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47 May 28th, 2014 Burgess Jenkins On Taking Over The Role Of Y&R’s Billy Abbott: “It Was Apparent To Me From The Get-Go That This Was A Wonderful Character With Interesting Layers!”


Burgess Jenkins has spoken! The next actor hired as the heir apparent to the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless chatted with Soap Opera Digest for an upcoming interview to appear in their upcoming June 16th issue.

But today, Soap Opera Digest posted an excerpt from the feature where Jenkins reveals what his initial thoughts were on taking over the pivotal role from two past Daytime Emmy winners, David Tom and Billy Miller.

Burgess stated, “I talked with the producers about it and they filled me in on the role and it was apparent to me from the get-go that this was a wonderful character with interesting layers.  I met some of the cast and we clicked right away. Not only are they terrific people, but I can tell we’re going to have a great time. I was taken with this opportunity right away.”

So, how do you think Burgess will fit-in on-screen with the other cast members and characters on the canvas? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. andrew hass says:

    It sounds to me that Burgess Jenkins is eager and that could be a good thing.Plus i’m sure some of his cast mates have helped him get settle in the role.So i wish him well.


    Mama replied

    He looks a lot like his big brother Peter Bergman!


    Kim Huck replied

    Chelsea will end up with Billy or Stitch or both. She is always getting pregnant and it’s time for her to breed


    Don replied

    chelsea could end up with adam. there are rumors the that might come back in the summer and that i think it why they had to recast billy in order to bring adam back in the picture now we know he is in fact alive.

    Carrie Johnson replied

    Hope Chelsea is gone soon. Sharon had much better chemistry with Adam

  2. k/kay says:

    Hey Mr. Burgess did you meet the cardboard cut out of Billy Miller also? Yes it is just hearts and flowers over there on the set of Y&R please cue the violins! Did he even read for the part?


    Avelina from Santorini Greece replied

    That is so funny and true. I feel for David Tom and wish him all the best . He was doing an awesome job.


  3. Peggy says:

    I am thrilled that he has accepted the role. I am one of his biggest fans and totally fell in love with him when he was on Army Wives. If we couldn’t have Billy Miller in the role I feel that this was a wonderful choice and I do not think anybody will be disappointed. Like Billy Miller, he is an outstanding actor. I just hope they will do him justice and write his role in a way that will be in sync with his talent. These writers don’t always do their best actors justice IMO.


  4. su0000 says:

    Billy Miller is thee only Billy Abbott ..
    It makes no difference how good or handsome one is, he will never be thee Billy Abbott

    Y&R has become empty, flat, without MS, MM and BM ..
    No replacing owned characters..

    Adam is trademarked by MM ..

    Phyllis is trademarked by MS

    Billy is trademarked by BM

    I wish Burgess well ..


    4ever DAYS replied

    They’ve been snatched!!!


    boes replied

    But you don’t watch Y&R, you’ve told us that over and over again. The only show you like is GH. So why do you care, again??


  5. dessky says:

    I never seen his acting


  6. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Here it goes: Billy Miller is the one and only Billy even if he didnt originate the roll…i liked David Tom and they shouldnt let him go…i hate David Tom and im glad they let him go…this Burgess Jenkins is no Billy…this Burgess isnt no Billy Miller but he is better than David Tom…i like Burgess and he is a good Billy…ill give him a chance first…i could care less who plays the part…BRING BILLY MILLER BACK…BRING DAVID TOM BACK…this is all JFP fault and they should replace her instead…Good, i think i covered it all so now i dont have to read others comments…lol


    4ever DAYS replied

    So true!


    Mary SF replied

    Thanks you just saved me a lot of time, like your Reader’s Digest version of the great Billy Debate of 2014. But all kidding aside, your post is precisely the reason why powers that be rarely listen or care about “fan” reaction if they tried to pleased everyone all the time it would be a mess– as for Billy, if doesn’t matter if Brad Pitt played him, if the writing is bad the character will suffer– I think Mr. Tom talent wasn’t the problem, but the writing, I doubt even Mr. Miller could make the dribble coming out Billy’s mouth these days worth listening to.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Billy Miller got the meaty material of a grief stricken father who is hell bent on revenge for the tragic death of his beloved daughter Delia…a bravo emmy winning performance…David Tom wasnt so lucky…he barely got any of those emotional scenes that tug at the heart and allows you to feel his grief and pain…instead he is just a bitter man in a troubled marriage…he does a good job with the material given but not enough to win most fans approval…i like David Tom and i wish GH would hire him as Tracys son Dillion Quartimaine…thanks for your reply…i may not reply to everything you write but i still read everything you comment on…you always write very intelligent well written comments and you remain one of my top favorite posters!!!

