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42 February 18th, 2013 Cady McClain On New All My Children Scripts: “Wow! I’m Excited! They Are Killin’ It!”

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Long time fans of All My Children have been hoping and praying that Prospect Park’s reboot of the series will be just as good or even better than its ABC original.

Well, there was good news this evening from none other than fan favorite, Cady McClain (Dixie Martin) who tweeted her enthusiasm after reading the first series of new scripts she received as AMC gets ready to begin production next week!

Cady tweeted, “Excited to start shooting next week. WOW! Here we go! I read some scripts. All I can say is: ‘WOW!’ I’m excited! They are killin’ it.”

With All My Children creator Agnes Nixon creatively involved, and reportedly, Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder at the helm of the writing team, and Cady’s thumbs-up, are you looking forward to seeing Pine Valley 2.0? Plus, finding out what’s in store for some of your favorite returning characters?  Let us know!

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  1. connie says:

    I will be watching!!!!!!


    Tali replied

    Me too!


  2. Anita says:

    I am absolutely on the edge of my seat with anticipation! With so much talent involved, I just know it is going to be worth the wait!


  3. Torrey says:

    making sure that I get HULU PLUS, so I will be ready when they air!


  4. ethel says:

    ok – i am so excited right now…………..


  5. Scott Paquin says:

    Very excited!!!


  6. jim says:

    Suspense is killing me. cant wait to watch.


  7. Brett Bradley-Howarth says:

    I’m really excited about this now!


  8. CTwildheart says:

    I got excited after reading that tweet from Cady! If SHE is excited and thinks they are killing it….then they must be! Can’t believe production starts up on the reboot NEXT WEEK! YAAAAAAAAAY!


  9. Brian Tripp says:

    It is gonna be great. My hopes are that they are trying to wait for a few of the fan favorites and that is why they are filming for 1 week & then letting OLTL film for 5 weeks & then filming after then for 4 or 5 more weeks (this is what I read some where anyway). I just can’t believe no one has mentioned Bianca (Eden Riegel), Jack (Walt Wiley) or Krystal (Bobbie Eakes)! I am hoping that there is more casting news this week since production starts next week.


    Johnny replied

    That’s a good point Brian – Bianca always seems to be off in Europe somewhere so I guess they can write around that – don’t think Walt Wiley is returning, since he walked out on Erica when we last left Pine Valley – and as for Krystal I don’t thin that bobbie Eakes is available…uh oh…maybe a recast for Krystal (?)…


    Renee replied

    Walt, Bobbie and several others have said that they haven’t been asked. Not sure what PP is thinking but I for one wish they would ask these actors to return.

    Patrick replied

    no recast for Krystal…. Bobbie Eakes is too good… she’s good acting w/Dr. David… and as the mother of Marissa who’s married to Bianca…. we need her and Bianca and Marissa home in pine valley….

    for a true AMC homecoming…. at least one Kane woman needs to be ever present… may as well be Bianca and Marissa….

    let Krystal get heavily involved again w/ David and Cara…. she’s a good friend with Dixie and Opal…. so it would be a gift to have these two plus Marissa back.

  10. Elhu says:

    Definitely looking forward to the reboot of both AMC an OLTL !!!!


  11. Iakovos says:

    The delightful Miss McClain is one to speak her mind so, if she is excited about the propsects of Prospect Park’s AMC reboot… well, me, too.

    I know we will see a different Pine Valley but I feel assured (thanks to Miss McClain and others) there is an atmosphere surely reminicent of the classic iconic drama Agnes Nixon created for us and that entertained us for more than 40 years.

    This effort cannot be easy. There is alot to deal with in this relaunch, I am sure!


  12. darlene says:

    Can’t wait!!!


  13. The_HugoBoss says:

    So excited! Especially hearing something like that, from someone like her, who’s always been so vocal about the writing of the shows. Knowing who all was on the production team so far, as well as which legacy and returning characters that had signed on, I really had very little doubt to begin with honestly. But this just sort of sealed the deal to me. Ha. Can not wait until they start airing.


  14. jim says:

    If they plan to bring Tad back and M.E.K not available my choice would be James Depaiva(?) ex Max OLTL. Hes the only one i feel who could take over the role. I prefer M.E.K. but if he doesnt return for any reason, and they have to do a recast, James is the only one i feel could do the role. I just cant see Dixie there without him.


    Patrick replied

    That’s a good choice… ie: re-cast…. James DePaiva…. Max, OLTL.

    another poster also… said…. Michael O’Leary – Rick Bauer, GL…

    i thought this was good as well….


    jim replied

    Mike is a good choice as well but i feel James looks alot more like M.E.K and he kinda act like Tad over the years when playing Max on OLTL.

    Renee replied

    MEK has not completely ruled out returning he just isn’t able to come back right now

  15. Sheryl Postin says:

    I know what they wrote is going to be fantastic and the actors have so much talent it should be just as good or even better looking forward to seeing the shows very soon. Michael thank you for again for keeping us informed.


  16. moshane58 says:

    My favorite soap.Cannot wait….


  17. Shelly says:

    Looking forward to this especially since Agnes Nixon is involved! Please watch people!!! Maybe if enough people watch online we can get it back on broadcast TV. Wouldn’t it be wild if online soaps scored higher ratings than the replacement shows???


    brenda morris replied

    That wouldn’t be hard. The replacement sucks,


  18. Bonnie says:

    Love Cady, and would take her word for it, it will be odd with her having a teen grandson…but will go with it. Plus how many times can they have the kids be kidnapped?


