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23 February 22nd, 2013 Cady McClain’s Blog On The Return Of AMC & OLTL: A New Dawn For Daytime!


The multi-talented Cady McClain (Dixie Martin) of All My Children posted a brand new blog today on her website after stepping into the new production offices of Prospect Park’s online revival of the series!  McClain shares her enthusiasm and makes some very valid points as we move soaps from television to the Internet!

Here is what Cady posted:  “First off, a million ‘thank you’s’ to all the folks who have written to me either here on my site or on Facebook or Twitter to tell me how happy and excited they are about All My Children and One Life to Live being brought back from the dead (in pure soap opera style) only to live again on the Internet.

It was thrilling to walk into the production offices today and see so many faces that I have known from behind the scenes. One person said to me, “It’s like coming home” (and I don’t mean like the movie but I had to link to it because it’s just so awesome). Both my fiancee Jon (yeah, that guy I’m cuddling) and I know how meaningful soaps can be – we met on the set of As the World Turns!  Now I can’t imagine my life without him. (Yep, I’m going to marry that man!)

People who work in daytime are a special lot.  It’s hard for me to put my finger on it, but suffice it to say, we work hard, laugh hard, and love hard! Just like you, we are fans of “the stories,” and feel deeply for the characters who act them out. (I get very emotional when I see David Canary, for example). By sharing these stories with you, the audience, I feel like we have become one big, crazy family.  (Just when you thought you’d got out…)

And to answer your question, “Where can I watch them?” I know for a fact you will be able to see them on HULU and iTunes sometime this spring.  As much we are all so excited, some people are feeling a little freaked out about the soaps being on the Internet. A few people have asked me “How am I going to watch them NOW? Why aren’t they on TV? Argh!” This is again, where family comes in.

Do you remember when your aunt or grandma or mom called you into the living room to look at her soap opera on the TV, screaming, “OH MY GOD YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS” and that moment when you frantically queried, “What’s happening? Who is that? TELL ME EVERYTHING!” Well the same thing is going to happen, only now it might be in reverse. Your niece or daughter, or grand daughter might now be the one hollering, “OMG! You’ve got to see this!” while pulling out  her laptop, tablet, or smart phone. It’s not so different: it’s still a generational connection that is going to occur, it’s just coming to you via a different mechanism.

Maybe you are one of those people who are far more web savvy and I say to you, “Bravo! Tell me everything!” I hear you can get something that will hook the Internet up to your TV (one is called Apple TV) so if you NEED to watch it right away through your TV SCREEN, then you will be able to.  THAT SAID, the shows WILL be on cable TV after they have showed on the Internet for awhile. but if you want to be the first to see it… all you need is an internet connection. Yep, I hear it will be FREE.

There are also a lot of people who are talking about certain changes they have heard about and are freaked out by.  I would ask you to keep an open mind.  One of the great things about the Internet (and there are many IMHO) is the fact that there is so much freedom. With that freedom comes a lot of creative opportunity and new choices that the production team can make that they never were allowed to before. Personally, I think that’s exciting!  The possibilities are endless!

Please remember, Agnes Nixon is working on every single story and element. Since she built both OLTL and AMC, I would encourage you to trust in Agnes and go along for the ride!  I mean, c’mon… hasn’t she done pretty great so far?

Finally: Isn’t it just AMAZING that these shows are going to get a chance to continue? I am honored to be a part of this incredible moment in time. #soexcited

So soapers what do you think of Cady’s thoughts in her blog post?  Do you agree to give the new AMC shot with all its differences and similarities, knowing that creator Agnes Nixon is entrenched and involved in the storytelling?  Weigh-in and be a part of this exciting time for the soap opera genre!


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  1. Llanviewer717 says:

    Thank you Cady for this wonderful post. I cannot wait to see all my family from OLTL and have decided to become a regular AMC viewer too. It is so exciting to consider all the possibilities that are open with the stories being on the web instead of the confines of broadcast television. I hope the casts and crews of both shows know they have the complete support of millions of us soap fans.


  2. jim says:

    Great interview. Everything she said makes sense. Hope others realize it too.


  3. su0000 says:

    I am so excited to see both soaps again..
    And being there are on the internet there is sooooo much more freedom of expression.
    Now the soaps won’t be limited to total PG ratings..
    I always knew, without a doubt, the 2 sops would be be returning TV/Cable..
    That is the core of why so many signed back on, they will return to TV/Cable..
    And when on cable, not network, the soaps will still have much more freedom there also to create high exciting drama ..(wink)
    Only problem with cable would be ‘ what level of cable’ would they run on..
    Some cable packages are a lot more money than others..


  4. Torrey says:

    I am so excited about the return of AMC & OLTL! I have to tell you….this goes to show you just how strongly the fans of these two shows felt about the wrongful network cancellation. I can’t think of a time in history where a soap was cancelled and brought back to life….I could be wrong, but I just don’t know of it. This has been a fierce fight, and I personally think the fans of AMC & OLTL should rejoice, rather than spend so much time complaining/or worrying about how they wish they were on television. I don’t think things will ever be the same, but lets give this a chance before we turn our backs on it. Some change can be a good thing. You seriously can’t complain about the shows not being available to watch on tv, and then when they are brought back to life….complain about the way you will have to view them….lol

    I’m thrilled, and have never been more anxious for Spring to arrive. I can’t wait to see my family back in Pine Valley and especially LLanview. My Apple TV is ready and waiting. ; )


  5. Derek says:

    Omg, just knowing that Agnes will be involved in every story makes me beyond excited! I trust in her to make our shows the best they possibly can be!