  7. Jimmy says:

    I’m happy for Burgess, I just hope he clicks as Billy more than David Tom did. Nothing against DT as an actor, but he just didn’t work as Billy for me. Yes, he was the original adult Billy, and back when he first played the role, he was really good because his acting style worked with the character. Now it just seemed like DT took the Billy that Billy Miller molded and regressed him in age. Plus, the recast happened so quickly, and DT was immediately thrown into front-burner story, it was a lot to take in. Fans (including myself) were still reeling from BM’s exit, and all of the sudden a new actor pops up in a major role with major story, it was too much. That’s why I think DT didn’t work for me, and for most other viewers. Hopefully Burgess Jenkins does well, and hopefully the writers know where they’re taking the role!


    SZima replied

    I agree Jimmy…I don’t think ANYONE replacing Billy Miller would have been accepted…especially when it was done.
    And maybe that was the thinking all along. Put David Tom, let him take the heat, then bring in someone we really want when people will be more willing to accept a replacement for DT.
    I liked Burgess on Army Wives so I hope he’s given a chance on Y&R .


    Jimmy replied

    If that is true, and that’s what they did with DT, I think it’s the cruelest thing a show can do to an actor, especially one who was previously on said show in said role.

    However, a more likely scenario is that the show thought that bringing the original adult portrayer back to the role would gain fan support more than a newbie would. I think the show hoped fans would embrace DT because he was on the show before, and back then he was loved.

    But that didn’t happen, and I feel bad for DT being treated the way he was by the show. I wish him luck and I hope Burgess Jenkins dazzles us as Billy.

  8. nanaofsix says:

    Nice looking man. Looking forward to watching him on Y&R. Now if he can act!!!!


  9. Random says:

    So this huge story (Delia’s death, and now Victoria’s pregnancy) with two newbies (New Billy & Stitch) no emotional connection at all anymore. No thanks YR!
    I want Billy Miller back.


  10. diane says:

    He looks like a grown-up David Tom. I hope they don’t make him whiny like DT


  11. boes says:

    He’s right. Billy Abbott IS a wonderful character with many layers. It’s just too bad that the current regime has no ability or even interest in WRITING him or any other character that way.


  12. su0000 says:

    I’m sure Burgess can act,, He may be a very good actor..
    However; that is not what it is about..

    It is– can he be be Billy Abbott..
    There was a high charisma, humor, facial expression, mannerisms, flamboyance, charm, that all belong to the Billy Miller/Billy Abbott character..
    Billy Miller trademark Billy Abbott., for sure…
    Burgess is handsome and he can act but can he portray Billy Abbott …
    I gotta see this lol ..

    My best to Burgess ..


  13. harry says:

    I wish him all the best and hope he’s treated better than David Tom was.
    But just when I stopped missing Billy Miller and just when I got used to David Tom who was really getting his sea legs, they fire him. Watching Miller’s poignant and powerful performance today, I will paraphrase that Pretty Woman, “Big Mistake! Huge!”


  14. carla says:

    I thought david tom was doing a great job. But i understand not much job security on soaps.


  15. Jake says:

    People need to get over that it’s not Billy Miller playing him anymore. He CHOSE to leave the show. Let’s try to give this new guy a chance. I liked Miller too but this guy may be good.


    harry replied

    Jake, I don’t disagree. However, you’re leaving out David Tom who was hired to to take Miller’s place to come back and play Billy Abbott again. I agree we need to let Billy Miller go, but firing David Tom one month after he started goes beyond the pale.
    And David Tom was doing an outstanding job.
    Let’s hope the fans, certain co workers and the stuffed shirts from Y&R treat this new guy better than they treated Tom.


    Rob replied

    Miller chose to leave AFTER he was denied the basic “outs” he asked for in his contract to do other things.

    Apparantly, Jill Farren Phelps gave away all the perks to the other cardboard cut out on the Y&R set.

    KMB replied

    Rob, I couldn’t have said it better myself….

  16. Timmm says:

    We all have to move on. Its like a death over at Y&R and JFP is the undertaker! Whether these actors left because of Jill or they wanted to pursue other roles, lets give Burgess a chance. We gave David a chance and it didnt work out. I hate change but they have a show to write. Hindsight, they should have written Billy off for the “Murder” of Adam and gave Billy Miller a chance to do other things and then see if he wanted to return BEFORE they recasted the role. [Why are the fans so much smarter than the people calling the shots at Y&R?]


  17. Travis T Thomas says:

    Reading some of these comments makes me think of my grandma when she said be careful what you asked for. So many people thought that by complaining about David Tom, that would make Billy Miller return???? I don’t see the logic in that. David Tom was just doing what was written. And I say that by the fact that soaps are written far in advance. Even all this whiny crap that’s been on-screen still would have been BM if he had stayed and I STILL would be annoyed with the Billy character. People are also saying that they made Billy whiny. No more so than when he did his last whiny song and dance from the gambling storyline, or sleeping with Chelsea. Hell, even I hated the Billy character during his slumming it during the Trailer Park years. During so many moments they have made Billy the character whiny and never taking responsibility for his actions. Thats always been my problem with the character at so many moments. And for that I blame the writing. What will you guys do when Billy is now being portrayed by a new person with the same writing direction??? Do we blame the actor again. And say its the fault of the actor for not being Billy Miller. Its time to let it go. The guy left the building. I’m anticipating the He’s awesome, ugh I don’t like his portrayal, he doesnt gel with the cast, he’s not Billy Abbott, we want David Tom back, bring back Billy Miller. And the Cycle continues….Sigh Regardless of who plays Billy, the crappy writing will still be the same.

