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19 November 14th, 2011 Cady McClain Weighs in on Prospect Park’s decison to move forward with OLTL and put AMC on hold!

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Daytime Emmy winner and fan favorite Cady McClain, (Dixie)  of All My Children took to her Facebook page today to address her thoughts and communicate to her fans that AMC did not move forward because of actor negotiations.  Cady points out some of the issues All My Children has been facing and why One Life to Live is currently getting the nod to be the first soap forward to move onto the new Online Network platform.  Below is what Cady shared.

Cady McClain: “Okay, I just have to say that the news that “AMC didn’t move on because of actor negotiations” is just totally wrong. First of all, when I was there at the very end, TONS of actors were asking each other, “have you been contacted? Has ANYBODY been contacted?” The answer was always, “No. What’s going on? Why haven’t they contacted any of us?”Now comes the real question, why? Why weren’t t…hey asked? Is it true that PP was negotiating only with Lucci and waiting until that deal was done to contact anyone else? I do not know. She did not share that info with anyone as far as I know. I did hear through the grapevine (after the show ended) that PP did indeed contact her. Make of that what you will.

Is it true that PP showed preference for OLTL from the very beginning? Yes, I do know that because OLTL had higher ratings, PP felt they had a better bet with them. Other than that, I cannot guess at anything else, other than that PP only has so much money to go around, and this internet gamble is a huge one. My feeling is, when OLTL goes to the internet, it will have a only a FEW months to prove itself as a viable show. If it doesn’t pull the ratings PP needs it to… it will not withstand the chopping block. If it DOES do well in the ratings, then there is a CHANCE that AMC will be pulled back into the mix.

This is ALL conjecture on my part, ok? I guess I just don’t want the fans to blame the actors, when so many actors I spoke to WANTED to do the job. I just really want you guys to know that there are so many more issues at play here.

Looking forward, I would say if you love OLTL and AMC, just keep supporting the soaps. ALL the soaps. That means WATCH as much as you can, write in and tell both PP and ABC and CBS and NBC that you watch and that you love soap operas. Competition simply cannot be the same as it was right now. We can’t have a “team AMC” and a “team OLTL” and expect either one of them to survive. We really have to pull together and support ALL the soaps, if the fans really want them to continue.

I know the genre will change, but I think that it still has much to offer and has done much good in the world! I think there is much more good it can do. WHEN OLTL goes on air, I hope you will support the show and watch as much as you can. It’s a worthy, well done show, and honestly it’s really is the only thing that might make AMC returning possible. Just my opinion!!  Thanks!!!!”

So soapers, what do you think of Cady’s comments? Let us know.

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    This is an excellent speculation. I hate the fact that they are putting AMC on hold, but if it’s for the reasons she says, it does make sense. Of course, all the actors from AMC must now find new jobs. Should they become quite comfortable with them, they may not be willing to make a return to Pine Valley should PP finally decide to “pull it back into the mix.” I will watch OLTL online. I will give them my full support as I hope so many other AMC fans do. I hope you’re right, Cady! Stay with us. We would love it if you would also return to Pine Valley one day!


  2. patsybutler says:

    Is AMCgoing to come back on tv i hope so i miss it alot.


    TripppleP replied

    Before commenting, you should read the article. It will answer your question and will let you know what YOU must do to help. ;)


  3. Cindy says:

    I think she’s right on the money! As an AMC fan, I don’t care if Lucci comes back or not. She is not AMC, all the actors put together are AMC. We have seen many come and go and come back, ie. Cady McClain! While I am fans of the actors and hate to see some of them go, life goes on and you enjoy the story off of their exit. Some stories are good, some aren’t, same as some actors are good and some aren’t. I am a new OLTL fan (about 10 years) whereas I am an AMC fan for the last 35 years and will continue to be if it comes back on! I’m hoping!


  4. Blake says:

    I agree with everything she said! And I am glad that she says to support all the soaps and didn’t knock OLTL.