    SZima replied

    Agnes being involved is the ONLY reason I will give these shows a chance.
    I was never a Dixie fan, so I wouldn’t watch just because she’s coming on.


  6. Jen says:

    I get so excited reading these posts and can’t can’t can’t WAIT for them to air!!!! And I also believe tha the greater freedom that the internet allows is also an exciting new chapter, especially if that means the possibility of seeing Tuc Watkins in any state of undress :) ))


    c l h replied

    Another thing some may not have realized yet about the new format is this:




  7. Blake says:

    If Cady is excited about it then I think we all should be! And the fact that Agnes is involved in all of the stories makes it even better!


  8. Carle Wells says:

    Hello Cady: I am so happy that this is finally coming together. It will be so nice to see you and all the other cast of AMC back even if it is online. I love hearing your voice and that beautiful smile of yours. Wishing you, Tad and all the crew the best of luck in all your endures. Thank God for the lovely Agnis Nixon. She is a very lovely and fine lady. My best to all of you and I pray that we all can be one big happy family again. With love, your fan and friend always. Carle Wells!


  9. lenafreed says:

    I am thrilled that AMC and OLTL are coming back! I am very excited that the writers will be allowed more freedom to tell realistic stories. I love that Eden is returning as Bianca and hope she will become a permanent cast member.
    I hope this is the beginning of a renaissance for my beloved serial dramas. I have watched soaps since I was 4 years old and when a show is on 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, the characters become like part of your family – there simply is nothing else like it!


  10. Shirley Handy says:

    When I go to the HULU website it says it cost 7.99 a month. Do we have to pay to see the soaps are is this free. I hope there is a code we input to bypass the $7.99 charge. Please let us know what we should do. Also what cable channel will the shows be on when they are not showing on the internet. Today is Feb 23rd so if you start the series on Feb 25th please give us a heads up. I’m extremely happy the soaps are back, can’t wait for the excitement to began. Thank you


    Michael replied

    Shirley- the $7.99 monthly charge is for Hulu Plus. This is a premium version of Hulu that provides additional viewing opportunities than regular Hulu. You can watch entire seasons of your favorite shows. Hulu Plus contains little or no commercials.


    c l h replied

    the 7.99 is for hulu plus. base hulu is free.


    scott replied

    They starr filming the 25th not going to air till april or may. There is hulu and hulu plus . Hulu is free hulu plus has a monthy fee of 7.99


  11. Val says:

    AMC begins taping on Monday, with new episodes posted online at the Hulu site probably sometime in April. If you prefer to watch for free on the computer, then you’re all set. If you prefer to have AMC streamed directly to your Internet-ready TV, smartphone, or tablet in addition to the computer, then you can subscribe to Hulu Plus for $7.99/month. A cable channel to air AMC hasn’t been determined yet.


    Johnny replied

    I will happily pay the fee for HULU Plus of the modest 7.99/mo so that I can watch it through my ROKU device which is hooked up to my TV via the Internet. I’m not happy unless I’m propped up in bed watching my characters go at it LoL – honestly, I hardly EVER watch regular broadcast TV anymore, I can do without being bombarded with endless tv commercials.


  12. danicajolie says:

    I am thrilled they are coming back. I will watch OLTL anywhere they put it. If Agnes Nixon wasn’t on board I would be much more concerned, but with her a part of it, I know its going to be great. She is one of the queens of our “stories”!


  13. The_HugoBoss says:

    I’ve been saying this for months, but I LOVE that she took the time out of her life just reach out an address the doubters concerns. I personally love the character of Dixie. But regardless of your feelings about the character, there’s no denying that Cady is one class act!!! As passionate as she’s always been about the quality of daytime, I just find solice in her words and support. lol. Just reminds me to relax and know everything is going to go great for these two groundbreaking daytime dramas.


  14. CTwildheart says:

    The fact that Agnes is involved is the number one reason I will be watching.
    I am VERY excited to see my Pine Valley and One Life to Live families again.


  15. Sandy says:

    It’s going to be great! Just wait and see. Stop with the worrying, everything will fall right into place and we are all going to be thrilled and let’s not forget how very fortunate we are to have our show back! It really is fantastic!!!!!


  16. Patrick says:

    Thank you Ms. McClean for your thoughtful, beautiful post. Your words were heartfelt and heard by many. This is simply a change in our journey and it is up to us more computer savvy people to show our moms and grandparents how to view these stories as they introduced us to the stories as we came in from school, had a snow day or a summer off. See you in Pine Valley , Dixie!


  17. Peggy Hegner says:

    You can bet I’ll be watching! This is like getting a part of my life back! All My Children was a constant in my life from the first day it aired until it’s last day on ABC! I’m thrilled that it’s coming back!


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