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93 April 30th, 2015 Cady McClain Posts Heartfelt Message On Her Status With Y&R And Notes: “It’s Been A Very Hard Few Weeks. A LOT Has Been Going On.”

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Social media has been abuzz over the status of The Young and the Restless Cady McClain, whose character of Kelly Andrews recently has gone off the rails.    McClain, took to her facebook page on Wednesday to share her thoughts, and what she could of her status with the number one soap opera where if you read between the lines does not look so good for the character of Kelly and McClain with the series.

Cady related to her fans: ” I’ll tell you what. I’m going to level with you. It’s been a very hard few weeks. A LOT has been going on. When the time comes to talk more about it, I will. I promise. Right now all I can say is it’s about to get really, really intense on the air shows. And it’s worth watching. It’s like nothing I’ve ever acted or been involved with story-wise before. I totally understand that the character of “Kelly” drives some people crazy. But please remember, I am just the actress. I’m glad to occasionally be given the opportunity to entertain you, whether it’s on Y&R or elsewhere. And if you love the character or hate her, it’s all good. Maybe just don’t tag me when you hate on her, please, because my work means something to me. I hold the characters I get to create close to my heart. Maybe that’s “over-sensitive” of me but I don’t know how else to be without turning into a hard woman. And I’m already tougher than I want to be.

Daytime TV has been very, very good to me and I am so grateful for everything it’s given me. And daytime fans have been beyond amazing. I can always count on you.  As for comments and stuff: it’s a free country. I don’t want to tell you how to feel or try and control how you act on social media, but please try and remember I’m a real, live, human being on the other end of some of those unfriendly comments. That’s all. Just please try and remember that. Because I do. I know you’re all real, live human beings. That’s why I have never passed on my social media to a company or even a PR person. It’s always me. Always. Maybe that’s foolish but I enjoy the connection. If there’s one thing I understand, it’s loneliness.

Believe it or not, I really do. I don’t wanna lie to you about anything but I also don’t want to jump the shark and ruin a cool storyline. So it’s best I don’t say anything until you see it for yourselves and make up your own mind about what it means. It’s a mystery, and nothing’s worse than someone telling you what happens before you read the book.

As for me, the actor, the person who plays “Kelly,” I feel like I have a broken heart. Is that because I’m too close to “Kelly” or too close to my work? Do I care too much? Maybe. Probably. I don’t know. But I guess I’m just that kind of actor.And that’s all I can say.”

What do you think about Cady’s message? What do you think has happened?  Do you understand and respect her wish that fans try to stop posting unfriendly messages to her as the actress, when she is just playing a character she was given to portray on a daytime soap opera? Weigh-in below!

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  1. Wendy - Vancouver says:

    Although for me, it’s a job for these actors to portray with their own theatrical skills what the writers and director asks them to do. That’s it. For folks to put onto the actor (via social media) who is indeed strongly their own person out of character blame or anger for whatever is happening on screen is so very rude and disrespectful. It would be similar to attending a play and if you didn’t like the way the story was going, you stood up and verbally complained to the actor! No one would dream of that behaviour, yet behind a mobile device sit folks who are verbally abusive to these hard-working people.

    Whatever has happened in Cady’s work life, is nothing to do with who she is or what happened in the day to day drama of YR. It’s a job and that’s it. So, she maybe will need to either ignore the nasty folks and put it down to obsessiveness and delusional fans, or else as Joshua Morrow has done, mostly does not discuss YR at all on his Twitter account. He’s still very willing, as Cady has been in her FB post above, to share who they really are.

    For that openness of Cady, Joshua and many of the other actors of YR, they have my deepest respect and admiration to be able to accommodate any writing and direction on set by the writers and director. It is a challenging job, like many, and they each deserve to be treated politely on social media.

    That’s all but those who think nasty comments can indeed change plots, cast changes or even re-hires, are sadly mistaken as it’s upper CBS Corporate offices who have the final say in how YR is managed.

    If Cady has indeed left the show, she will move on to other interesting challenges as an actor. She had a varied professional life prior to YR and will continue to do so. I wish her the best both on YR, if she is remaining, or with whatever opportunities come her way.


    crg replied

    She is playing a character some people can’t separate the two. She is a very good
    actress on AMC now. on Y&R as a. fan I’m.
    looking forward. to see what will happen next.


    Harry replied

    One more thing–Cady, if you happen to be reading the comments here, keep in mind how upset Glenn Close was when the director agreed to change the script which made Alex Forrestor from Fatal Attraction a one dimensional, superhuman villain devoid of conflict and yes, devoid of a sense of righteousness.
    Suffice to say, many of us understand without having to read between the lines.

    CeeCee replied

    Wendy, when a celebrity is there for all to see, she/he makes herself/himself vulnerable. There are people out there who lurk, in silence, wait and then pounce. These two phenomena do not work independently ….they go hand-in-hand….cannot have one without the other. In other words, if a body wants to make himself/herself visible and be famous, then, he /she needs to accept any drawbacks accompanying said fame.
    My advise, for what it’s worth, is to either get off Twitter/Facebook….or just not read snide, abusive comments. Torturing oneself thus, is sheer foolishness. That is my feeling….I would not read what I know will hurt me. Obviously these have not been comments directed to her character, but to her, personally.
    We can talk about this until the cows come home….collectively;…evil, along with jealousy, villany, treachery, falsehood etc. has existed since the beginning of time. It is the world in which we live. It will never change.
    As I said earlier, Cady should look for another job if she gives herself up to gossip and the evil that social media may offer.
    Cady….do yourself a favor; and for your own peace of mind….do not read it. My heart aches for you.


