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20 January 7th, 2013 Cameron Mathison Tweets That He Hopes To Be Part Of The Revival Of All My Children … Schedule Permitting!

Courtesy: Steven Bergman

Cameron Mathison took to Twitter to respond to fans and followers who were asking him, if he would indeed be part of the All My Children reboot via Prospect Park!  Mathison played Ryan Lavery from 1998 to 2011 until the series concluded on ABC Daytime.

As with many other performers from the original casts of AMC and OLTL, availability at this time could be an issue as actors are busy and committed to other projects.

However, Mathison tweeted the following:  “I’m thrilled for All My Children & OLTL fans that the shows seem to b making a comeback online. Nice job guys:) 4 those asking, I’m not sure if I’ll be part of the new AMC. I’m lucky to be working these days, so I’m working on the scheduling:) Hope so!”

So, do you hope Cameron can sign on to be with the reboot of AMC? Let us know!

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  1. TRW says:

    Im sure for some actors they will allow recurring status…


    Patrick replied

    LOL… this is too funny….. “…they will allow recurring status.”

    LOL… don’t question your belonging…

    some hunks and starlets … are TOO much.

    does this mean that ya’ll can ease up on my Rafe now?


    TRW replied

    No Rafe is still horrible.

  2. David Jones says:

    I hope we get as much cast back as possible even those I can do without.


  3. MBmomof3 says:

    I think it would be good for AMC & the fans, but…please, Ryan Lavery in small doses.


    Johnny replied

    LoL have to agree with that comment – a little of him goes a long way. To be honest, at times the show dragged here and there with the endless triangle of Ryan, Greenlee and Kendall. The show was great back in the days of Kate Collins as Natalie and her crazy “twin” sister Janet – of course that was back in the 90′s but they really really need to get strong actors like Kate Collins and others of her caliber to get the show on track. They cannot just cast pretty faces and center it around those people, we all know that just won’t work.


  4. boes says:

    The character of Ryan Lavery – mainly the overexposure of this character was one of the reasons AMC declined in quality so badly these last 10 years.

    I wish him continued success – somewhere OTHER than AMC.


    Torrey replied

    So agree with you. The character of Ryan Lavery only worked when Gillian was alive and still on the show….after they wrote her off, he bounced around from woman to woman, ruining each female character he came in contact with. Annie was normal until she got mixed up with Ryan….


    Katie replied

    Ryan and Zak were the only 2 worth watching on AMC. How do you know Annie was normal – she was a new character. I hope Erica is NOT coming back. Tired of Greenlee coming and going – stay gone too! Give Jack a better part with some backbone – tired of him being Erica’s doormat! Keep Kendall and Bianca. Tad is good. Krystal was good, but they changed her personality – she was great when she first came on.

    Katie replied

    and Dr. Griffin too – love him!

    Torrey replied

    @ Katie, because when she came on she was a single parent, taking care of her daughter, and she was stable. Ryan pursued her, and soon after she got mixed up with Ryan, the writers turned her into this looney cartoon character. Just like they did with Greenlee when she was played by the other actress, Sabine Sigh she went nuts because of Ryan, when she came back into town and tried to get back with him….which led to that whole horrible story of kidnapping Spike and him ending up deaf from the car accident. Or how Madison North got screwed over by Ryan….Let’s face it, Ryan has a trail of tears following him when it comes to women.

  5. Elhu says:

    I hope Cameron can fit AMC into his schedule. I am sure scheduling/rounding up all of the original actors might be the toughest hurdle, but I trust it will all work out. I am happy to see that so many were able to find work, which is most important, but I am hopeful many will be able to be involved in AMC and OLTL again!!!


  6. Torrey says:

    I can do without Ryan Lavery showing back up into Pine Valley…..The last few years of AMC were ruined by too much exposure of Ryan Lavery and his buffoonery.


    marfa wanger replied

    Torrey, agree, and he is the reason I stopped watching AMC. He is nauseating.


  7. Shirley Sharp says:

    Hopefully we will get to see him .


  8. David says:

    One of my least favorites, and so many have signed on, but not him. Is he fishing? If so, small doses of him would be in order.


  9. Lynne says:

    Oh yes, Ryan I love him and miss him alot on all my children. That would be great if he came back. I just cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Katie says:

    Love Ryan! Miss seeing Cameron’s face everyday – been too long. Keep hoping he shows up on GH! Please don’t take John McBain off GH


  11. Tad says:

    I am not sure what Prospect Park is trying to do. First, I hear they are trying to get the younger crowd well these actors are all over 40 if not 50 in some cases other than Lindsay and Jordi. Nothing agains tAngie and Jesse but both actors are over 50 it seems with limited budget young african americans would be better suited. Susan Lucci is needed for continuity at the very least and she was or is AMC. Even a limited role she atleast helps the show gets PR and is a big part of the branding of AMC. OTherwise you have a show called AMC without the show. Love or hate AMC you need ERICA KANE.


  12. Kay says:

    Would love it if he can do the reboot. Ryan was one of my favorites. If they can’t get more of the original cast who played central characters to sign on, the reboot probably won’t last. So far they have Dixie but no Tad, Zach but no Kendal, David, Jesse and Angie. Erica and Adam are recurring, which is at least something. JR is a recast and the other cast members signed on, honestly played background characters.


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