, hold true to traditions… yes, times change and so do cultures, but evolution need not mean destruction.


  10. lisa says:

    Who cares ? !!


  11. Blake says:

    After OLTL goes off in Jan there will be absolutely no ABC for me. Just like I did when Guiding Light was cancelled two years ago, banned CBS.


  12. Pye says:

    Well, it certainly is good to see just how deeply ABC and ABC Daytime are committed to arranging the deck chairs while their ship continues to take on water. General Hospital…and even The View (because it was not Barone’s brainchild and we all know how much ego rules the airwaves)…beware.


  13. d1b662 says:

    I’m finished with ABC Daytime. I have enough reality in my own life. I don’t need anyone else’s reality and if I were inclined to watch a food show it would be from the food network.


    Dianne replied

    The thing is, many channels are part of ABC because ABC is owned by Disney. So, to fully effect their ratings, we have to stop watching ALL of those channels: ABC, ABC Family, all of the ESPN’s, etc.


  14. Peggy says:

    Douche bags…all of them. Totally untrustworthy .


  15. lipstickcat says:

    One loser hiring another loser! What a surprise! You’d think they learned their lesson with that garbage The Chew ! The ratings stink but they’ll never admit their failure!


  16. Beth says:

    Ya, that makes sense – promote the guy whose show stinks! Guess that speaks volumes on where ABC daytime is heading. General Hospital will be the next show to fall for more reality/talk shows. The end of an era makes me extremely sad. I don’t understand why when one show format does well everybody has to follow along with the same type of show. Too lazy to come up with a different solution so they take the easy way out!


  17. judmo says:

    When the announcement was made I was sickened especially when I saw what was replacing the beloved AMC. I tried watching the Chew and was nauseated after the first 5 min. I had to turn to a different network which made me sad because I have always been a loyal ABC fan. But the kind of programming they are bringing to that network I am through with ABC daytime and nighttime. I watch Regis and Kelly hen turn to fox and turn back to ABC for OLTL then turn to different channel again and repeat cycle the next day. ABC has lost me as so many other loyal viewers. ABC YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!


  18. Sue says:

    I think The Chew has got to be the WORST cooking show on tv and I watch several of the others. This was a BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!!


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