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41 February 28th, 2014 Cady McClain Chats On Landing The Role Of Kelly On Y&R, Replacing Cynthia Watros & The Halt In Production Of AMC!

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Earlier this week, soap fans learned that none other than Daytime Emmy winner, Cady McClain (Ex-Dixie, AMC) is stepping into the role of Kelly Andrews on The Young and the Restless, currently being played by Daytime Emmy winner, Cynthia Watros. With Watros’ MTV project, Finding Carter now going to series, the CBS soap has been on the hunt for another actress to take over the role when Watros wraps on March 14th. Enter the talented and ever popular, McClain!

On-Air On-Soaps was part of Cady’s first Y&R press conference today, where she talked for the first time since this piece of Genoa City casting news became public!

During the chat, Cady addressed how she got cast in the part of Kelly, how she feels about replacing the talented Watros, and what fans can expect with her incarnation of the character!  In addition, we did get her thoughts and reaction to the halt in production of All My Children via Prospect Park, and what it meant to her to go back and play Dixie one more time!  As had been previously reported, look for Cady to first be seen on-air on the April 24th episode of The Young and the Restless.  Here now is what Cady had to say about some key topics!

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Cady on how she landed the role of Kelly on Y&R:  I got an email from Y&R casting director, Judy Blye Wilson asking me to send a reel of my work over for the possibility that they may need to recast Cynthia Watros, because it looked like her pilot was going to get picked up.  Luckily, Jon Lindstrom (Kevin, GH) had just helped me make a beautiful reel of some of my soap and film work.  We sent that over, and then it was quiet for awhile.  I know they were looking at a lot of actresses, who of course, wanted to be on Y&R, but I stayed in the running.  Then, I sent in another reel of my work from All My Children last year, and I was still in the running (laughs), and then I got the phone call and an offer, and that was pretty much it!

Cady on what she thinks of replacing Cynthia Watros in the role: Cynthia Watros is an incredible actress.  She is something.  We are two different actresses who are going to have two different takes on the character, and if they picked me at Y&R, they must have thought I could bring something to the character that hopefully the fans will enjoy, and have fun with.  I can imagine it might be hard for Cynthia to let go of the character, because I am sure she had put a lot into it and the work. I know it’s tough when you have worked hard on a character and to let it go.  I have so much compassion for that.

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Cady on if she hopes that her Kelly will be more of a bitch, similar to the character of Rosanna Cabot that she played on As the World Turns:  It’s so much fun to be a “bitch”!  At first, it was hard to be so mean.   But then I was like, “This is so great.” (Laughs)  I have this whole new idea of the character of Kelly in my head.  I have this feeling Kelly has this edge to her, but it’s not an edge like a bitch.  It’s kind of like raw ambition.  I think she is a complex character. Ultimately, I think she has a lot of self hate.  Something has to have happened to her.   I think right now she seems out of control, and maybe she will try to get her life back in order, and maybe Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) can help her do that?   I am just trying to put the pieces together for myself right now.

Cady on the built-in prestige and expectations of being a cast member of Y&R:  The Young and the Restless was the first soap I watched as a child.  It was incredibly glamorous.  I loved the older actors and the sexy adult situations. It is like the crème’ de la crème’ of shows!  Obviously, it’s the top show, and I honestly am trying not to think about it! (Laughs)  It’s a big deal!

Cady on the disappointing halt in production of season two of the revival of All My Children:   It was horrible.  I think we all knew it was coming, because they kept putting off the date when we were going to go back into production.  It was such a rollercoaster, the whole experience.  The positive was it was an innovative concept and they did an incredible job with the promotion and reaching out to the fans.  It was just the structuring of everything that needed more clarification.  But I have to say; just being able to go back on that set one more time with so many people I have worked with for so many years, truly made it all worth it!  I am not really sure what else they could do with AMC at this point, unless another network picks it up at some point.  For me personally, I got to have a really wonderful last experience with everyone.  I loved doing the show and I loved playing the character of Dixie.  But I also need to play other characters, and I like to do that and it satisfies me.  So Y&R coming along is just perfect … and what a great way to move forward.  I am so grateful.


