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10 November 13th, 2012 Can GH’s Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy Survive Tonight’s Double Elimination On DWTS All-Stars?


Tonight is a nail-biter for all of the remaining couples who have given their all on the hit ballroom dance competition Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars.   Last night, General Hospital fan favorite Kelly Monaco (Kelly Monaco) took to the floor with her dance partner, Val Chemerkovskiy to perform the Viennese waltz, and later in the night returned to the floor with Val and dancer, Louis Van Amstel for a trio dance performance.

After performing her two routines Monaco spoke with ABC Soaps In Depth where she admitted, “I worked really hard for the Viennese waltz, and I think I improved tremendously from when we started on Tuesday to tonight. I’m satisfied with my performance.”

Kelly paid a special nod to all of her fans who have been instrumental to keeping her and Val in the running thus far for the Mirror Ball Trophy. “I know that fans are supporting us as well.  If they could be in the audience every week, they would. I feel that. I know that stepping out on the floor. When I see those cameras pass by I see all their faces. I know a lot of their faces and I interact with them on Twitter and whatever social media outlets there are. I feel like I’m looking at all their faces when I’m out there.”

At the end of the night’s competition, which combined the scores from last week and last night, Melissa Rycroft and her partner Tony Dovoloni are at the top of the leaderboard with a total of 99 points, while Kirstie Alley and Max Chermkovskiy are at the bottom with 79.  But as has been proven week after week, having the highest or lowest total means nothing if the public does not turn out to vote to keep their couple in the running.

So soapers, who do you think will be sent home in tonight’s double elimination on the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars Results Show? Let us know!

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  1. Sal Piscioneri says:

    she has been great and the Judges have been very critical of her the whole season…………she will fair well because she truly is a star…………outside of Kirstie and Giles……………the true stars always shine the best because they have no prior training in dance.


    Ellen replied

    I totally agree Sal. The judges are so darn hard on Val and Kelly, and it is so blatently obvious. They speak nicely to them and compliment their performance, then they proceed to give them scores that do not reflect the performance. Am I a fan of Kelly and Val – yes, but am I blinded by that – no, I rate the couples based on their performances, not on who is my favorite. Tony and Melissa blew it out of the water last night, and deserve that top spot, and she also does not have any prior dance or gymnastic experience, so kudos to them as well. Is Kirstie in the league of the others – no, but I give her so much credit for keeping up with them at her age, etc. I wish everyone the best of luck, but my fingers are crossed for Val and Kelly who deserve to stay for sure.


  2. Jules says:

    Emmit and Kirsty need to go. I like both, but Emmit clearly had lost his spark from season 3 and Kirsty just isn’t as good as the others.

    Kelly did a good job yesterday. I agreed with both her scores. Loved that she chose Louis as the 3rd dancer. He’s awesome.


    Ces replied

    totally agree about Emmit and Kirstie – I like both of them as people and Emmitt is good but Kirstie is basically there because of her fans/comic relief. The rest of the group are just awesome though… I have a feeling Melissa Rycroft may take it all or Shawn Johnson.


  3. Susan says:

    I voted. And voted. And voted! Kelly really is GOOD – and deserves to be there! I don’t feel connected AT ALL to Emmit or Apolo. Kirstie is not as good – but she makes me laugh out load every week! I want a Kelly, Gilles & Melissa Final!


  4. Gloria E says:

    I voted for you Kelly!!! as many times as I was allowed on both my phones!! Hope she makes it too the finals…I think she is doing great for not being a trained dancer…!!! Melissa is a trained dancer so of course these routines are easier for her..jmo..


  5. SZima says:

    Kirstie really needs to go…should have gone weeks ago!
    Apolo is the next lowest and should go, but I’d rather Emmitt go before him.
    Hopefully the fans will keep Kelly and Val. They are tied for third, but that doesn’t mean much as we have seen in previous weeks.


  6. susan M. says:

    I wish Kelly the best of everything!!!! I hope she comes out being a winner!



    I voted for Kelly! KELLY IS GREAT!


  8. Elhu says:

    So happy Kelly and Val made it through, as they so deserved too. Sorry to see Gilles go, as imo, he did not deserve to go either. Looking forward to next week. Good Luck Kelly and Val.


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