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14 July 11th, 2011 Cameron Mathison on AMC’s new life; plus: Is Kelly Ripa returning?

Courtesy: Steven Bergman

Nelson Branco spoke with All My Children’s Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) for the new edition of Hello! Canada about the sweeping changes in the daytime landscape that will affect Pine Valley residents and their legions of fans.  And during the conversation, he  gathered some interesting quotes that he shared exclusively with On-Air On-Soaps! Check out the Mathison interview piece below.

Mathison on AMC’s new life; plus: Is Kelly Ripa returning?

The moral of 2011? Don’t mess with a soap fan, especially if they are an ABC daytime viewer.  In a year where we saw General Hospital star Becky Herbst’s firing reversed due to a large public outcry (which rarely ever happens anymore in these post-modern times), mobilized and organized fans roared in fury and disgust after the alphabet network canceled All My Children and One Life to Live on the same day this past spring, but few thought the two venerable sudsers would be saved despite advertiser Hoover immediately pulling ads from the entire net.

And you can include AMC’s top hunk Cameron Mathison in the understandable cynicism. But hope sprung eternal when last week ABC confirmed that Prospect Park Studios have acquired the licensing rights to continue AMC and One Life past their televised finales on Sept. 23, and January 20, 2012, respectively, in a new online network. No other details were available at press time and many industry insiders are still left feeling very skeptical.

However, Mathison is taking the win regardless, enthusing to On-Air On-Soaps: “I was definitely one of the people who didn’t think the soaps would be saved. It’s true: don’t mess with the power of an ABC soap fan! From what I understand, I hear Prospect wasn’t the only game bidding on these brands — there were other offers on the table because the fan reaction really proved how valuable these brands still are. Again, this buzz is all word of mouth but it’s still awesome. I’m really, really curious how it’s all going to work out in an online world.” Having said that, AMC’s depressing TV cancellation still hasn’t sunk in for the Canadian native! “To be honest, no, it still hasn’t sunk in. In my mind, I’m accepting the decision and acting appropriately, but in my heart, I can’t imagine not playing Ryan anymore.”

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

As for AMC’s future, Mathison tells Hello! Canada in an upcoming interview this Thursday: “I think it’s awesome! I really think this miracle was fan driven. The fans rallied to save these brands. We were all equally shocked with the news that these shows would live on. But it seems legit. I’m not sure how it’s going to work budget-wise because these are expensive shows. I don’t know how they will pull it off. We’re all trying to piece it together. It’s hard to sit in front of a computer for an hour, so maybe they’ll trim down the content. Who knows?”

Adding to the ambiguity is the fact that the AMC studio has been dark for a few weeks. “Everyone’s calling everyone but there are no firm answers yet,” relays Mathison.  But that didn’t stop my questions: Will current co-head writers Lorraine Broderick and creator Agnes Nixon pen the online version of AMC? “I don’t know,” he answers. “I do know that Prospect is making calls to the right people. I probably shouldn’t say too much right now. I don’t believe the actors have been contacted yet but they are reaching out.”

But what are the chances that Pine Valley can exist without Erica Kane should Susan Lucci not re-sign? “No, I don’t think they’ve spoken to Susan yet, or any of us,” he relays. “As a cast, we’re all curious about the prospect [no pun intended]. It really depends on whether or not you want to do an online show. There are many variables. We’ll see. It’s too early to tell what will happen but it sounds like they’re really trying to produce this with the same quality has before.”

Could an online version of AMC debut the Monday after its Friday, Sept. 23 finale? “It could,” he hesitates. “But that would be a quick turnaround! They have to renegotiate with everyone. There are no unions online, right? They have to find a non-union crew, but if they can do it, they should.”

Right now, the part-time Good Morning America correspondent is busy with his other day job: he’s currently in New York City taping segments for the morning show – and is interviewing Pine Nuts alum Kim Delaney today for an upcoming TV Guide Network AMC reunion special.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

But he’s also gearing up to tape his final scenes in a few weeks before the sudser leaves the airwaves on Sept. 23. “A lot of actors have come back, including Eva La Rue, Josh Duhamel and I think Kelly Ripa is returning as well. I like how they’re wrapping up my character. When I heard Josh was coming back, an idea popped into my head so I talked to Lorraine and Julie Hanan Carruthers. At first they weren’t going to do it, but now they are! I’m really happy with Ryan’s end story. It’s going to be good.”

With online soaps not in direct competition with network serials, would the uber-popular Mathison consider joining a rival soap? “Whatever happens, I’d like to do another soap regardless.”

- Nelson Branco

So where would you like to see Cameron Mathison end up? Continue on as Ryan as AMC  moves online? Or, on to another soap?  Let us know!

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  1. Chris Smith says:

    I would love for Mathison to leave AMC and join a soap on another network.


  2. Brian T says:

    He will always be Ryan to me and I hope he stays with along with most of the cast. If he did go to another soap I would like it to be DOOL. Maybe he could be Eric Brady recast!