  2. robert says:

    I think Cady McClain’s days at Y&R are numbered. I don’t see how the character can come back from what’s happening now. My gut tells me Kelly Andrews will eventually end up dead.


    CeeCee replied

    I think you’re right, robert.
    Furthermore, I am bewildered by her ‘message’. Is she talking about verbally abusive comments towards her, the person, the actress, or her persona, the character? She is very cryptic. Did someone call her terrible, filthy names?
    I hope she does not refer to comments people make on her character.Good grief, it is human nature to comment on one’s acting, the character he/she represents.
    I love Cady….since her Dixie days…LOL. nonetheless, I do comment on Kelly, both positively and negatively…it’s the nature of the beast. It’s too bad that some people cannot separate the actor from the character. I honestly would have thought, without stepping on Cady’s toes, that she would be prepared for any ‘fallouts’ once she’s in the public eye. As some would say…fair game, which is a very callous saying in itself, but that’s what happens….social media is a bitch.
    I feel so badly for her…WOW. I wonder if, she is perhaps, in the wrong line of work.


    Timmm replied

    I got the same vibe. She spoke as if she was the one being drugged and held against her own will. Maybe she had a “Cosby” on the rocks before she released this statement!

    CeeCee replied

    HaHa, Timmm. As usual, you perk me right up….LOL.
    Seriously though, I am aware that Cady has a lot of issues….not a picture-perfect childhood. I feel so, so sorry for her. Her traumatic upbringing is forever a part of her psyche, her being; who she is…..any psychologist can tell you that.
    Her insecurity really spurred/prompted me to read anything I could find about her. I thought her writing was so ‘out there’….there must have been a catalyst in her background to make her react do defensively; so wounded…..not that I blame her. But, something was gnawing me at the back of my mind.
    She is so sweet. And no child; no person deserves what Cady endured.

  3. carol says:

    I wonder if this means Kelly will be killed off or shipped to a mental facility in the near future. Perhaps it will mean serious jail time for her on an accessory to kidnapping charge. I certainly would miss CM if she were to leave.


  4. Stephanie says:

    As you may be aware there are people that cannot separate the person from the character and there are people that post every thought that enters their head. To those, please think before you speak/post/tweet.
    Per Cady, when the nominations came out, I noticed by her posts/tweets that she seemed down, and I was worried for her. Not being in “the biz” I may not get the purpose other than maybe it cements their jobs. She’s a very talented lady and I wish only the best for her.


  5. Timmm says:

    I think what she is trying to say is to quit being so damn mean to the human being playing the character of Kelly. She has feelings and emotions and she takes that home to her to her family. She is only reading the script and acting what is written. Too many people forget that these actors are actors and the characters are not real. Another thing, you shouldnt make fun of the way someone looks or how old they are. Again, not all people are wired to shut every damn cruel thing said about them out. Lets hope that Kelly is from the some prison as Yack and Cady will resurface as the real Kelly Andrews?


    su0000 replied

    As ALL the actors/characters, they ALL get bad mouthing..
    And not one of them whines/complains about it as Cady does..
    ALL, get it sometime that goes along with being in the public eye, they expect to be dumped on, ridiculed, at times..(it goes with the job)
    Actors will get put upon, and they ignore it.. Cady is too soft and takes the stuff too seriously..
    No other actors beg the fans to be nice to them aha!
    There are 100′s of soap actors and I’ve heard none ask/tell, the public/people to be nice to them..
    It will never stop, not as long as social media is at finger tips :)


    CeeCee replied

    I agree, Su….to a certain extend. I think it is also bizarre for Cady’s ‘message’. But, if the insults are directed to the actor/actress, it becomes horrific and downright filthy, THAT, I do not condone. Using Harry’s words…it is mean-spirited. When someone, regardless of whom, is trashed in an obnoxious way—then, it is not fun anymore. It is inhuman….complete disrespect for humanity.
    By the same token, it is expected. Did Cady really think people would not take pot-shots at her or any celebrity? That’s kind of naive…let’s get real.
    I feel really badly because she is taking it so much to heart….she’s very sensitive, I guess. Sensitive people are the best people….make the best of friends. Poor thing.
    I suppose, she is not as thick-skinned as her peers, Su. You ‘gotta’ feel sorry.

    Harry replied

    Cee Cee–that’s it exactly. Yes, her words are rather cryptic but I think she must have gotten the news that her days are numbered on Y&R and that has got to hurt.
    I also recall reading the interview Michael Fairman conducted with Cady, and she spoke of having a very painful childhood. She said she looked forward to incorporating that pain into the characterization of Kelly, a character who is one of the walking wounded after losing her child. So, I would imagine that she is saddened that they turned Kelly into a one dimensional, bat shit crazy person.
    Some were Tweeting mean things about Cady, using her real name instead that of Kelly’s–a fictional person.
    I rarely use my Twitter account and when I do, I usually veer away from anything soap related . Yes, I am a closeted soap opera watcher (there’s a lot of us). But I did Tweet something nice to Cady and she favored the Tweet. I would ask those of you with a Twitter account to do the same. I sense she is going through a difficult time and these fans who merged reality with fiction can be viscous.