    Also, Billy Miller has been gaining lots of traction in his primetime career. He was going to leave eventually. And before anyone says how do I know that. I’m speaking from the business side. Unfortunately, so many damn casting peeps & silly suit exes still thumb their noses down at Daytime Actors. Also everytime Billy Miller left to go do these short time gigs in Primetime, Billy would be offscreen for 2-4 weeks at a time. Which to me always slowed down the pacing of a few storylines. They kept having to come up with a reason to send him away for meetings or restaurant business. I think the guy is CRAZY TALENTED, and felt he should have left awhile ago to really give his primetime career a chance. So many people are going to say, he could do both. But how long could he do that everytime he booked something. I’ve been on auditions for things sometimes shooting the following week. Soap production schedules are down way in advanced. Its not that easy to roll up to the production offices and get out of shooting. He did the right thing leaving. Be happy, and lets look towards the future. We can’t move forward if we constantly are looking in the rear view mirror.

    To be honest, I feel bad for any actor taking over the Billy or Adam roles. They are going to get a bum rap from their very first day. And whomever takes over Adam Newman now, I pray for that guy, cause the MM fans are going to eat him alive. Everything he does is going to be slanted with a this is what Michael Muhney would do rant or comparison.


    Sissy replied

    Good comments, Travis. Here’s what I don’t get. If the MM fanatics supposedly quit watching the show 5 months ago…then why do they care who gets the role?


  18. Kaleesi says:

    This guy looks like a competent actor. I’m looking forward to see how he plays the part. I found it interesting that the producers approached him out of the blue. They must’ve seen something that they were looking for. Hopefully what they saw also connects with the fans because THREE actors for ONE storyline is a lot. You lose the continuity because each actor will interpret it differently. By the time BJ gets on screen will I even care that “Billy” lost Delia since BM and EH who originated the story aren’t around anymore?


  19. jo says:

    Billy Miller will always be Billy Abbott. The constant recasting is ridiculous.


  20. Desiree says:

    He wont be good for the role. YR needs to give. BM the contract he wants and bring him back.


  21. JustSaying says:

    When this backfires (and I think it will) I hope the casting director is fired.


  22. Tom says:

    Yes, it is sad that Billy Abbott lost Delia, but it was his, and no one else’s, fault. Adam was as much of a victim of Billy Abbott’s negligence as was Delia (and hence Chloe).

    Billy Miller went on to bigger things; David Tom will get another role without that role’s baggage (B.M. fans) and good luck to the new guy. I just hope he knows that deep down, Billy Abbott’s number one priority is Billy Abbott.


  23. Morgan says:

    Billy Miller is irreplaceable.


  24. Lipolady says:

    Bring Billy Miller back.Give him what he wants.


  25. Rosaetta says:

    I did like Billy Miller. But, I like Burgess Jenkins. What all the fan girls seem to forget is he (and Michelle Stafford) chose to leave. I hope David Tom gets a Part on the Bold and the Beautiful or Days of Our lives.


  26. asecondlook13 says:

    The role of Billy Abbott just does not fit any other actor except Billy Miller. He is an amazing actor. His acting shows such depth with no limits. Either bring back Billy Miller or write the character out.


  27. Niddi says:

    Happy that David Tom is leaving…he couldn’t replace Billy Miller who needs to come back. Is it a money issue? Y&R should consider how valuable a character he was. I will say Tom was ok as the teenager Billy but he’s out of his league as adult Billy.



  28. Eileen says:

    anybody is better than the Billy right now he is just a kid my grandson could do as well and he is only 8
    also think about getting rid of Kelly she is a pain in the butt there will never be another person that will play phyliss as well as the one that did no matter how far you looked also get rid of cry baby Sharon you guys were good writers at one time get some good actors or actreses back


  29. Mugra says:

    I hope they won’t make him a pretty boy. Billy’s character is rough around the collar. It would be wise to remember that and let him have a 5 o’clock shadow to take away from the long, slender face. MILLER is who fan’s relate to as Billy. He is a stocky, bad boy. I am looking forward to seeing if JENKINS can pull it off and not make us laugh when he tries to play angry, tough, scripts.


  30. Estalena says:

    Well I like his looks 100% better than the last 2…they had whimpy looks and I could not stand to hear their voices.


  31. Connie says:

    Sorry, but glad Tom is out; he was a good fit for the younger Billy Abbott role, but not so much as grown up Billy. I loved Miller in this role and it is too bad he is gone. I miss him. I wish Jenkins all the best.


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