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11 October 4th, 2010 Carolyn Hinsey’s Tell-All: “Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter” due out in 2011

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Big news today, when TV Guide exclusively announced that Carolyn Hinsey, long-time noted soap opera journalist and columnist (Soap Opera Digest and the New York Daily News) has a new tell-all book coming out that should rip the lid off of some of the backstage drama that soap fans will want the real inside scoop on.  Hinsey teased TV Guide with a few nuggets from her book titled: Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter scheduled for release in 2011.

Hinsey stated:”Guiding Light wasn’t canceled, it was murdered. After 20 years covering this crazy genre, I know where the bodies are buried. I think fans would be more understanding of certain changes if they knew an actor was let go, for example, because he was too drunk to remember his lines. By the same token, when All My Children mangles its negotiations with big stars like Eden Riegel [Bianca] and Thorsten Kaye [Zach], they deserve to know that, too.”

TV Guide also mentions that, “Along with that wisdom and advice, Hinsey promises heavy doses of scandal and dish.” Hinsey elaborated, “‘I plan to put a light on the entire industry from a loving, informed place. The roaches will scatter, and the stars will shine.”

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  1. dinah says:

    Carolyn is great


  2. Charles says:

    This should be a great read. Noticed already has it available for pre-order. I am hoping she sheds light, and lots of it, on Brian Frons and his involvement with all three ABC soaps, particularly One Life To Live and why they are preceived (rightfully so, I think) as the red headed step child. I am curious what really happened with KISH, why there is no promo for OLTL and why the vets are sacrified in favor of the younger, newer actors. Also hope to find out what happened to some really big soap faves (Bobbie Spencer on GH, I think Jacqueline Zeaman is her name. Same with Lucy Coe on GH, played by Lynn Herring. Dicie, Cady McClain, on AMC. ) The truth about Robin Strasser and ger past diva-like behavior; Victoria RowelI and what castmates think, etc. I could go on and on. Hope the book addresses all this and more. This book could be explosive!


    bottomchef replied

    You don’t need her book to get info on Strasser’s diva behavior. She had a hotline where she bashed OLTL routinely, and she was still on OLTL at that time. Talk abt being professional! I don’t think OLTL is that “red headed step child” that some soap bloggers depict it as such. Zimmer joined it. They moved to AMC’s studios. They’re going HD. B&B isn’t even in HD, and it has much higher ratings than OLTL, w/o even factoring in B&B’s global ratings. If anything, the portrayal of OLTL as being “neglected” by ABCD and Frons is questionable. As for Kish, there was such a brouhaha abt their axing. There were months of reporting abt it from the soap press or places like afterelton, w/c only report on lgbtq aspects of soaps and know nothing abt Daytime. Yet OLTL axed more racial minorities, and continues to do so, w/ Terrell Tilford. Yet there’s not a squeak or complaint abt the “ethnic cleansing” on OLTL.


    Charles replied

    I am only vaguely familiar with Robin’s antics that you spoke of. I know that she is a great actress and OLTL is lucky to have her.

    In terms of ABC soaps, I think it is hard to argue that OLTL receives the same treatment as AMC and GH. They do not get even half the promotion as the other two shows.

    I agree that OLTL has let some really good actors go, a few that I would have loved to see stick around. Terrell Tilford is not one of them. My guess is there not any issue over his being let go because his acting was not up to par, and that became very obvious to viewers as his role increased with the Eli storyline. This particular action. I think was justified in regards to TT.

    bottomchef replied

    But Charles: if acting talent was the basis for letting go of an actor, then David Gregory should have been fired months ago! He’s awful, but instead, they’ve actually built a family around his char! OLTL seems heavily invested in the Fords and not in their racial minority chars. They even gave the Ford brothers a sauna sequence w/ an incestuous vibe. If acting talent was the only basis for soap actors, then many of the younger actors and some of the older actors on soaps would not even be hired. This is true for all soaps. As for promotion, it’s already grating how people act like ABCD never promotes OLTL. They ripped of Glee, arguably 1 of the most buzzed abt shows ever, and had them sing on The View. But AMC and GH get more buzz bec they had more going for them recently. AMC had the move to LA, the retirement of Canary, the returns of Budig, Barr, etc. Nouri joined as Caleb. And then GH of course had Franco and Vanessa Marcil’s return.

  3. Lulu says:

    Rick Springfield has a book out on October 14 that should have some GH dish.


  4. anonymous says:

    If she’s going to share behind the scenes stuff I hope its all both relevant and true and none of it is an excuse to spread nasty things about people she holds grudges against. I don’t know enough about Hinsey to know whether or not thats her style but its a common enough practice in the entertainment industry.


  5. anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t trust Ms. Hinsey when she say she is coming from a “loving, informed place”. In the past I have noticed that she plays favorites when it comes to soap stars (Thorsten Kaye) and trashes others for no good reason. The only stars that will be shining will be the ones that she wants to shine.


    bottomchef replied

    Of course she name dropped Thorsten Kaye. I bet she’ll be completely unbiased abt him. LOL! I agree w/ everything you wrote. People should consider the source whenever they read abt Daytime. I think Michael Logan is probably the most unbiased. I think he mentioned in a Daytime Confidential podcast that he wasn’t invited to ATWT’s finale. Yet in that same podcast he praised Goutman and ATWT for everything they did up to the finale.


  6. bottomchef says:

    I disagree w/ Hinsey that the audience will choose to come back to soaps over reality shows bec soaps are “like a beloved family member”. If any person feels like soaps or the chars on soaps are like family members, then your family must be completely nutty. LOL. More importantly, reality shows have basically appropriated what soaps (used to) do best, but beat them at their own game. The examples are numerous. How can scheming Daytime villains compare to Project Runway’s Santino or ANTM’s bitches Jade, Bianca, Renee, etc? How can the infidelity and betrayal of soaps compete w/ the drama of an episode of Cheaters, w/c has shown a woman in a short skirt jumping on the hood of a car to stop her lover from leaving her, a drive by slapping between 2 men, a gay guy pushing his shirtless, unfaithful partner into a lake, a gay guy ripping off the wig of his cheating boytoy in drag and an actual wedding being halted by a jilted girlfriend? People get instant gratification in a single ep, w/c portrays all the drama of an infidelity arc on a soap. The difference is that soaps would need to build that storyline for weeks or even months. How can soaps compete w/ the real catfights on Bravo? Can any soap catfight top the reunion where 1 of the NJ housewives threw the gay host to his chair? Can any Daytime catfight top the wig pulling on housewives of Atlanta? How can the wacky, over the top chars of soaps compare to the trashiness and tackiness of the media whore housewives of ny? Can any alcoholic outburst on Daytime compare to the overtanned drunks from the Jersey shore? Reality shows borrowed what soaps do, but brought them to a whole new level of outrageousness. Heck even former Daytime actors have their own reality shows. People are getting elsewhere what they used to get only from the soaps.


  7. Eric says:

    I used to enjoy watching ‘As the World Turns’ and ‘Guiding Light’. I believe CBS (along with P&G) made the worst mistake of ending its long-running soaps. I’ve taken notice that we’re in the midst of (what can be labled as) a “reality TV over-load”. I don’t understand why we need more talk shows, game shows, and courtroom/legal shows… which we’ve already got plenty of. I don’t believe this is what legendary soap writer and creator Irna Phillips had in mind.


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