    Harry replied

    I am appalled that there are mean spirited pin heads at there, Timm.
    This constant blurring between fiction and reality is really vexing to me.
    And now in the age of social media, it’s become a past time sport to insult or shame an actor or actress.
    Way before the Internet, Susan Lucci would be approached by crazed women in the supermarket furious at her for splitting up Phil and Tara. One woman even slapped her across the face and called her a “home wrecker.”
    PS. How could anyone make fun of Cady’s looks? She is beautiful.


    CeeCee replied

    Exactly….she is beautiful. Critique the character, not the actor/actress….their job is to perform to the best of their abilities. And, as I said in the above post, Cady is exploiting the Kelly character to the limit.

    CeeCee replied

    I am one of those walking wounded. I have lost a child…..only three years ago. The pain is part of me; my constant companion. I think the writers should have been more sensitive about this heartbreaking subject.
    Cady has been used as a ploy….a means to an end.
    It is regrettable that the writers have chosen to portray a grieving mother thus. I say, for shame.
    This storyline could have been written so differently. Instead of giving it such a negative spin, the writers could have developed an uplifting, positive and encouraging story for Kelly and all mothers who lost a child. Instead, they made a mockery of her grief…..again, SHAME, and more SHAME.

    Harry replied

    Cee Cee, wish I had something funny to say, but it will have to suffice for me to say I am so very sorry for your loss. Yes, you get it.
    They could have done something meaningful with this story line but instead decided to turn Kelly into Kathy Bates from Misery.
    I have known women who have lost children, my mother being one of them, and I can tell you that they never achieve “closure” that the loss of their child becomes part of who they are.

  6. Mateo says:

    Cady McClain is a class act. While I did not follow her on All My Children, I knew of her work. When she was on As The World Turns I loved her portrayal of Rosanna. And now on Y&R she took on a role that was originally designed for someone else. She did a noble job. I don’t care for the direction the storyline is taking but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Cady. She is an awesome actress. She manages to get into you. She touches your heart. That is a mark of a talented actress. I know she has gone through great personal trials but has come out on the other side. I would never attack her for her work on a soap opera. The character of Kelly Andrews is just that — a character. Kelly is not a real person so to direct hatred at a fake person is nothing short of delusional. I give kudos to Cady for making an audience believe in the realness of Kelly Andrews. I wish her the best and hopefully wherever she lands I would be able to watch her again. I just want to say thank you to Cady McClain for giving everything you have to give us a good time while watching Young And The Restless. Again Ms. McClain you are a class ACT!!!!


    Patrick replied

    “Nice Post” Cady McClain, does, IN FACT, “She manages to get in to you”

    She strikes a chord … her longevity in this genre speaks for itself

    AMC : she was lauded with an emmy for best new ingenue
    ATWT: she was lauded with an emmy for best supporting actress
    Y&R: this year, made the pre-nom cut… as best supporting

    her headline : speaks volumes for her as a person and the “lively” behind the scenes w/Charles Pratt and JFP?

    “…It’s Been A Very Hard Few Weeks. A LOT Has Been Going On. ”

    ie: the interview w/new head writer… on this site w/Charles Pratt… up to this point… has taken 290 HITS !

    therein, the fans stand with the current status of Genoa City….

    discombobulated, disjointed, distended (LOL : i’ll crown head writer , CP : with the latter.. distended)

    bring it on home: for Y&R to have tied with DOOL for best serial… based on BM and MM last scenes from January, 2014 ???? I don’t think so


    Y&R is in complete disarray


    Cady McClain, the actress, always finds her way, in and out of, good writing…

    that being said… bad writing , of this magnitude is reaching


    CeeCee replied

    Good or bad, everyone has an opinion, Mateo. One cannot cut a poster at the knees if he or she has something to say about the character….I repeat, the character. It gets out of hand when the actor/actress comes into play and insulting comments are hurled at said performers. That is completely outrageous.
    We are all guilty of critiquing a character…so, I, for one, will not be sanctimonious about it. …..
    Name-calling is the worst…the old adage, ” sticks and stones etc. etc. etc.” falls short here……words do hurt.
    If Cady can arouse so much disdain playing this character, then she is doing a fantastic job. So, I say, kudos, Cady…..keep doing what you’re doing.
    I have repeatedly said that it is shameful for writers to reduce these first-class thespians to such low levels. Actresses such as Kassie DePaiva, Melissa Archer etc…….now Cady.


    Harry replied

    Okay–well, yes.
    I have been so critical of Alexis from GH for constantly demonstrating that yes, she has cleavage. However, I am not blasting Nancy for wardrobe’s lousy decisions.

  7. dmr says:

    I just keep thinking, isn’t it hard to work alongside your husband’s ex-wife (Eileen Davidson); I would think that would be awkward if they run into eachother at the studio!


    Eileen Hargis replied

    In the acting industry, since they switch partners frequently, I doubt its much of a problem.


    The Substitute replied

    Nope Cady is the one with the sweetie I love her hubby!


    CeeCee replied

    Awwww! I love John Lindstrum (sp) too. I always get that fuzzy-wussy feeling when I see him on the GH stage.

    KansasGuest replied

    Jon Lindstrom & Eileen Davidson divorced in 2000, long before he & Cady McClain began their relationship. They had no children. Why would there be any issues?


