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53 January 7th, 2016 Brooklyn Rae Silzer Chats On Her GH Goodbye, Final Scenes With Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough & How She Would Write Emma Back Into Story!

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On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, there could not have been a dry eye in the house if you were a longtime fan of Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough), and their daughter Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer).  Viewers watched as the Drake family said farewell to Port Charles to start their new life in California.  With that, it not only meant  the final GH episode of Jason Thompson (who is now on The Young and the Restless) but for now of Kimberly McCullough, and talented young star, Brooklyn Rae Silzer.

In touching scenes during her final show, Emma watched as her parents remarried, then says goodbye to her beloved grandma Anna (Finola Hughes), and more.   In real life shortly before Thanksgiving, Brooklyn finished her final scenes that aired today with her longtime scene partner, Jason Thompson.   Together as Patrick and Emma, the actors created a unique and special bond, and relationship.

Tonight, following us watching the episode, we hopped on the phone with this little scene stealer to get her thoughts on the big Scrubs ending, her time at GH, her relationship with Jason Thompson,  how she hopes she will come back to the show for a visit and even a storyline that she thinks would be quite interesting for a return!  Taking her final bow (for now) with On-Air On-Soaps, here’s what Brooklyn had to share.

During Patrick and Robin’s wedding that aired on Thursday, each of them actually made some special vows to Emma during the ceremony.  What did you think of those moments?


BROOKLYN:  It was really sweet.  I almost cried when they were filming it, but I know Jason really meant it because it was the last day.  It was our last scenes together as a family, and it was my final scenes with Kimberly and Jason.  I kinda didn’t want that scene to come, because I knew I was going to cry.  I’m happy for Jason, and I am just happy that I got to be there that day.

You spoke at Jason Thompson’s farewell and cake cutting ceremony that GH had on set during his final tape day.  What did you say?

BROOKLYN:  I just said how much I loved him, and that I’m happy for him. It was also very sad because it was our last day together, and our last day working together also at General Hospital.  I’m thankful for all of the shows that Jason helped me with, and that Mr. Frank (Valentini) gave me a chance to be on GH for such a longtime, and thankful to the writers that they wrote for me.  Everyone is so sweet there, and I’m going to miss them so much.

Can you believe what a cool experience this has been for you to be a major and beloved character on a television show for as many years as you have?


BROOKLYN:  It was amazing!   I started out as little girl in pre-school.  It was just one scene I was supposed to do on the show, and it turned into four and a half years.  I am just so grateful that everyone over at GH took good care of me.  Jason Thompson felt like a real dad.  I felt like the Drakes were another family of mine, because I kinda grew up on the show.  It’s been half of my life.  I was really happy to have the experience with everyone there including: Mr. Frank, and all of the camera guys.   They are all so nice. 

Another touching goodbye scene was between Emma and her grandma Anna, played by Finola Hughes.

BROOKLYN:  Yes. Grandma helped me (Emma) get an airline ticket, so I can come visit at General Hospital some time.  Maybe, I can come visit Anna’s house sometime.  Maybe, I will cause trouble for my mom and dad, and they have to send me away … so I have to go to grandma’s! (Laughs)

So, you want Emma to become a real troublemaker?

BROOKLYN:  Yeah!  My mom and dad can’t handle me anymore and so they go, “You know what?  That’s it!  We are going to go on an island, and spend the rest of our lives without you and have a real good time.  So, you just go live with your grandma!”

Well, you know how this works on a soap opera … people always come back!


BROOKLYN:  Right.  I’m not even dead either! (Laughs)  Some people come back from the dead!  So for me, there is more of a chance I can come back.

Fans of GH always tell me that you feel like a very special part of the family to them.  What has it been like when you meet the fans, or hear about their reactions to you, or Emma?

BROOKLYN:  I would like to say they are all very sweet.   I am so glad I get to meet some of them, and sometimes I meet them at the mall.  Sometimes they hug me, or want to take pictures with me.  They make me feel very special, and they think it’s special.  I am so thankful that they watched me on General Hospital, and that they like Emma, because I really like Emma, too.

You actually will be appearing on another TV show soon!

BROOKLYN:  Yes.  I filmed that in the late fall.  It’s a part on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.  I think the series begins to air in March.  I’m in one episode.

I bet you will be back sooner than later on GH!


