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11 July 16th, 2013 CASTLE Production Halted For One Day! Nathan Fillion Was a No-Show During Contract Dispute!


News broke today that former One Life to Live favorite Nathan Fillion now the star of ABC’s popular primetime drama, Castle, was a no-show last Friday and halted production of the crime series!

According to  “The set of the ABC crime drama came to a standstill when lead Nathan Fillion didn’t show up Friday. I’ve learned the actor is in the midst of a contract dispute with producers ABC Studios over his desire for a four-day workweek on Castle, which is in production on its sixth season. It looks like the absence was his way of sending a message. ABC reps say the show continues to shoot this week, and Fillion is on set. The actor plays crime novelist Richard Castle on the show, which debuted in 2009 and sees Fillion partnered with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). After a couple of tenuous seasons ratings-wise, Castle ranks as the network’s most-watched drama series.”

So are you glad that Nathan is back on set? Will you be watching the new season of Castle? And, the big question, do you hope Nathan might someday return to the revival of One Life to Live for a guest visit to see his mom, Viki again, played by Erika Slezak? Comment below!

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  1. Jake R. says:

    A FOUR DAY WORK WEEK? Does he think he’s Johnny Carson in his 15th season on “Tonight Show”? It takes eight days to film an hour long network drama. So basically Mr. Fillion wants them to take two weeks to film one episode? I don’t think thats even possible with the tight editing schedule a network show has.

    I worked on a 1/2 hour single camera FOX comedy where one of our main actors pulled a “sick-in” and didn’t really show up for like three weeks. It was a nightmare and really sent production into a tailspin. Luckily there were five other actors on the show to cover with.

    I like Nathan Fillion a lot; I don’t watch “Castle” but I liked him on “Firefly” and “Buffy” and appreciate that he always gives shout outs to “OLTL” and even made an appearance for Asa’s funeral.

    That being said: Actors sign a contract. They need to honor that contract. Its the basis of a civilized society.


  2. MEG says:



  3. heidi says:

    I like Castle and will watch this next season too! I don’t like hearing he is pulling that kind of stuff… not fair to the cast and crew and the show.


  4. SZima says:

    This seems a little silly and unrealistic to demand a 4-day work week. Hope they settle things soon.
    Love the show!


  5. Karen says:

    I wonder how many unemployed actors would love the five day work week that Fillion is complaining about…I know at least one former daytime actor who would jump at the chance of a regular acting job like this one.


  6. Tsuds says:



  7. Christy says:

    well if they can work smarter, not harder, and can do a 4 day work week, as many american office workers do, why not. the network might even save money on production costs… and you know how they love to save money.


  8. bc says:

    More bad press for fillion. It’s awful that he was on firefly w/c was a futuristic storyline based on Asian american cultures yet there were no Asian american actors and Asian american chars were whitewashed. Now he halts production of his abc tv show. It’s horrid how actors get paid too much to basically say lines written for them. What would be entertainment media’s reaction to this if he was a racial minority? Probably he’d immediately be labeled by the entertainment media as difficult.


  9. Thomas Lawson says:

    What a baby! Give me a break, honor your contract dude! Doing a no-show on the first day of filming your show’s new season is totally unprofessional & will definitely not endear you to the cast & crew who come in prepared & ready to work 5 days a week even coming to work earlier than you do. You can’t cut your work hours & not let the show suffer somehow. It’s a well-oiled running machine & to disrupt it by your whiny demand is pathetic! This is your first hit TV show because of the fantastic cast’s chemistry. Your other 2 starrers didn’t get to the 2nd season. Grow up!!!


  10. que says:

    he may have had a whooper of a hangover. Lately, he has been looking the worst for wear. His appearance tends to resemble the bloated, puffiness of an alcoholic. Or he maybe concealing another medical problem. Does he agree that if he is granted a 4 day work the same should be allowed for the other actors on this show?


  11. Phycilla says:

    I really love the show Castle and watch it ever week! I’ m really disappointed to read the rumors that the Beckett actor is leaving the show! I agree that Fillion is looking heavy and looking rough with bags under his eyes and he is a great looking man so he needs to work on whatever is going on!


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