  8. Tondréa says:

    Kudos to her!


  9. Karen Dunn says:

    I was / am a fan of Ms McLain. She is an excellent actor who can only do what is on the page as written by others. The humanity Ms McLain has always come through in the characters she has portrayed in all that I have seen. As anyone with a job you do the very best with what is given to you to do. I for one applaud her efforts to soldier on through this storyline that frankly is a copycat of so many others before it. As one who delighted in her joining Y&R, I wish her Godspeed in all that she does and that mercifully this storyline ends quickly.


    Pepper replied

    I agree…the storyline they have written for her is not good. Her character was so good and nice before. I wish she would stay on the show but don’t see how she can be salvaged unless she goes away for awhile for treatment and then comes back the old Kelly. She is a good actress and when we all hate her it means she’s playing the part well…..kind of like Maya on Bold and Beautiful. She’s a great actress and gorgeous. We all hate her!!!!!


  10. Eileen Hargis says:

    I believe she has wrapped her storyline and is through at Y and R. I think she hoped to work her character into one that could stay, but Pratt wrote her crazy and theres no out for that but to be done. Shame.


    Patrick replied

    it’s the nature of the beast… for those who are low man on the totem pole.. and no real ties?

    headwriter, Charles Pratt… had already decided to write in to the corner… ?

    I TOO… wish that she could have stayed…

    Cady McClain features so many layers… to character drive

    I don’t watch every day… but she was one of the “very” few on the cast who intrigues

    after watching one whole week…of Valentines DAY “CP” premiere

    I lost interest

    has nothing to do with the actors, (sorry, Hunter King excluded)

    new headwriting team and executive production nosedive



  11. Iakovos says:

    I am surprised the Kelly character is following the path she is. I love Cady McClain but not this turn of tales. As it did with Maura West/Diane Jenkins, the series secured a strong popular talent only to lose the opportunity with a failed character turn. Thankfully Y&R has professionals like McClain and West to perform so well in disappointing characters and stories.

    Cady McClain, like Maura West, is a winning talent and if her days on Y&R end in coming weeks or months, she will continue to create and entertain. She is so very good.


  12. richard says:

    Chuck Pratt has written Phyllis and Kelly as clowns and this triangle with Jack has been utter nonsense!!! I feel so sorry for PB, GT, and CM…..Cady is a CLASS ACT, going back to her days on AMC(Pratt killed her off there too), and she deserves more that his over the top, character assisnating, plot driven writing!!! Bill Bell must be rolling in his grave!!!!!!


    Laurie replied

    Dixie died 1/30/07 and Pratt didn’t start All My Children til a year & half later 6/23/08. But yes, he’s a terrible writer!!!!

    I truly could go on for pages about how shallow this writer is, but just focusing on Kelly & females on Y&R in the 3 months since he started:

    Phyllis-institutionalized (saved by a man-Victor) & now repeatedly raped by Hack Jack but doesn’t have a clue
    Sharon-oy, went from determined fighter ready to battle Nick in court to a babbling, shriveling, weak victim (saved repeatedly by Dylan & now Michael-men)
    Avery-Miss Virtue tried to drive her criminal sister crazy for real & risked lives in order get her off of an attempted murder charge she could’ve been guilty of
    Phyllis & Nikki- kicking back, baking cookies for their big, strong men in their pearls, aprons & perfectly coiffed hair, ignoring that Jack & Victor have lost their minds & are OOC
    Hilary-a sacrificial lamb for Neil & Devon by spreading her legs for yet another man, the prosecutor, now back begging Devon for scraps.
    Victoria-suddenly vengeful & smug w/Ashley because..? why?
    Ashley-Victoria’s doormat ..? why?
    Abby- Sleeps w/her niece’s husband because…? why?
    Abby, her mom, Ash & her sis, Victoria-non-stop snarking at each other over Ben.. ? huh?
    Almost virgin Summer-spreads em for Kyle 2 months after her husband dies
    Mariah- who?
    Jill- who?
    Chelsea-cheats on Billy, begs for his love after he dumps her at the alter… ? huh?, 0 red flags re: Gabe’s stalking & 0 recognition of her own husband’s um, body parts
    Sage-full-on stalker of Nick, spreads em repeatedly on broom closet floor, divorces Gabe & loses out on the $ ALL for Nick (& then he dumps her)
    Kelly-goes from smart, successful positive role model to a lunatic over a man…damn shame! I’ll stop now!

    Kelly will be murdered or sent off to a looney bin, but Victor, mastermind of it all, crazier & more obsessed w/Jack than she could ever be, will get a good ribbing for the damage & lives he’s destroyed, a finger or 2 waved in his face & an “aw shucks, you sure are competitive.” As the dirt is being dumped on Kelly’s grave he’ll be enjoying a vintage wine & warm laughs w/his family around the dinner table at his ranch as they all kiss the ring.

    We have 0 Jills and 2 Jacks!!! OK
    #GoodOld&IMeanOldBoysClub #ChuckPratt

    But I’m not bitter. Good luck, Cady! You’re lovely & your new hair color is your best yet! You’re charming even when a little off your rocker! You will never be out of work!


    richard replied

    Your post just made me LOL……I love when ppl comment on here and see the interaction….bravo……I hate Chuck Pratt….#TeamCady

    CeeCee replied

    Lol, Laurie…you said it …better than anyone could have.
    Speaking of body parts….what about fake Jack, the clown, the popinjay in green….golly gee; it isn’t even St. Pat’s Day !!!!

