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22 October 31st, 2013 Casey Deidrick’s Touching Final Scenes On DAYS with James Scott & Kate Mansi!


If you watched yesterday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives, we had to say goodbye to one of the most talented younger actors to appear on soaps, Casey Deidrick!

The actor who created the role of Chad DiMera, actually taped his final episode some four months ago, but due the way DAYS production schedule works,  it took till yesterday to see his farewell episode and final performance as Chad.

And a tearjerker it was! As Deidrick had expressed to On-Air On-Soaps months ago, his final scenes with Kate Mansi (Abigail)  and James Scott  (EJ) were very hard for him to do, and very emotional, but he was so glad that he got to work with this duo on his final tape day.

In the key scenes, Abigail tells Chad, it’s over between them before he heads to Boston.   We felt like we were watching two best friends saying goodbye, which is true about this duo in real life.   Even Will  (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) came back for a quiet goodbye to their good friend complete with baby Ari!

However, it was the final scene between the DiMera brothers, played by the quietly understated James Scott. and the emotional Deidrick. that got us all choked up.   After all, it was Chad that took a bullet for EJ, and he asked that some day his older brother repay the favor, but hopefully not by taking a bullet for him.   EJ reminded Chad they are brothers and DiMeras, and that they will stick together through thick and thin.   

So, what did you think of the final scenes between Casey and James?  Were you satisfied with the way the series wrote Chad out?   Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Johnny says:

    Its a shame he was never given material worthy of his talents. I wish him all he best. I hope they recast Chad and keep him as the nice Dimera…the voice of reason where Lexie left off. This show needs a viable young leading man and a compelling young couple.


    Chloe replied

    Well said!


    dmr replied

    I agree; I think I never warmed up to this character because his storylines were less than juvenile. I didn’t even think his last scenes were very emotional or a tear-jerker for me. Though, I wish Casey the best. I do think that the young man that plays JJ Devereaux (sp) is an amazing young talent. Handsome, too!


    Patrick replied

    Casey Moss – “JJ Deveraux.

    far and away…. saved Daniel and Jenn. had it not been for JJ…. I’d have scratched my eyes out, ranted and raved unholy like…. enuf! what can I say… DAYS seems to have an unhealthy attachment to Daniel.

    Casey Moss…. fully embodies JJ’ troubled hurt… turbulent youth… his “dysfunctional” family… angst at the loss of his father.

    his acting choices stir… he emotes head on… straight at you… in your face mother – this is it.

    yet… you are in wonderment at his loving brother/sister relationship with Abbigail… no wonder she went to bat for him… and even she told Jenn… she’d leave the house as well… and never speak to her again.

    I watch in amazement… at his delivery… his body language… always makes his mark… the dialogue… THANK YOU writers… it’s a treat to watch young talent… and you’d think he was a pro at this…. Welcome to Salem… JJ

    I still love JJ with and alliance with Jeanne Theresa Donovan.

    I have to give props… because SOD did… as in performer of the week… Dr. Kayla Brady has been so smarmy… so quick witted… so strong delivery… just upfront no holds barred snappy, fun, makes you laugh dialogue… well scripted for the lovely lights up my TV screen… Mary Beth Evans…

    the way she endears herself… and avails herself… for Theresa and JJ included.

    I was bothered some that DAYS chose to unload and diss Jack some… ie: that he assaulted Kayla back in the day… but… notwithstanding… the actors’ delivered spot on…. JJ and Kayla

    There’s so much to love about Days of OUR Lives

    judith replied

    I would like a recast for Chad Dimera but as a darker character. Him being so ‘nice’ made him kind of bland..and is the major reason he never had strong storylines and popular pairings IMHO. The character above all never made a major impact because of this too ‘neutral’ vibe..Lexie when nice was always a secondary character, she was only front burner when she got an edge and schemed (the Zac/JT baby switch). The few times Chad stand out was when he showed his bad boy/kind of dark, cunning side. Even the actor playing Chad, Casey Deidrick was frustrated about it. Being the nice pal on bland little teen love triangles was a total waste of the character and his portrayer.


  2. Shirley Strickler says:

    Loved it I ‘m glad I had a box of tissues near because tears were streaming down my face.