BROOKLYN:  Maybe they will have me back for the Nurses Ball, or something.  But it really won’t be the same without Jason.  As I said, he was like another dad to me, and he always protected me.

Speaking of Jason, when you look back on your time together, what was one of your favorite scenes with him?

BROOKLYN:  One of my favorites was when I talked to Jason when I started playing the guitar.  I thought we could do a song together.  We told Mr. Frank and then Jason wrote the song for the Nurses Ball.  He helped me practice guitar, because I was just starting to learn then.  Jason taught me a few notes and we started singing and practicing together.  I couldn’t believe we got to do the song!   It was such a magical moment for us.  I didn’t know Jason was going to be leaving at that time, so now it’s even more special to me, because I can remember it forever and ever.  I have some pictures of it in my room as well.

Jason is a good songwriter!

BROOKLYN:  Jason is a great songwriter.  He needs to write some more songs so we can start this little band of ours!

So wait.  You’re going to start a band with Jason?


BROOKLYN:  Yes.  I will talk to him about it.   He will probably say, “Yes”! (Laughs)

How do you feel about Jason going to Y&R?  Will you watch him in his new role on it?

BROOKLYN:  I will watch, but my mom will only let me watch Jason’s scenes. (Laughs)

How was having Kimberly back this time where Robin was not being kidnapped, but was actually acting in scenes with you?

BROOKLYN:  When I saw the script for the Christmas Eve scenes, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to do them.  Now I thought Kimberly and I were going to be together on the phone call scenes, but it was the stage manager talking to me.  So, it wasn’t the same as talking to Kimberly. (Laughs).  But then I was happy that I finally got to work with her.  I missed her so much.

What do you want me to tell all of your fans on social media tonight who are sad because today was the final show of Patrick, Robin, and Emma together?


BROOKLYN:  Tell everyone thank you for me!  I don’t have social media so I can’t post messages.  I want to thank them for all of their love and support.  I have so enjoyed playing Emma.  It was a pleasure to work with Kimberly and Jason, and everyone there on the show.

Are you going to watch the final episode tonight?  I needed a box of Kleenex through it, so I’m just giving you a heads-up.

BROOKLYN:  I am going to need two boxes of Kleenex, but I have to watch after I finish my homework.  I can be a big crybaby!

What did you think of what Brooklyn shared about working with Jason Thompson? Her favorite scenes? What did you think of today’s episode, and watching Emma during the the Scrubs wedding? Share your thoughts on our chat below!

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  1. Sandy says:

    What a wonderful interview, Michael and Brooklyn. It has been such a pleasure watching Brooklyn these past four years on GH. She’s grown into an amazing young actress on the show, and a beautiful young lady. I loved her duet with Jason at the Nurses Ball. That was the highlight of the whole ball, without question.

    Today’s show was fantastic, and it was so wonderful to see Robin, Patrick, and Emma have a happily ever after to end this amazing story that started back on December 7, 2005. I loved Robin and Patrick saying vows to Emma, and watching Patrick give Emma that sweet kiss when she came down the aisle was just heart melting because you could tell it was so Jason and Brooklyn, and not just Patrick and Emma. This whole wedding was wonderful.

    Congratulations to Brooklyn on her upcoming role in the new Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and the very best of luck to her in everything she does.

    Thank you both for the wonderful interview, Michael and Brooklyn!


    Denise Pettit replied

    Brooklyn you are such an Awesome Little Actress Sweetie youll go far in Life just keep that Sweet Spirit about you Im going to miss you Honey you are one of the BEST!!! on Soaps Love you Denise Pettit PS I have 2 Daughters and a Grandaughter about your age


  2. Amy says:

    Sweet, precious, awesome, kind. Polite and thoughtful


  3. Steve Sehnert says:

    Brooklyn is quite the amazing actress. She had so many memorable moments that blew me away! I will miss her!


    nancy dillingham replied

    A lovely little lady–love the relationship between her and Jason and Robin and Finola–very genuine. I wish her much happiness and good luck!


  4. Sheryl says:

    it was a great show even though it was so sad to see them all leave . We wish them good luck in whatever they do next. We will definitely watch Jason on Y&R and hoping to see Brooklyn again very soon. Thank you Michael for sharing your great interviews as always we enjoy them very much.


  5. Scoma60 says:

    I think I’m going to miss Brooklyn more than Jason. At least I can see him on YR. I’m all for Emma returning to live full time with Anna. Brooklyn is such a talented and beautiful little girl with a bright future.