    Rose replied

    Right on with your observations. Have really been upset about how Sage/Kelly has been turned into a crazy.

    And I also dislike about what they’ve done with Sage/Kelly Sullivan. Plus, I way preferred her as Connie in GH. Wish they hadn’t killed her character. Must admit this has been the basis of many of the ripple effect stories in Port Charles.

    And just out of curiosity wonder how Jack goes to the bathroom since he’s bound/handcuffed to the bed?

    Harry replied

    Laurie, this post is a thing of beauty–thank you.

  13. Mo says:

    I think Cady has been doing a great job. I have thought that eventually Kelly/Cady will have to leave Y&R because that’s where the storyline seems to be going.

    It is unfortunate that people feel a need to be mean.


  14. PatF says:

    I do like Cady, but never have been a fan of this Kelly.

    Having said that, up until Pratt took over, I was starting to warm to the character’s rivalry with Phyllis.

    I hate that she has to play this loon we see now, and I’m sure she’s heartbroken if she knows she is on her way out.


  15. Robin Cornett says:

    I don’t watch the Young and Restless, so I don’t know your character, but I do know you are awesome as an actress, and as a person. Thank you for being so honest and reading your own stuff online. I was a big fan of yours when you played Dixie on All My Children, and I always loved your personality when you went to award shows or did interviews! Keep up the good work that you always do, and drown out the negative remarks.

    From Robin in East Tennessee


  16. Ella says:

    In this world of social media, it is a shame that cowards hide behind their keyboards and write nasty things to actors and actresses who are only trying to do the best job with the material that they are given. It is a real shame that people feel they have to be nasty – if you don’t like it, turn the TV off. Nobody is forcing you to watch it. I loved Ms McClain when she was on ATWT, and I loved her portrayal of Rosanna. I was and still am happy that she’s on Y&R!


  17. su0000 says:

    Kelly needs to play crazy more real than she is..
    She isn’t portraying the power crazy, she is too mild and needs to step it up, a lot..
    She looks mad, upset and mean but not a right out dingbat crazy..

    She will be killed off.. Pratt picks his chosen kill offs well .. lol

    This snore, double Cracker Jacks is not dramatic enough, it is weak.. (lame, actually lol

    I’m waiting for Pratt to get to the writers up to par with him..
    He will eventually bring guns (well, a gun lol) and stories of dark drama, soon I’d bet..
    That’s how he writes, just gotta give it time :) I like Pratt ..


    CeeCee replied

    I am still trying to figure out how Victor managed to get an exact replica of Jack…..down to his voice, height, weight, mannerisms, eye color etc. Again, I ask….how does Phyllis not know Jack’s “stuff”? Jack and Flack are two different men, right? Sooooo silly!


    Harry replied

    I don’t know Cee Cee but faux Jack is really making me laugh.
    Today he showed up at Billy’s non-wedding wearing tacky golf clothes with very loud colors.
    He is also acting really stupid–it’s as if he’s channeling Otto from a Fish Called Wanda (one of the funniest movies of all time).

    su0000 replied

    Hi CeeCee ,,
    You found the proper word; ”silly” !

    Jack stuff is= silly (I will add the word- lame

    (I do like Pratt, but not the Jack’s))

  18. Mary SF says:

    I hated what they did to the character of Kelly, who began the show as a tormented soul, but not out of her mind. The character had great potential, but when they recast the role they made her too Pollyanna, and now she is too out there to empathize with. So if Kelly ‘s days as a character are numbered I will be glad.

    I don’t blame the actress, she can only act what they give her and I’m sorry she feels hurt by rantings by some on social media. However, although social media is a bigger forum, soap stars have been getting flack for their characters and plot lines since day one. I bet if you go back and read some of the so call fan mail of yesteryear there will be a lot of them that we mean too. So,although I know she says she likes the connection, honestly, in her work, it is better to let a firm, or show’s staff handle that stuff for her.


  19. Dawn D says:

    Cady, Is doing a fantastic job. You can tell she puts her soul into her work and that is what makes her work great. I always look at characters that are well done that drive me to distraction the best because I invest the most emotion as a viewer. I can tell you Erica Cane I loved to hate from the very beginning. She is a true soap-professional actor!


  20. Bart says:

    Isn’t she under the same head writer who killed her off as amc’s Dixie with poisoned pancakes? Ugh.


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    No; that was Megan McTavish, not Pratt. Pratt did some horrific things on All My Children, but that’s not one of them.


  21. Sheryl says:

    I agree that Cady is a great actress and any role she plays is fantastic.If you are leaving Y&R we will miss you and hope to see you in another role somewhere else very soon. You are a class act and we wish you the best because that is what you deserve .


  22. Lucia says:

    Cady McClain is a great actress and what they have done to the Kelly character is bizarre. It’s the most violent 180 I’ve ever seen a character do, and therefore in my opinion, doesn’t lend any credibility to the storyline. The sadder consequence is that the Y and R would lose a talented soap veteran – and in a world where the soaps are dying, that is unfortunate.

    And as for the fans who attack her personally and don’t distinguish between character and actor, they don’t do anything for the credibility of soaps or soap fans either. Jeez.