  3. Patrick says:

    EJ reminded Chad they are brothers and DiMeras, and that they will stick together through thick and thin.

    it’s scenes like this… that the actors’ who portray “THE DiMera’s” give the audience shades and dimensions of humane that send us realing…

    I LOL with giddiness at the able ability to transcend character

    and Serial is the best place to think – portrait – storyline – layers – FEEL


    what a coup

    I cry at talent


    judith replied

    I am sad pretty soon only Ej will be on the canvas..he will be pretty isolated..The Dimera family is needed on Salem. It is a bonafide core Dool family who should always have several members on Salem.


  4. Rod says:

    It was great!!!! But it’s so sad. He’s a true talent and that show needs him in comparison to dime oftheother acting going on, on that program!!! Wish chad the best and Salem you should fight to get him back. Who’s pulling for Abigal & the Dr???!!!! NOT ME ZZZZZ. NO CHEMISTRY!!!!


  5. Patrick says:

    I read the latest issue of SOD…

    and Casey Deidrick was featured….

    and he celebrates his work with James Scott and Kate Mansi: EJ and Abbigail.

    dang, who wouldn’t: the opportunity to work study and aplomb with James Scott.

    as we all know… these young stalwarts, ingenues, pups… if you will.

    get their start on Soaps… and most times… leave THE ‘nest’.

    he emphatically states… he can leave knowing he’s grown and matured as an actor… and is more confident. well… he’s flying in any case.

    what can we say: Casey, I hope Days/Sony/NBC keeps the door open for YOU.

    Thank You

    I LOVE the DiMera’ Clan the most




  6. Mark says:

    I loved that scene and its such a shame that this talented actor is leaving. That said, all of the Days cast is so talented I am really loving the show right now. James Scott is very understated as this article says and he is just a joy to watch!


    SZima replied

    I never thought the character was well written, so I’m not sorry he’s leaving. However, I think Casey IS talented, so I wish him well. Looking forward to seeing him guest on some primetime shows.


    judith replied

    The character has lot of potential, a young and attractive Dimera, but they wrote him too bland.. They should recast and making him edgier.

  7. Joan Faist says:

    Sorry to see Casey go but what powerful scenes to end his run. Will miss the two brothers acting together. Casey Deidrick and James Scott were fantastic in all their scenes? Best Wishes to Casey.


  8. Rose says:

    The scene was so powerful. Not very often do two men pull you to tears like that.


  9. Jules says:

    Glad to see some much deserved DAYS praise!

    I thought over the years Casey showed remarkable growth in his work as an actor. While I think they could have used him more, I don’t think DAYS could have used him any better than they did…if that makes sense. Meaning, his airtime left a lot to be desired sometimes and because of that they didn’t develop the character as well as they could have, but I felt like what he was given, showed the best of himself. I really enjoyed how he was brought into the show (being Grace’s father, but believing he was Sydney’s for a while, and tried to get custody) and even written out (having his Dimera side come out). Wasn’t a fan of him being an insta-Dimera, but it tied him to the canvas giving him long-term purpose, and I loved the relationships he formed with each member of the clan. And though I know there were many rooting for Chad/Will, I particularly enjoyed Chad/Sonny.

    Wish the actor well. Hope to see him again.


  10. Gmbenet says:

    The final scenes were nice, expecially the scene with EJ and Chad. During Chad’s time in Salem, not enough time was spent with Chad an EJ as brothers. Sad that it took a bullet for EJ to realize how much having a brother like Chad means to him. Opportunity lost.


  11. RLeternal says:

    Did CD leave DOOL on his own or was he given the boot? Abigail and Chad pairing was much better than Abigail and that doctor.


    judith replied

    He left on his own..he wanted to try other mediums (prime time) and was frustrated by his lack of storylines and i mean INTERESTING storylines..his character was too bland..they did not really fleshed him out..Too bad, it is a waste. Good luck to Casey Deidrick for his next projects. But i hope for a Chad Dimera recast, the character is needed he just need to be written strong and edgier..darker.


  12. Debbie says:

    I am not happy he has been written out. I sometimes don’t understand why a charismatic character like Chad who could have such a great story line of always running the line between good and evil gets written out while a boring character like Cameron is kept on. Not crazy about the sniveling JJ either. But Chad is always a great character to watch when he has a good story line. He and Melanie were a great couple. Shouldn’t have let them go in my opinion.


  13. nancy says:

    i will miss chad chad is not even dying why not bring him back with a new actor he was just a good actor


  14. nancy says:

    j j and thersea i love they are 2 peas in the same pod these twosome should be the new bo and hope so different but the same they are so good together they know how to do bad together


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