  19. Maxine says:

    I’m getting so nervous… are AMC and OLTL going to air on cable TV (as well) or not? If they don’t air on TV, I’m happy they’re coming back, but I personally have no reason to get my hopes up since I can’t watch on the internet…


    TRW replied

    There’s still time to make sure you can watch on the internet… It’s 2013 and you obviously have some sort of web connection to be here…


    Maxine replied

    have internet/ cannot watch videos though. not possible where i live.

  20. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    If Cady is loving the scripts, then the writing must be friggin’ good. Cady knows good scripts when she sees it. I trust her judgmental. So psyched about the upcoming AMC reboot!


    Scott replied

    It all sounds GREAT.Now they just need to get Tad and Erica back.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    TBQH, I don’t want Erica back. And the actor of Tad said he isn’t joining right now. I bet they’ll recast or have him off-canvas for a while.

  21. Patrick says:

    I log on…. check e-mail…. read news…. and, gander on over to MF’s….

    and see headlines like…. “AMC Scripts are killing it.” Period.

    I’m still in surreal mode… till the gala premiere….

    You just can’t help but well up w/emotion and get teary eyed.


    it crosses my mind… if this was happening to ATWT…AW….GL.


    The Soap World is ALIVE… and Kicking it…

    Champagne Blitz and Bubbly….


  22. blake says:

    Sweet news! Can’t wait to watch OLTL and AMC again!!!


  23. Robert says:

    I can’t wait, I am SOOO excited!!!


  24. Don says:

    I’ve got my HULU Plus sub active and waiting!


  25. Skater Boy says:

    I am really glad AMC is coming back fierce. I like all the excitement BUT I really do not understand why in the world PP would put AMC first into production when its cast is more sparse AND the characters returning are not exactly root type characterso r have a rich history with one another. The main family in the modern AMC era the Kanes are non existent. I hope the grandkids of Erica haven’t grown up without Bianca, Kendall. David though devious and good is not a core or rather original root type. Opal is without Erica and TAd. Dixie is without Tad and only Adam part time. Angie and Jesse really don’t have great roots with a lot of the characters. And Griffin and Cara are really eye candy but were partof the days when no one really knew AMC was AMC – they were the thrown in characters maybe, sadly to try to bring in the Hispanic audience. Without Erica and Tad they have huge holes – might as well just do a whole new show. I am not sure AMC will work without the Martins and Kanes – they really are a shadow of themselves and you would think PP would want to grow on that legacy. AMC in its dying days had lower ratings than OLTL BUT it always had a higher branding factor. That though was a lot to do with Tad and Erica and their portrayers. OLTL got its big guns Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Hillary, Clint, Tuc Watkins et al AMC had to go to its bronze medallist on recurring status David Canary but no MEK or Lucci. Sorry to dampen the excitement but with al the uproar of AMC’s return we need to look at what is left of the show…I hope it still works out but it is an uphill climb though the enthusiasm from obviously truly dedicated diehars is sweet.


    Johnny replied

    You make some good points here Skater boy – I think it will be a challenge to have supporting characters standing around without the Major players in place. I also agree that Grif and Cara, while fine in their storylines, cannot make up for the fact that some of the really important Key people aren’t present. Frankly, they can recast Colby Chandler with any cute young blonde gal, I mean she’s been played by everyone what’s the difference…it seemed like every time I clicked onto AMC Colby was being played by someone else. But I do agree they need more Core characters to get this going properly.


  26. Beacon says:

    I hope they bring back the hand and the book opening from the 80s, and the classic theme tune. Why meddle with a masterpiece?


  27. Donna says:

    What has happened to susan lucci haven’t seen her at all


  28. Tad says:

    Hey Donna et al!

    FIRST, I hope people realize I am thrilled AMC is coming back but I really want Tad and Erica back – I think they are key to making AMC AMC. I wish they could do something especially about Susan Lucci. I know I have read some people are tired of ERica – maybe in part because she is Erica Kane- an outrageous over the top character you love or hate her (but people she is a character – as we know Susan Lucci can be quite shy ie Dancing with the Stars). I was going to blame Lucci but we have no idea what her monetary demands were; I hear PP were going to pay her well but the problem I guess is not greed but Susan has Devious Maids and Deadly Affairs. Two prime time shows and you are over 65 years old can’t be easy for anyone. Now she is expected to squeeze in All My Children while she is also contracted with QVC too. Moreover, she has stayed busy with other shows, nightclub routines, videos etc. She probably wasn’t as noticeable as in the past but I have seen her on sitcoms, dramas, a music video and talk shows etc. plus her book tour and nightclub act with Regis Philbin. I am hoping they can figure something out. I hope PP and Lucci can work something out for the sake of AMC’s legacy and future.


  29. Andrew says:

    This is good news. Cady has seen her share of dud writers on AMC and if she’s excited, then I finally am too.

    After reading the comments, I think that they’re doing only one week as a way to show the returnees that the show is going to be on good footing. That way, in the intervening weeks, they can let their old castmates know that things are OK in Pine Valley.

    Kudos to Cady and the other returnees who are kind of taking a big gamble with the relaunch.

    I have to say that I haven’t been as excited as I want to be about the returning show, but I’m starting to pick up momentum in my own enthusiasm.


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