  23. Caol Fuxa says:

    I think McClain is a very good actress and I will hate to see her leave Y&R.There are to many good people that have left the show and going to GH. What a shame


  24. The Substitute says:

    I hate what Chuck Pratt has done to her character! A character who started out as a wounded bird over the loss of her son and he turned her into a desperate character over a man. Now please tell me every word that Susan Lucci said about this man is true he cares nothing about developing characters.


  25. Blake says:

    I have always liked Cady McClain and I hope she won’t be off of Y&R and if she is I hope another show picks her up soon. She is great with her fans and is really funny on social media, very clever lady.


    Patrick replied

    I hope she, the actor, person, is not taking fan issue of a favored show… personally

    as you’ve said… she’s, ONE, of the very FEW actors… who have taken to social media… and , Cady McClain, has always … again, one of the very few, SHE, responds to the audience…

    so in this respect… I can’t imagine she’s sharing how hurt she feels by fans of Y&R

    the one thing we’ve always appreciated is her candor… be it honest… in defense of or support of whatever show she’s on

    one thing, I know… because I consider her old school… she knows the ins and outs of this beloved genre… and that means… knowledge of all the behind the scenes “what it takes”

    i ws at the grocery store today… and it was either this weeks issue or last weeks… of SOD…. she was on the cover…. “is Cady McClain on the way out”

    I truly “dislike” when these corporate entities… state : we choose not to comment on the status of actors contracts and/or salaries… etc… and/or the actors are contracted to never state anything!!!! ???? other then press…. coochie coochie all is right with the world… you risk the chance of not being hired by any networks… and word of mouth deigns you difficult

    the truth is out their…


  26. Harry says:

    Cady is a consummate professional whose character was basically thrown under a bus in order to generate a plot.
    Kelly is a mother who will always be in state of grief after losing her child. She was always troubled, depressed even, but her mental state was always directed inward, not outward.
    What they’ve done to this character is even worse than what they’ve done to Sharon.
    Cady deserved better and so did Kelly.

    PS. She looks like an old time classic movie star in this picture.


    su0000 replied

    Harry Harry..
    Cady is not a pedestal prima donna , she’s an actress hired to play a role to make money..
    Why should she get special treatment, she shouldn’t..
    She is not a goddess by any means, just an actress that has been around for a long time..
    She is an actress and should be able to portray the role written for the character.
    ahh the life if actors eh .. lol


    CeeCee replied

    So, Harry, I take it you like her hair better in this style? You didn’t like her in bangs.
    Actually, her hair is reminiscent of old Hollywood in this picture.


    Patrick replied

    Harry : NICE ! “ps”

    I thought the same thing… looking old hollywood…

    barbara stanwyck perhaps

    you go Dixie…. Rosanna… Kelly

    Cady deserves


    Harry replied

    Su00, I don’t know why I wrote that Cady deserves special treatment. Oh wait, that’s because I DID NOT!
    Patrick and Cee Cee–yes, do not like bangs on most women.
    And yes, again, a early little Barbara Stanwyck seems to be echoing there.
    I love the dress.

  27. Tim B. says:

    Cady is great. It’s very childish to trash someone who is portraying a characeter they may not like. Y&R lost the super talented Maura West, but GH picked her up and she turned that in to yet another emmy win this year. Maybe GH can nap Cady as well.


    CeeCee replied

    Are you talking about this site?….. If so, I don’t remember anyone trashing Cady. The character was critiqued now and again; never trashed.
    I am not on Facebook, I do not ‘indulge’….do not like it. So, I am assuming all this trashing against her person takes place on Facebook?


    Harry replied

    Cee Cee–It was happening on Twitter.
    Honestly, I don’t know why actors/celebrities use Twitter. It’s like inviting people into your living room in order to hurl verbal abuse at you.
    I get enough of that without using Twitter!

    CeeCee replied

    That is the reason I am on, neither Twitter, nor Facebook.
    I agree it is inviting disaster….invasion of privacy and potentially ver dangerous.
    I have two children; I cannot worry about all the crazies and perverts out there. These malandrini/miscreants get hooked on one little word they may see….and, something triggers their unstable minds. Horrific to even contemplate…..shivers !!

  28. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    As much as I love Cady on Y&R, her potential in the role of Kelly was mis-used, and it’s sad seeing that a potential permanent exit is on the horizon. But again, do not bash an actress who is giving a top-notch job at portraying the material she is giving, material that some love and some hate. Cady is a class act, and should she be leaving Y&R, i will follow her wherever her career may take her, because she is a superb actress who should be gainfully employed at this time.


  29. Rose says:

    Think Cady is doing a great job in a difficult role. Don’t know whether she’s coming or going on Y&R, but her Facebook comments sound like all is not good there. I haven’t liked how the writers made Kelly fall apart. I really liked her before she had to assume the crazy role. It seems between Y&R and GH there are a lot of “breakdowns” lately, whether they are major ones, or just bad hair days snits. And it seems to be always the girls and not the guys.


  30. abruzzfan says:

    On the RHOBH, they keep calling her husband’s “ex” a “home wrecker”.


