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4 April 25th, 2011 Cady McClain AMC return update: She is still in negotiations!

Earlier today, Soap Opera Digest reported that All My Children favorite, Cady McClain (Dixie) would be returning to the series before the show’s finale.  Now comes a report from SOD as an update that McClain is actually still in negotiations to return to the role of the deceased-pancake induced heroine!

According to the update, “She is off to the Miami Gay Film Festival tomorrow with her boyfriend Jon Lindstrom (ex-Craig, ATWT et al) to premiere his movie What Happens Next, a lighthearted look at what happens when a man comes out in his 50′s starring Lindstrom and Wendie Malick.”

Question is: If McClain does indeed come back, how they are going to write Dixie back in after they have mucked her up so many times with her supposed death? Another fantasy or cosmic experience? Or, suddenly the real deal?

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  1. shawn says:

    if there gonna sign her they better do it quick,they don’t have much time


  2. red and vanessa forever says:

    us tad and dixie fans want them to reunite and dixie to be alive
    tad and dixie endgame


  3. David says:

    Here’s another ongoing situation with SOAPS. One of favorites comes and goes! I hope she returns, and I would love to see how they unwrite the pancake disaster.


  4. Jennifer McQuaid says:

    I would love for Dixie to come back to be with Tad and NOT David. Maybe Dixie can help JR straighten his life out as well. If the soaps have to end, even after all the fan support protests I like to see some old time love stories ride out in the sunset. Dixie &Tad, Jessie&Angie, maybe KellyRipa can come back with her husband Marc. Those stories would be great.


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