  5. Pat says:

    I truly think that Cady McClain is right on. When OLTL goes from tv to the internet it has alot to prove to keep it going. This will be the real test if soaps can survive in another form of media….the internet. If OLTL survives on the net and the ratings prove how well this form of new media for soaps is working I think that is when PP will go full steam ahead to bring AMC to the net. It will take time for this to get off the ground and we need to be patient and continue to support PP in their efforts. If it was not for the dedicated fans of AMC and OLTL they would have ended for good. We need to support the soap opera genre so that it doesn’t fade away.


  6. Torrey says:

    I think there is a lot of truth in what she said…..I mean OLTL has been on much sturdier ground than AMC….writing and ratings wise. Plus the fact that so many of the cast members have agreed to sign on. So, it’s a lot easier for PP to start up with OLTL….and I pray that all soap fans will tune in and support OLTL as it makes its transition to the internet. That truly is the best way to show support for not only OLTL, but AMC and all other soaps.

    I personally, would hate to see AMC ride off into the sunset because of any one particular star that is holding the process up. I believe that you get the stars that are eager to sign on, and get the ball rolling…..anyone else who is not interested, we move on and try to make the best out of a tough situation. We all have our favorites, and we would all like to see everyone back, where we have come to expect them, but if that’s not in the cards we can’t morn for those characters for an eternity. I have been watching soaps for many, many years…..and over that timeframe, I have seen some of my favorite characters leave the canvas. Yes, I was sad and angry….and after the initial shock or anger wore off, I continued to watch. We all know that’s the nature of soaps. What I don’t want is to have the ENTIRE SHOW pulled from existence, because of one or two actors that have decided that they have been crushed too much by this process and they don’t want to take a chance with PP. It is their life and they have that right…..And as a fan of soaps, I will be initially bothered by some of the actors’ decisions, BUT I will continue to watch both AMC & OLTL… so, here’s to OLTL having a successful move to the internet….and to AMC hopefully joining them soon after.


  7. Ann says:

    Her/CM’s comments are the same as everyone else- speculations, personal thoughts..
    It is always~ my guess, my guess, my opinion, my opinion, my thoughts, why I see it etc from all who speak up..
    So- once again, no facts as to why about anything.
    Prospect Park holds the facts, no one else. Not even all the soap reporters :)
    It is a combination of things that has put AMC on hold..
    ”my opinion” would be, we need facts and nothing but the facts .


    Mitchell1660 replied

    Being an actress who has worked in soaps for many, many years, I’m sure Cady McClain is speaking from a position of experience. I don’t think she needs to hear from the “horse’s mouth” to draw a logical conclusion. She’s probably right on in what she’s saying.


  8. ethel says:

    i totally agree with every thing that cady said ………………
    in my opinion amc can survive with out the erica kane character – yes she has been there since amc started but one character does not make the show – there are so many other actors/actresses that can keep this soap going – i just hope that prospect park comes to realize that this soap can survive with out erica kane and start to move this project forward………………..


  9. Gerry says:

    I do understand her point, that we all must support Soaps in general in order for the “powers that be” see that there is a soap opera audience out there. I am not a fan of OLTL. I just watched AMC, but when OLTL goes online, I will watch it, or at least play it even if I am not watching it, just so they can see that there is an audience out there. I never got into OLTL, just never held my interest. And I find it hard to believe that their ratings are higher than AMC. But either way, I miss AMC so much and will do whatever I have to to support my soaps. I’m so sick of cooking and reality shows. I don’t know what has happened to tv programming. I am a fan of PanAm and stories like that. That’s what we need more of. I would be happy with them airing it one time a week, like a weekly series, like PanAm, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. Why doesn’t anyone think of that.


    Mitchell1660 replied

    The ratings were definitely higher than AMC. I LOVE AMC and have watched it almost from the beginning, but in the last five or six years, the writing has suffered, storylines were abandoned, characters written off with no explanation. It was getting to be pretty painful to watch, but I stuck it out. OLTL, on the other hand, I got back into with the Babe/Kelly/Bianca babyswitch and it is so much better written and engaging. It’s a shame that AMC won’t be following OLTL to the web, but I’m glad OLTL will continue.


    Gerry replied

    Well, then instead of canning AMC, they should look into just canning the writers and getting better scripts.