Cady on if her web alter-ego Suzy F**king Homemaker might interview Y&R cast members such as Eric Braeden (Victor), since Suzy interviewed several of the OLTL and AMC cast members during her time with Prospect Park: (Laughs)  I have never thought of it, but now that you mentioned it?  Prospect Park asked me to do those videos, so if CBS asked me to do those, I absolutely would do that.  But right now, I have to be very respectful and not too silly.  It’s so funny about Suzy.  She came out of this mad moment of like; I miss acting and was doing that much of it at the time. So I was doing dishes and I thought, “I am like Suzy Homemaker!”  I thought, “That is funny.”   So I put myself in my office, and turned off the lights.  And I don’t smoke, and I don’t ever inhale when I am playing a character.  I took out the cigarettes and the martinis … the martinis are for real (laughs).  So I just did it to see what happens.  I edited it all together and I showed it to Jon. He said, “That’s just hilarious!”  So that was the beginning of it: a total private thing for myself to make me laugh and get out my jollies playing a crazy character!  I love to do that. 


Cady on her message to Y&R fans as she steps into the role of Kelly:   It’s such a great opportunity.  I hope to fit in with the cast and have fun with the fans.  I know it’s really hard when the canvas expands or changes.  I have some proving of myself to do, and I know that, but I hope I can live up to the fans expectations.  All I can say is; I will do my very best.

So, what do you think about Cady’s comments on replacing Cythia Watros?

Are you looking forward to seeing Cady in the role of Kelly?  What do you think about her sentiments on the halting of All My Children?  Let us know!

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  1. diane says:

    Really don’t care for the actress playing Kelly now, so its no big deal to me that they change her.


    SZima replied

    I’m with you Diane. Not that Cynthia isn’t a good actress, she is, but somehow I never liked her in this role. So far I’ve disliked “Kelly,” so I’m hoping Cady DOES re-define her. I was never a “Dixie” fan either, but I’m looking forward to seeing Cady in a new role.


    Carle Wells replied

    I am so happy for you Cady. Cady will be a real great asset to the show. I have watched Cady McClain for many years as Dixie Martin. Dixie and Tad were my all time favorite couple on any soap opera. I have so much faith in Cady and she has so many abilities. Her smile and sweet voice could make anyone stand up and take notice. I love her acting which words cannot express in my opinion. She was nice enough to send me a signed photograph of her from All My Children. I treasure it and it is on my computer stand. Every morning I wake up and see her picture it’s starts my day off on a great note. Best of luck to you Cady on the Young and the Restless. I know you will be brilliant. I know Peter Bergman as Cliff Warner from All My Children. Say hello to him for me Cady. With love, your fan and friend always, Carle Wells!

  2. Tom says:

    Cady is a beautiful, wonderful actress. I enjoyed her on ATWT & AMC. Welcome!


    Lorenzo replied

    I agree with you Tom, Cady is a wonderful actress. I still miss Dixie on all my children. Cady is always honest in her interviews, and straight to the point. I Loved her as Rosanna, on as the world turns.


  3. Kat Hilderbrand says:

    I think Cady McClain will be a perfect replacement for Cynthia Watros. I loved her as Rosana Cabot on ATWT and as Dixie this last year. She is extremely talented and will put her own spin on the character. Bravo to Y&R for getting her in this role.


  4. ricardo says:

    Cady is a wonderful actress, I love her so much. Welcome back to daytime Cady, I will watch you on the young and the restless. Kelly and jack abbott, would be hot together. casting suggestion, bring Marj dusay, ex alex guiding light as kellys mother. Also cast michael knight as the new adam newman. But they have to dye michael knights hair.


    Johnny replied

    Michael Knight is about 20 years too old to play the part of Adam.


  5. Judy says:

    I loved her as Rosanna on ATWT! I think she will make much better Kelly!


  6. k/kay says:

    Not familiar with her work but do they not have them audition anymore? I mean unless you read with someone who you are going to have story with how do you know if they have chemistry? This is the problem with David Tom /Billy they went on his past work but did he even read with AH/Victoria because they have 0 chemistry. The same thing for SB he has 0 chemistry with JC or MCE. I know everyone does this now but the shows suffer for it. I will wait and see because PB brings the best out in everyone he works with.