  31. Nikki says:

    I don’t know what’s going to happen to Kelly Andrews but I love this actress. It seems no matter what role she’s given she run’s with it. I never saw her play a crazy lady before but man she would scare the heck out of me if I we’re her prisoner. I can only guess they will have to put her in Sunny Brook but I wish they could have given her a different role so she would be given a contract. Maybe once she’s put in Sunny Brook her twin sister Ellie could move to Genoa City. Come-on Charles we don’t want to lose the good one’s anymore.


    su0000 replied

    Cady’s crazy performance is weak ..
    She comes across, mad and vengeful but a good soap crazy..
    Heather GH, and others have been great crazies, but not Kelly..
    Jacks sister was a great crazy, intense, but not Kelly..
    Kelly just doesn’t portray crazy as a true soap crazy LOL :)

    The 1st Kelly could have really pulled off the ”crazy” ..

    Anyways, Cady seems forced and not comfortable being a crazy, she doesn’t know how to be a cruel crazy, she has always been a fairy princes type lol ..


    su0000 replied

    ooops! I don’t think crazy Patty was Jack’s sister, but she was a great crazy lol
    (Jacks woman?)

  32. Fox says:

    Good luck to her, but frankly, I’ll be glad to see the character go. Kelly was always recurring, non-contract, even when Watros played the role, which as I recall was said to be temporary from the get-go. TPTB obviously had to re-write things with the Miller-Muhney exits, making them beef up the Ben-Stitch role by putting him on contract. The Kelly character was a benefactor of that move, as they decided to link those two characters with more made-up backstory. But before all that occurred, Kelly’s wackiness was of a different (sadder) kind, and many actually thought she was the guilty party who killed Delia in the hit and run.


  33. Diane Jones says:

    I feel the same has the rest,is just and soap opera,that’s not who they are in real life,for people to send hate mail,you idiots,separate what’s really what is fake on a show,she has played many characters and done a wonderful job,and this is their jobs,if you don’t like it,don’t watch it,but I think it’s all coming out soon,Theses people are human just like us,they don’t write their material,they work long hard hours and deserve to be created with respect,there not number 1 for nothing,if you can’t write something nice,than shut you mouths,these people have feeling too,Great Job Cady,well played.


    su0000 replied

    It’s part of being an actor in the public media..
    An actor has to be able to turn it off..
    No other soap actors are whining about being picked on lol
    It goes with the job.. they silently gotta suck it up, and they do..
    A soap actor has to understand that some fans can not disconnect from the fantasy..
    and when they go mean mouth wacko, the actor just has to push it off as hearing from another Kook, no big deal .
    -for every wacko there are 50 admirers….

    (actors and thin skin is not a good thing..


    Harry replied

    Okay, I kind of agree with you here.
    Yes, if you’re a an actor and celebrity who is even a wee bit sensitive, then stay the hell out of social media.
    That goes double for the overly sensitive and thrill head writer from GH.

  34. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Not sure what to make about this.

    I didn’t really care for McClain when she played Rosanna on ATWT and she has been “stuck” with the poorly developed character of Kelly on Y&R who recently has been in very poorly written scenes.

    That being said, I hate that she is getting what sounds like personal attacks on her due to her portrayal of Kelly.

    However, fans have confused actors who play characters on soaps for decades. For example, Eileen Fulton repeatedly has relayed about an incident (early 70′s??) where a woman accosted her on the street in response to things that her character, Lisa, was doing on ATWT. I believe Fulton even resulted to hiring a body guard to accompany her when she was in public.

    I guess the fan “confusion” just goes with the territory. It doesn’t excuse treating her badly but McClain maybe needs to learn that this is one of the draw backs of the job she is in. I could understand McClain not liking it and it bothering her (all of us have things about our jobs that we don’t like). But I’m not sure that I would go so public with my feelings about it as McClain did with her lengthy post.


  35. Patrick says:

    I wish : this was all happening to Eric Braeden’ Victor NuMAN


  36. Patrick says:

    I have no one… to share soaps with….


    in realtime….

    so.. i post here… for likeminded, take no prisoners, no holds barred…. “share”

    I guess this is my keepsake of ole’

    I don’t typically share with any that I watch…. (my partner) has no opinion
    when I do tell… it’s either “oh” “ok” I draw blank


    staunch support that I am… I keep ON

    I LOVE this stuff!

    i’m not on here to indulge any one’s fantastical
    i’m not looking for approval ratings… just a tug at the heart and mindset of what happens


    descend with all your bearings

    if it’s not the story line and actors who deserve applause to spur one on

    for me… it’s generally the actors acting that keeps me

    so… If i emphatically state… Chad Duell, Hunter King, and Shawn Christian are just not bringing their A game…. game ON… i’m telling

    head writers, and writing teams… along with executive producers and the like… change faster than most actors themselves

    their are 4 best serials to tune in



  37. Christine Stevens says:

    Cady you are a fabulous actor. I’ve watched you for years. When I first saw your work on ATWT I wasn’t sure about this person, but you get us involved in the character. I feel if an actor can get you all worked up about their character, they’re really good at what they do. I can see that it doesn’t look good for you on Y & R but I admirethe quaity and hard work that you put into it.


  38. Rob says:

    I think anyone who has criticized her acting has to realize that since Pratt took over the character has done a complete 360. Its not easy to keep changing when the writing gets more and more sophomoric. One thing for sure, she is a very good actress in a really crappy role written by crappy writers.