  10. mary amos says:

    I think abc has put the soaps on pp’s back knowing it would be hard to fine the money and we would leave abc alone.remember pp has to make a big enough profit to still pay abc even though abc doesn’t want them on there network.Why don’t they just let them go.I still see the trail going back to abc.They want to go away for good.


  11. Harlee says:

    I’m ITA about the situation with Cady about what is going on PP. I have been fighting the good fight since ’09 for GL. I have always preferred CBS soaps but became a fan of AMC in the mid-nineties usually taping episodes. I stopped watching when McTrashy started because I’m not a fan of her writing and what she had done to GL. I came back after ATWT left the airwaves and fought for AMC to survive and thought we fans had accomplished with PP. I’m currently fighting like hell to rid MAB from Y&R because what she has done to this grand old soap. It’s my lone CBS soap left and I have quit watching back in June. I would return in a heartbeat if writing staff is fired to bring back Bill Bell’s vision not this half azz agenda of MAB & cronies. I for one will not support PP if all we get OLTL. I’m not a fan of Ron C and his “Higley” inspired writing style. I do check (dvr) 2-3 days a week. If we get the Fords, Gigi\Stacey, Jack, a dog talking, Look Who’s Talking, time-wrap stories from 1968, and NO Robin Strasser but plenty of newbies …sorry not invested and will support OLTL web’s version. Having said that at times when the vets are front and center with interacting stories Clint, Viki, Blair, Todd, Tea, Bo, Nora etc I will sit and watch and usually very pleased. I for one fought for AMC first and would support PP’s “block” of soaps on the web. I think true AMC has gotten the shaft. This makes me wonder if ABC Daytime and Frons doesn’t secretly have involvement behind the scenes. This way after the announcement if quieted fans down and like ABC their true colors are showing. I will support DOOL because it’s the best soap with true character driven stories right now since the reboot. I’m a new viewer and enjoying all the stories are now on canvas. I will DEFINITELY support Y&R if changes come. But I feel AMC will never come to the web and PP needs eyeballs for OLTL and this fan of AMC won’t show up to the party. I much rather go to YouTube and watch episodes of my favorite soaps to thoroughly enjoy my soaps when soaps were soaps doing character driven stories involving families and social issues with mystery and ROMANCE.


  12. rapido says:

    I totally agree the actors should not be blamed for anything. IMO PP was ill prepared financially to take the shows on. PP wants to save face, diverting attention from themselves. But I do not plan to watch OLTL on line, if it even airs.


  13. Brian says:

    It is very sad to read all the negitive comments…. but do hope the OLTL continues. I will always watch this show, in any platform that it is presented, even if the start up is a pay-per-view platform.


  14. jp says:

    I agree with Cady. No one knows what happened behind closed doors. As others have stated, one character does not make a show. However, most people, whether you watch AMC or not, knew Susan Lucci was Erika Kane of AMC. Perhaps negogiations weren’t going as easy as they had wanted with Lucci. And by all means, I am not placing blame on Lucci at all. It just seems that when PP was able to work out a deal with the legendary Erika Sleazak of OLTL and sign 3 other actors from the show, PP focused their attention on OLTL. I hope OLTL becomes a success online and will lead PP to bring back AMC as well. Remember…AMC and OLTL fans banned together to save our soaps. I truly believe if ABC had only canceled one at a time, we would not be discussing the possiblity of seeing OLTL, AMC or any other soap online. Lets hope this venture will pan out for us all. I am rooting for OLTL to do well and I’m praying AMC fans will get what they deserve as well.


  15. RICKIE says:

    Gotta love Cady McClain!! She’s always been outspoken and eloquently and articulately so. What a fearless lady… I’m sure her comments over the years have rustled a few network feathers, but she’s unafraid to speak up! So reminecent of George Reinholt, Rosemary Prinz, Robin Strasser and other daytime greats who have taken their bosses to task! And as far as Prospect Park is concerned, I believe she is dead-on! Like the rest of corporate America, the networks have gotten greedy with profit margins for their shareholders and top execs — which has led to the growing class chasm in this country. Right on, Cady!!


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