  6. Tristan says:

    What a delightful, intelligent child she is! I had long held out hope that the audience would be able to see Brooklyn grow up on GH as we had seem KMc. Indeed, a part of me wishes she were staying. But getting that happy ending trumps all!

    GH has intimated that Brooklyn will be back from time to time to visit “grandma.” I want to hold them to that. This young lady so lights up the screen, that there should always be a place for her at GH.

    The loss of the Scorpio-Drakes leaves a huge, really unfillable hole on GH. Gone is the normalcy and reliability and genuine goodness that their characters brought to the show. Without them GH will become even more of a moral black hole, as “family” is now represented exclusively by the mobster clans Corinthos and Jerome. The loss of this family, then, is a major loss to the fabric of General Hospital. Considering the light that the Scorpio-Drakes brought to the otherwise relentlessly dark GH, they are probably not only irreplaceable, but will not be replaced because the show’s runners will continue to traffic in darkness and depravity.


    Lucy D. replied

    So well said Tristan.

    Brooklyn was amazing–and today they all made me cry.

    The wedding show was excellent–so emotional on so many fronts


    maddiehayes replied

    ITA, Tristan is supposed to return for another adventure, but it will probably be short-lived. Then what’s left? Mob, mob and more mob. Awaiting Tristan’s return is about the only thing holding me to GH right now.


    Tristan replied

    Maddie, seriously, I don’t really have that much of a reason to watch, though I love FH and always hold out hope that Genie Francis will get a story. But think about it: the major families are now JUST the Jerome-Davis clan and the Corinthos clan. We lost the core of the one morally-centered family on the show. Anna now has no one, so she isn’t “a family,” and we know Mac and Felicia won’t be seen. As for the Q’s??? Michael gave his allegiance to the Corinthos clan, and we know where the Borg stands. I don’t think people really realize the devastating impact of the loss of the Scorpio-Drake family to GH. This is huge, and without some goodness somewhere, why watch?

    Elizabeth replied

    Definitely another nail in the coffin, to be sure.


  7. Dawn says:

    OMG!!! This little actress’s is brilliant tell her I said so I hope GH does not lose this girl the scenes were so touching I can’t believe they’re gone!! God willing they bring back Kimberly and Brooklyn it will be their (GH) mistake


  8. Nancy says:

    Brooklyn was so quiet and always smiling when she first came on as Emma. A huge change from the little girl that briefly played Emma before (as cute as she was, she was distracting). Over the years she has really grown as a person and an actress. I’m glad that she was the daughter of my favorite soap couple and I can’t wait for her visits in the future.


  9. aria says:

    i miss her already, i can’t stand it, i wish their was a way for her to come back without it being tragic, like robin and patrick dying or something like that,its nice to see a couple go off into the the sunset happy. still i’m going to miss little brooklyn rae. maybe she can come back as another member of the family that happen to be a spitting image of emma, like cousins, maybe anna’s twin alex little girl, something like that. The show needs to add some new members to the devane/scorpio clan. I feel t the show could bring in another offspring of robert and anna, another daughter born after they were pressured dead, she would be in her 20′s now and the backstory would be that when Robert and Anna were on the run anna was pregnant, as we all know, GH never really gave an explanation for why when Robert and Anna were presumed dead along with cesar they separated. we know Anna showed up in pine valley all my children with amnesia, so it could be explained that she forgot she had a kid and that since robert wasn’t around he never knew she was pregnant. She could have a “memory” now that she’s in therapy. okay back to Brooklyn Rae, we need to find a way for her to come back, so maybe a lookalike relative wouldn’t be so off. just saying!


  10. Fanny says:

    Wonderful parenting has gone into raising this thoughtful, kind and
    beautiful little girl up. What a gem…Bring her back soon!!!


    Timmm replied

    You said it all Fanny, this little sweetheart is a product of her parents! Good job folks.


  11. Michael says:

    That is one articulate 9 year old!


  12. Ron Klimmek says:

    I really enjoyed Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma Drake . I hope she could come back to General Hospital . It’ll be such a loss to losee her . She really is an excetional little girl . She reminds me of Natalie Wood when Natalie Wood was her age . She really has a special quality. She is a gifted little star .