    Mary SF replied

    You might change your opinion about the chemistry between AH and Tom’s Billy when you watch on Monday. There was a pretty racy love scene between them on today’s show in Canada– Monday’s in the States, which change my opinion– it was actually quite beautiful and a lot more adult than any of the love scenes I saw with her and Miller. Watch on Monday, and maybe that scene will change your mind like it did mine.


    GB replied

    yes, they read together. he said so in his interview with one michael fairman :)


  7. Mama says:

    Been a Cynthia Watros fan for 19 years. So I was crushed that she left the show for MTV. :(

    But the Cady McClain fan in me (for over 21 years!) is very happy. I think Cady will do amazing, Emmy-worthy stuff with this role.


    mollie replied

    I think can take a “new” role (introduced by CW) and make it her own…really interesting and layered. Before long, viewers could be caught up in “what will Kelly do next”, if the writing is good…in a role that just as easily could have been written off with Watros’ exitl

    Because Cady McC. is a gifted actress and will make you pay attention.


  8. desskyent says:

    Love the actress playing Kelly! As for mcclain will never match up. How they ever asked her.. Cynthia Preston would have been AWESOME


    Mama replied

    Cynthia Preston would have played the role as if Kelly was going to slit everybody’s throats. :(

    I think they made a wise decision with McClain.


  9. Sheryl says:

    Whatever role Cady plays she will be great, she is a great actress and will add alot to Y&R. I wish her lots of good luck and wish her lot’s of luck looking forward seeing her again on screen,if it can’t be AMC, it might as well be another soap.


  10. Beacon says:

    Cady being cast in this role makes Cynthia leaving the show less difficult. I have loved Cynthia ever since Annie Dutton. It helps that they cast another legendary actress who has a rich legacy in daytime, with Dixie Cooney & Rosanna Cabot.


  11. AbbyS. says:

    This is a great opportunity for Cady and I’m happy for her. I’m sure she’ll do a great job. As an AMC fan, it stings to read her comments about AMC and Prospect Park. She was one of the loudest supporters of AMC 2.0, and even when the suspension was first announced last October, she kept the faith. It sounds like she doesn’t have alot of faith left at this point and you can hear the sadness in her remarks. I feel for her, but she’s got a golden opportunity now. I wish her well.


  12. David says:

    Cady Mcclain is a terrific actress. It looks like kelly, will be involved with Jack. Please bring back, Kimberlin Brown as sheila carter, grainger forrester warwick. Wow sheila gets around, lots of husbands. LMAO. My prediction is that sheila and carmine are sister and brother. That would be really really good.


  13. ERIC says:

    Bad casting choice, I Loved cady as Dixie on amc. they should have picked Kelly Sullivan ex connie of general hospitaln to play kelly. Mark my words, this will not work out, and they will recast again. Thats just my opinion, other wise I love CADY SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL LADY.


  14. Johnny says:

    Cady MCCLAIN, What can you say, she is a classy sassy woman, her acting is so good. please cast Jill LARSON ex opal AMC as kelly’s mother. That would make me so happy.


    jaybird369 replied

    Johnny…HELL YEAH!!!!! Dude…The idea/possibility of Jill Larson and Cady McClain playing mother and daughter on Y&R would be a real CASTING COUP x 2. HOLLA!!!!!


  15. PETER says:

    yes yes great news, I Cannot wait until cady first airs on the young and the restless. she is a very talented actress and sexy as hell.


  16. Jared says:

    It’s such an obviously good recast. Cady is a proven leading lady, and I think the Y&R debacle of the last few years is stabilizing. The show seems more vintage and true to its roots than it has been for a long time. Therefore, I’m confident that this is going to be a successful casting decision for Y&R.


  17. Susan Keith says:

    I know you’ll be great in this role, too, Cady! Break a Leg, Girlfriend!
    xo Susan and James


    Barbara t loves One life to live replied



    Johnny replied

    You two should come back to soaps.