  39. sissey says:

    If if the Character that you play is a evil person and people don’t like you you have Done your job very Good
    Kelly is a Character that’s meant to be disliked so you have done your job ,,,, your mistake is putting yourself too deep into kelly. Do your job at YR and leave it there
    don’t let words site you out


  40. Timmm says:

    To be honest, I dont nor did I ever like Kelly, Stitch or their mom. I hope the write them ALL off the show for good. Having said that, Cady is a fine actress and she could swing over to GH after Kelly lands in the loony bin and I would not have a problem with that at all.


  41. La Quetta Ray says:

    I know it’s just a character and was really pulling for Kelly and Jack, then as usual the mustache interferes. I loved you as Dixie on All My Children. Actors sometimes play characters we don’t like,as far as I’m concerned Phyllis could have stayed in a coma, but in Victors true form he


  42. Sandra Frost says:

    Love you Cacy! as a person just not the story line the writers have given you, but a great job it is. I think I will always think off you as Dixie Cooney, when you were unspoiled by the script.
    Good luck to you in whatever you do or go! It is a very hard script for you no matter what the outcome. But you are doing a SUPER Great job of the part.


  43. Ron says:

    Here’s hoping ALL actors and actresses clearly understand that most of their fans can distinguish fictional characters from real flesh and blood. And for those out there who can’t, perhaps they can at least follow the golden rule: do unto others and you want done unto you. It worries me how judge and jury-like any individual can become through the media– it’s a plague.

    So, should Cady be reading this: here’s an apology on behalf of rude behavior.


  44. Alan says:

    Cady is just the latest example of Y&R’s practice of hiring superb actors without a solid story in place to showcase their talents. I think the show — and Cady — would have better served by writing Kelly out when Cynthia Watros left the show and creating a whole new character that played to Cady’s numerous strengths. Like Maura West, Cady has a huge fan base and a proven track record as a leading lady which the show should have used to bring in new viewers but instead they just plugged both actresses into roles ill fit for them and then wrote them into corners.

    Here’s hoping GH snaps up Cady and gives her material worthy of her talents like they did for Maura West.


    su0000 replied

    Remember when Y&R restless hired the great..

    The supercouple Jesse/Darnell Williams and Angie/Deborah Morgan ?
    And horribly wasted both of them, their great talents trashed ..
    Y&R had no plans for them. they were hired for ratings to grab AMC fans..
    It was CBS business..

    (thanks to my neighbor for that tidbit lol)


    Patrick replied

    huge misnomer… not to capitalize on ex-AMC’ Jesse and Angie

    that being said; I think the biggest blunder… was Genie Francis’ Genevieve

    you could throw in with: Maura West’ recast Diane Jenkins… what a bust

    even she won’t mind telling you as much

    I read one post… that would change so much about the current state of Genoa City

    simply : make John Abbott, alive… rectify and resurge the Abbotts. Period

    Patrick replied

    PS: I’ve simply had it, with the Newman “enterprise”

    you know: in the Charles Pratt” escapade… LOL… his distend

    using the ole recipe… that Victor and Jack ARE, in fact, STILL Y&R

    i’ll give them this… they are far and away better than the younger set
    ie: think the cabin high jinks… who cares? production tried to make it boisterous fun…. w/Hunter King ? not going to happen

  45. Deb Anders says:

    I love the role you are in. Although Kelly is distraught over her breakup with Jack, I think she’s accurately portraying a woman who was pushed too far by Jack and Phyllis. Cady should be proud of her acting. I’ve always believed if an actress plays her part to the point the audience hates the character, she’s doing a great job! I love Kelly and hope in future episodes she redeems herself.


  46. Jimmy says:

    The role of Kelly, from the beginning with Cynthia Watros, was poorly conceived and not needed. When CW left, they should have written out the role. Instead, they hired Cady McClain, a proven mega-talent who was great on both AMC and ATWT (albeit in vastly different roles), and the show had the chance to turn the character around, make her more likable and give her a real purpose.

    However, Cady fell flat here on Y&R – through no fault of her own. If they gave her a new character to play, I have no doubt that she would have had a brighter future, but the audience already didn’t like the character of Kelly and her storyline was boring. To make matters worse, Pratt completely rewrote the character of Kelly to suit this story, turning her into a total loony-tune, a violent 180 shift from the character introduced last year. I didn’t agree with that choice at all, and now it looks like Y&R will yet again be losing another top talent.

    This whole situation reeks of the Maura West fiasco several years ago. A powerhouse actress who’s proven she has Emmy-winning acting abilities (look at her now on GH) given a previous role and she completely flops to the point where they are driven to kill the character off. Total waste.

    It really sickens me when soaps do this, specifically Y&R in recent years. They bring on talented actors and actresses, like Genie Francis, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, Maura West, Eden Reigel and Jennifer Landon, who have proven they can act when given material worthy of their talents, and they are completely wasted.

    It also burns deep for Y&R because they’ve already lost several outstanding actors in recent years, and it seems like they’re on the brink of losing yet another one. Such a shame, for the show, the fans and Cady herself, who has been great in this story. She is a very talented actress who will undoubtedly find work somewhere else easily. Very sorry to see her go, though.


    Patrick replied

    gavel your 2nd paragraph for sure!

    well said

    another veteran, stellar actor, falling by the wayside… and no fault of the actor(s)

    wow! thanks for bringing up… Eden Reigel.. I wanted so much !!!! for her acting to take off in Genoa City

    dang! doesn’t seem so bad when you see these names in the same context with DAYS : Sarah Browne, Tamara Braun, Melissa Archer.. etc…


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