  13. Cathy says:

    Thank you Michael. ..such a sweet little girl who brought many wonderful happy we got our HEA but will not only miss Jason and Kimberly but a character like Emma! Brooklyn will always have a special place in our heart! Like she said she’ll be back!


  14. tsyent says:

    What a sweetheart!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they do bring her back! She will be missed. The show is changing so much each year. The original n families that started the show are almost gone, so sad. It would be great to see more original’s…


  15. lovesam1122 says:

    She is such a grown up little girl for her age. I am fascinated by the fact she would like to work again on the show contrary to a lot of adults who just want to think about them being this happy family I would love to see her back and living with Grandma Anna. I think there are big things ahead for her, she is just too good of a little actress


  16. Alan says:

    Great interview.

    The show really dropped the ball not having a scene with Spencer and Cameron telling Emma goodbye. And what was with mute Felicia as set decoration? Stellar writing GH.


    Lil' Angel replied

    Exactly what I was thinking. Such a shame that Spencer and Cameron weren’t there to tell Emma goodbye. I guess they are off camera with Jocelyn raising themselves.


    Melissa replied

    Absolutely right. The boys should have been there to say goodbye to their friend.

  17. Eileen Hargis says:

    She’s a keeper!


  18. Shari says:

    Such a mature and intelligent girl. I will miss Emma and I hope she does come back to see Anna. The only thing I had hoped for was a goodbye scene with Spencer. We haven’t seen him at all –even after Nik fell and is in the hospital. I was hoping they’d have had Uncle Sonny bring him to the wedding though for a goodbye.


  19. Lois Welch says:

    I will miss Emma. She is a great actress.she a a bright future. Sad to see them leave. Will miss the scrubs snd the family.


  20. Gerr says:

    Great interview! So polite and thankful! She has done an excellent job on the show and will be missed. I hope she gets to use that plane ticket soon.. ❤
    Port Charles won’t be the same!!


  21. maddiehayes says:

    I remember the first time I saw her, Sonny & Jax had a shootout in Robin’s living room! And poor little Brooklyn walked out looking sad and scared. Little did we know that little tot was going to become as beloved as Kimberly became to GH watchers. So glad GH gave us the Scorpio-Drake family and the special love they all shared, so reminiscent of Robert, Anna and Robin. I hope Patrick & Robin will give Emma a baby brother or sister very soon! And I’m very much looking forward to Emma’s visits to Grandma Anna. :)


  22. Kelley says:

    Such good actor and actresses that family will be miss on ghost that was sad


  23. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Robin and Patrick can no longer take care of her …Brooklyn has been found taken Flintstones vitamins and staying out past her noon curfew…just recently Robin caught Emma taking more than one free sample at the local deli…the Drakes can no longer control their troublesome kid…its off to Anna she goes!…lol


    Timmm replied

    Anna is on assignment so Emma goes to live with Sabrina and Emma kills herself! THATS HORRIBLE!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Lets make Emma the hero…she knocks off Sabrina and she is rewarded a medal for help curing all of us of our misery…lol

  24. Erica says:

    I would just like to say that I miss Brooklyn on GH already so much. I wish her all the best and hope to see her soon on GH with Kimberly and Jason soon! I’m looking forward to her one episode stint on the new show and I hope that some day in the future that she can get social media so that we can stay up to date with everything that she is doing. I also hope to see her at the GHFCW this year and hope to see her again some day (possibly at the mall)! Lol. Best of luck in everything you do Brooklyn and hope to see you on GH soon! Lots of love and luck. Xoxo


  25. Karen says:

    I am going to miss you


  26. James says:

    What a wonderful interview. Brooklyn did a fantastic job as Emma. This girl has a bright future in the business.


  27. Merry says:

    I love GH Emma is so beautiful and smart played her really well.i hope she will come back to visit her grandmother. Patrick why are you leaving give my love to Steve. Kimberly will be missed also.she always come back. No one can ever replace Jason.


  28. Joe says:

    Sounds like a GRRRR EAT idea on Brooklyn s part. She is such a tremendous young actress and should come back ASAP!


  29. Mister Media says:

    Watching Brooklyn as Emma was always a bright spot in my day. Her old soul shines through her beautiful little face and she is able to portray emotions as well as, if not better than, most adult actors. The powers that be have to realize the enormous affection that the audience has for her and find a way to get her back to Port Charles as soon as possible. It bothers me to think that her role was sacrificed due to the other casting circumstances.