    Susan Keith replied

    Thanks, Johnny!

    jaybird369 replied

    Susan…I have been such a fan of you and your husband James ever since the 1980′s. I wish that ya’ll would come back to soaps. Susan…you and James are truly talented professionals and are truly missed.

    Susan…you and James take care and have a good one. Peace.


  18. Johnny says:

    Cady has a warm, welcoming personality that Watros does not. so I think that will reflect in the character. The problem here is the writing. Obviously, they had NO idea who or what they wanted the character of Kelly to be. that is SUCH a problem when producers are desperate to grab their favourites in ill-defined roles. Did they want her to be a grieving mother? Did they want her to be a whack job child killer? Did they want her to be a fatal attraction? THEY had no clue. Now that Cady is in the role, I suspect Kelly will become a lot more likeable. But it’s just bad writing, plain and simple. The buzz now is to pair Kelly and Jack. Could Jack have an age-appropriate love interest ever? Someone who did not have grief sex with his little brother?


    Beacon replied

    Cynthia is a lovely, warm person. You are so mean, not to mention delusional.


  19. Bonnie says:

    I love Cady and happy she got this role, I do not care for the current actress. But from the beginning when Kelly appeared, I guessed the role would be short term and not around long. But this hidden romance or whatever it was with Stitch is keeping them both on the screen more then I thought. Cady will be great, as for the comment about the new, old Billy. It is to soon to see what his will do with the role, he has been crying or injured since he has been on. Verdict is out on him.


  20. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I called Cady joining Y&R as Kelly when they announced Watros’ pilot had been picked up. So I’m very happy that she’s tackling the role. And I hope a more bitchy side of her comes out. I’m excited to see the lengths and experiences of Kelly expand under her claim to the role. I’m pumped to see how she handles the role. This could turn into a long-lasting portrayal, I hope it does! Cady is supreme and I’m glad Y&R, which has been on FIRE, is picking her up!

    As for the demise of AMC 2.0, I saw it coming. But I’m glad she was able to be part of the reunion. But it’s time to move on and I love her enthusiasm of portraying Kelly!


  21. Ghlover says:

    I wonder who else was in the running? any ideas?


  22. Mary says:

    I will miss Cynthia Watros. She had a vulnerability that made me warm up to her, almost feel sorry for her. The scene where she called to Billy, wanting to meet up with him one last time (I knew she had ulterior motives) made me feel sad. Having said that, I can’t blame Victoria for hating her, having slept with Billy. I don’t know how long her character would have lasted even if she was not being replaced. She was only on Y&R for such a short time.


  23. Tm says:

    Cady expects to be treated as royalty and those bitches at y and r.. ( I mean the male stars btw ) will knock her down like they do all former stars who show up. Why the executive team brings great talent just to let them die is beyond me. Cady must need a paycheck.


  24. Devoted Fan says:

    “We are two different actresses who are going to have two different takes on the character…”

    Oh great. So much for continuity. If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it CMC, just because you can. Sheesh, Divas and their egos. Y&R has enough problems CMC. Be a team player.


  25. Sandy Welles says:

    Well, naturally, Cady will always be Dixie Martin to me, I watched AMC for years. I cannot follow Y & R, I do not have time to invest in a new show (new to me).
    Regarding her honest remarks about ALL MY CHILDREN, the on-line version, it was a gut-wrenching let down to so many fans that they (Prospect Park) REALLY jerked us (and the actors) around with this date, that date, (return dates) and it was just a disasterous mess – I have tried to remain positive but right now, I can honestly say at this particular point and time that it has a slim chance of coming back, unless they can REALLY pull off a miracle and if fans will accept many many new faces and characters. That being said, I am sure I echo the sentiments of other fans in wishing Cady the best in her new role.


  26. Sassy One says:

    Wait isn’t Jon Lindstrom Eileen Davidson’s ex husband. I might be wrong. Cady will be a great asset.


  27. Kathy Jean Applegate says:

    Steve Burton… could read w/the wall… and make it come alive! I love him… and for the record… Y&R is doing everything right… to remain #1… not w/just a few points…but by a landslide! I’ve been a LOYAL fan since the first episode in 1973! FOREVER Y&R!!!


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