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1 August 7th, 2011 Cameron Mathison takes ET Canada on one final visit to the set of AMC – Watch the Video!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Entertainment Tonight Canada followed their favorite Canadian son, Cameron Mathison (Ryan) to the set of All My Children in Los Angeles for one final set tour before the show goes off network television on September 23rd.  And, what we loved about this was how funny Mathison was throughout the set tour with the cameras of ET Canada following him!

From a tour of the hospital set and the hospital medical cabinet, to Confusion, to testing the furniture inside the sets, Cameron had a really good time with this.

Of course, their were the bittersweet moments, too,  when ET Canada asked the star,  how it will feel when the show comes to an ends.  But as you will see, Cameron is excited about the future, and very intrigued by the annoucement of the series moving online via Prospect Park.

Watch Cameron in the ET Canada segment after the jump!

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    I think Cameron would be good at anything he does. He seems to be a very happy, kind and caring person. Sure he would be a great host too, but we want to keep him right where he is now. On AMC!


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