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3 September 20th, 2015 Brothers & Sisters Star Balthazar Getty Joins Cast of Revival Of TWIN PEAKS!

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More casting news this weekend for the revival of the 90′s cult primetime soap, Twin Peaks!  According to TV Line, none other than former Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty has joined the cast of the modern day version of the series set to air on Showtime.

Apparently, Getty’s role is hush-hush as production of the drama is currently underway in Washington State.  It is unclear whether the actor will be playing a brand new role, or take over an existing role on the quirky series.  No confirmation on Getty’s role has been made by the cable network.

As previously announced, Twin Peaks co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have written all episodes of the updated version with Lynch directing every installment.  Originally the series was slated to be nine episodes, but that has since changed and the order for the series is much larger.  The revival hopes to launch sometime in 2016, or at latest 2017.

What do you think about Getty joining the cast of Twin Peaks?  Did you like his previous work on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters as Tommy Walker? Comment below!

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  1. Nancy says:

    I love him, he is a terrific actor.


  2. Jamesj75 says:

    I really enjoyed “Brothers and Sisters.” It’s a shame it was cancelled prematurely. None of the shows later placed in that time slot has achieved better ratings than “Brothers and Sisters.”


  3. DYLAN says:

    I hope this version of Twin Peaks maintains a narrative structure, that you can follow along with, and doesn’t just devolve into a jumble of incoherent images, dark vs. light, good vs. evil, red vs. black, etc. That kind of atmospheric eerieness can be bracing and thought-provoking, but not at the expense of a linear story that follows a path from A to B. The first season was so popular because it was different, it had a Whodunit mystery, and viewers got sucked into the various storylines. The second season was like they forgot to hire writers, and just had directors, moving the cast around in bizarre poses and placements. They have had plenty of time to write these scripts, and make them something worth watching, and they have the potential to have a real success on their hands. It really is all about the characters and story though. You need both! Could this dude be playing Bobby Briggs? Very unfortunately, the actor who played him in the first go-round has NOT aged well. I am not one to comment on someone’s appearance, but I was shocked to see pictures of him. His real name was Dana Ashbrook, and he looks like an old gray haired man. Whatever happened in his life, I am sorry for, and I feel for him. I guess I am used to actors in daytime who don’t change barely a hair in 30 years!


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