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18 December 16th, 2014 Camila Banus Makes A Return To DAYS!

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Looks like some of her extended family will be bringing some holiday cheer to prison when Gabi Hernandez returns to the canvas of Days of our Lives on the December 22nd episode.

Actress Camila Banus, who was last seen on-air back in June of this year, when Gabi went to jail for killing Nick Fallon, tweeted the news that has made the rounds confirming her return stating, “So the news is out! I will be back on Days on December 22!”

In story, look for Gabi’s brother Rafe (Galen Gering), and her daughter Arianna and baby daddy Will (Guy Wilson) to visit her.  Seems Gabi is down in the dumps and so too is Rafe and Will for that matter! Both gents are certainly having issues in the love department.

So, looking forward to seeing Camila?  Comment below!

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  1. Lily says:

    Love that Days is bringing back Gabi for an episode! What a fun Christmas surprise for fans. I can’t wait to see her with baby Ari and big brother Rafe!


  2. Iakovos says:

    Even with the character off the canvas, good for DAYS to keep the Ms. Banus engaged and note her connections to Salem at the holidays. So many times, serials spin away characters and, on occasions when it makes sense to have them present in some way, they are not. I am sure this is never easy to do, but again… good for DAYS. This is why soaps worm their way into our hearts. They are like extended family. AS THE WORLD TURNS was awesome in this way. Found DAYS after all those cancellations and am liking it very much.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Its good to see her make a guest appearance and not have Gabi disapear and forgotten like other Days characters…


    Jamesj75 replied

    I agree with you, jimh! Plus, it gives Rafe something to do!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Im hoping Rafe and Hope become a couple…i think Aiden doesnt have many ‘DAYS’ ahead…its obvious he is going to do something like kill Bree and when Hope finds out he’ll try to harm her and Rafe, if not Bo, will come to her rescue…its what i now ‘HOPE’ for!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    Jim, that makes total sense to me. I would like to see that, too. I actually liked Rafe with Sami and with Kate, but not with Jordan. So I am all for Rafe having some storyline. Your idea of having Rafe paired with Hope is a terrific one!

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

  4. louisa says:

    Great news! Looking forward to seeing her again.


  5. Melissa says:

    I am so glad to see her she is a great actress! when she was dealing with the Nick story she was great crying it looked so real!


  6. LeeAnn says:

    This will be great! Maybe she can smack Will and Sonny around so they straighten up. Ari needs a stable family and right now she doesn’t have one with the boys. Gabi will have to have a talk with them. ;)


  7. damien says:

    days fans are so starved for a familiar face in all the bad new characters and recasts, jordan , clyde , nuchad, nuwill,; that even a brief return by a b character like gabby is cause for a celebration.
    considering the brutal shape days is in right now with budgets will rafe be visiting gabe in the prison garden that resembles salem park where every scene currently takes place in?


    Gary Turner replied

    LoL – yes every scene or every OTHER scene at least takes place in the fake leaf park. Did you see the other day when Nicole was in the fake leaf park and a “gust of wind” scattered some papers – I thought, wow, an actual breeze in the fake leaf park where no one’s hair is ever out of place. The only thing missing was the Prop man holding a portable Fan.
    How many sets do they have on Days of Our Lives….3?


    Me replied

    There was a breeze in the fake leaf park?! Seriously?! And I missed it, omg! I haven’t watched this show ever since fake Will aired.

    Jim Nelson replied

    Yes I too was surprised that there was a breeze in the fake leaf park….when one is in Salem, you have a choice of three places to go:

    1. Brady’s Pub (for lunch, coffee, dinner, breakfast, ice cream)

    2. The fake Leaf Park where people confess out loud to murders

    3. The Hospital


  8. Deb Sheppard says:

    I wish they would bring Gabi back. She was always such a sweet character Ari would have her mom too instead of Will and Sonny who are becoming a mess and boring


  9. Amanda Caudill says:

    Can’t wait I just wish it was longer than one episode


    Linda Ambrose replied

    I think Gabi should come back permanently. I miss her on the show. I think it’s wonderful
    that she will be back for Christmas.


  10. sheryl says:

    By bother with this show at all rafe. Boring..too goodie….nuchad and nu will so ugly IMO…can’t watch wills eyes try to portray any emotion and all we get is a blank starring odd look.,nu chad please he hasn’t the stature…old chad given time and a love interest that is the always yucky and crying Melissa and that frozen…not hot yapragail. Who would really want that teeny bopper mess?… Then you have Clyde…not bad looking but he killed my EJ….he should get killed by Kristen when they find out he killed ej….then you have Horton ladies all they can do is cry…be self-righteous…. Then cry and stamp their feet when their men run off and find a real women who can do more then make bad faces to simulate passion….then the holy bradys that have done everything they accuse the demeras especially ej…yet they stiil won’t take responsibility or their actions while pointing the fingers and judging everyone else guilty…I started watching this show when my atwt and gl….went off after seeing ej….I tuned in…I. Only like that dust in the wind …I wi!all never commit to ej..,if I can have rate the bore but acceptable to family man…ej rocked for all of his badness he actually ELT and had real emotions and actions…. No one could even both to say sorry for his loss at his sisters funeral they ignored him while he had to stand in the corner with sami…then he leaves so what is their to watch….Dr. Dan with the smug god complex…. The Tweeny’s in college lusting for mom and daughter…the witch from hell making Brady the wimps life unliveable? Just watch utube and watch the old days…ej…demers….kiriacis…sic…..they are interesting not the tripe and group of fledgling bad actors they have now



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