  30. Al says:

    Such a beautiful & talented little girl and will be missed on GH


  31. Mister Media says:

    Here’s a story idea for Emma: After a month or so in California it becomes obvious to Patrick and Robin that she is having difficulty adjusting. Now that the family has reunited she is starting to come to emotional terms with all the craziness that they went through. She has had her security stripped from her so many times that she interprets their happiness as merely a set-up for the next big calamity. She isn’t acting out through bad behavior, but she is emotionally troubled. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Franco has helped Elizabeth get to the bottom of the issues with her troubled son, Jake. She tells Patrick that Franco has worked wonders through his art therapy and actually relates well with children. Patrick and Robin agree that Emma can return home and stay with Anna and be treated by Franco, as long as Anna keeps a close eye on the proceedings. Viewers of OLTL know that Roger Howarth as Todd had an amazing relationship with Kristen Alderson as Starr when she was a child. I would love to see Roger and Brooklyn in scenes together. I think they could create soapy magic.


  32. Deidre says:

    I Loved it….I was tearing up as I was watching the final episode of Jason, Kimberly and Brooklyn…..I wish that neither one of them was leaving……..I Loved watching them all of these years…….They all will be missed……They are such AMAZING actresses and actor …..I just hope that they all will visit Port Charles from time to time but of course with the original people playing the parts…….I will be watching Jason on Y&R…….I also watch that soap everyday too so I will still be seeing him do his thing…..But the final GH episode with the 3 of you was a happy one as well as a sad one….And I will miss you all….Hope to see you all in the near future together again…..Thank you♡♡♡


  33. Tina Gray says:

    What a special little girl! She is so mature! She’s going to grow up to be just as extraordinary as Kimberly McCullough and Kristin Alderson. You can tell she’s been raised properly and has a great head on her shoulders even at such a young age. She’ll be terribly missed on GH, but I think I can speak for most GH fans in wishing her continued success and a long, wonderful career!


  34. Lauren says:

    I will miss Brooklyn the most. What a special, beautiful, talented young lady. It will be a major loss to GH in her absence! This was Jason’s choice to leave to go to another soap, too bad it had to impact Brooklyn’s role:(


  35. Liz says:

    I will miss Emma and Brooklyn very much. I too feel like she’s family. I hope she visits her grandma Anna soon and often. She is a great actress and her work this year has been outstanding. I hope she gets an Emmy. I’m sure she will be successful in whatever she does.

    Xoxo, Brooklyn Rae. Peace and love.


  36. Kelly says:

    I will miss all the Scorpio-Drakes. The were my only reason for watching GH. Have to say that Thursday’s scenes with Anna, Robert, and Mac were perfect. Anna’s heartfelt goodbye to Robin and Patrick made me cry. I adore all of these actors. They brought the family to life and there is hole in show without them. I hope Brooklyn and Kimberly both return to visit Anna at least once in a while. GH would be remiss to let these wonderful actresses go.


  37. Debb Linke says:

    I think Brooklyn is amazing. Beautiful and talented. The entire package. Can’t wait to see her again.


  38. Elhu says:

    Excellent interview. Talented, sweet, smart, beautiful, young girl. I look forward to her return visits to GH. Maybe at some point they can work her back into a contract role again. Wishing Brooklyn much success in all she does. She is so talented, I would not be surprised if she gets picked up by another soap or evening series quickly.


  39. Ellen says:

    This little girl is phenomenal. While I would love to see her back on general hospital, I would be nice to see her work with Jason again on the young and the restless!


  40. Rodd says:

    What a sweet little lady! Her parents have to be so proud of her.

    I will miss Emma on GH and hope they bring her back soon or at least often for visits with Anna. I really enjoyed the little theatrics Emma had with Spencer and Cameron. They were all good little actors. And, of course, when you watch a young actor grow up on a show they kinda become a part of your family.

    I wish well in whatever she does next.

    Thanks for the great interview, Michael!


  41. Alyssa says:

    My husband and I adore her. We can live without Patrick (like him very much, sorry he’s leaving) but losing her is crushing. We vote for any plot that brings her back. Or we’d adopt her.


  42. judy says:

    I really think Jason Thompson and Brooklyn rae silzer should be nominated they both did a hell of a job when Sam and Patrick broke up….and Billy Miller should be nominated as his own version of Jason morgan


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