    Sophia replied

    Sorry Mathison, but Ryan sucks, and I would love to see him killed off of AMC. Rylee has ruined AMC for me.


  3. richard says:

    I started reading part of this and I had to stop–the bile was coming back in my mouth–Why after all these years do people think that Cameron Mat is the spokesperson for AMC? He is the worst actor on AMC and has been for years–yet he is treated like some kind of God. He gets to pick and choose his storylines? Imagione that–and people wonder why the storylines are so predictable and god awful especially when Ryan headlines almost every single story. This really does not bode well with quite a few fans. For someone who had so little faith and continued to kiss the PTB ass–this interview is too little too late. I truly pray to god that they don’t ask him back to the Valley.


  4. Catie says:

    I’m not interested in seeing Cameron Mathison continue with AMC as the scumbag hypocrite hero Ryan Lavery. Ryan has sucked the life out of AMC way too long. I was hoping to get a rest from Ryan & his disgusting butterfly Greenlee. NO wonder AMC is cancelled on TV. CamMat get to choose his on storyline? Why? Who in the hell is he to get those kind of privileges?


  5. Jill says:

    Grrr. I am a fan of Cameron’s but I agree maybe has been put into a postion as kind of a spokesperson-fair or not that is the way it is, but the article did NOT say he got to choose his storyline-it said he had an idea that he took to the writers. I am a future business owner and I would want my workers to bring my ideas to me, some will be used and some won’t. My guess is that everyone takes ideas to the writers, but not all are used. Do you really think the writers are the only ones who have emotional ties to these stories and are the only ones who can come up with ideas? Writing is hard and ideas come from everywhere.


  6. Peggy Hegner says:

    I hope Cameron/Ryan and most of the cast make the move to online. Times are changing, and as a day one viewer, I’m willing to watch AMC anytime, anywhere. I’m so happy the show is being saved. We need the long-time characters to stay or it won’t be the same show. Cameron is a mainstay, and I will miss him if he leaves.


  7. Leah says:

    I’m not interested in seeing Cameron continue to play deadbeat Ryan Lavery. I hope Prospect Park get rid of Ryan. This character is played out. No way will I pay for AMC on the web, and be forced to endure the Rylee puke. If I’m going to give my money or time to a web show. It had better be with characters that I like and want to see on AMC, and not characters that make be cringe at the sight of them like Ryan does.


  8. Sue says:

    Wow, you guys are flat out mean. Ryan is an excellent actor and he seems like a very nice person, he did not write his story lines, who knows, maybe his idea for Ryan’s story line will be better. In any case, Cameron, we fans (except for the ones above) really do love you and hope you stay on as Ryan, AMC would not be the same without you!!! As a member of many facebook pages who have worked so hard every day, writing, calling, emailing, and collecting coupons, we are so happy to see AMC anywhere and will gladly pay to keep seeing it. I have been watching since I was a kid, over thirty years. Thank you Prospect Park for saving these iconic shows!!


  9. Marilyn says:

    I always said their was a big payoff to Cmeron. Sounds like he’s been reading the blogs and still has no conscience of how much he is hated. He said he’d like to go to another soap – well buh-bye bug eyes. Do your thing elsewhere. Don’t you know how much dislike there is for you? You must be pretty stupid not to realize everyone wants you killed off.


  10. boes says:

    I hope Cam all the best – far, far away from AMC. The Ryan Lavery character has been an unmitigated disaster for the show. And CM might very well be a nice guy but he’s not a very good actor. He does much better on shows like GMA and would make an excellent replacement for Regis.

    But NO MORE ACTING. It’s just too painful


  11. avrielle corti says:

    I love Ryan or Cameron. I’ll follow the soap he goes to.
    Don’t say goodbye!!!


  12. Pixie says:

    I would like to see Cameron as a lead in a well written movie. However, if he prefers playing in soaps, I hope Prospect Park will continue AMC, as I have been a fan for years, they are my on screen second family.


  13. Classic says:

    AMC used to be a good….no, a great soap from the 70′s to whenever the charcter Ryan came on. I’m sure he may be a very nice guy personally, but wow….he is the worst actor I’ve ever seen. I got so tired of PV centered around him. I watched the show from 1980 to the mid-late 90′s, when he came on the show. So I was in no way just a casual fan.

    Periodically until it’s cancellation I would try to force myself to watch it just for Adam and some of the better characters. I just couldn’t stand it though – Ryan’s facial expressions and speech patterns were just to much to watch. And when he was on 40 minutes of an hour show seemingly everday it made it worse. AMC abandoned the legacy characters for him. The legacy characters were the root and heart of the show. Bad writing sure didn’t help matters. The show just became so stupid. Women always dressed in short dresses every day of the week, like they are going to some high school dance and the guys never seemed to have jobs except JR, Jackson and Dr’s.

    I consider myself a true AMC fan, but when Ryan and others like him (Greenlee, Kendall, etc) entered the show, it was just no longer AMC. Although technically AMC got cancelled last year, the real AMC was over when these changes started happening. It needed to go.


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