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17 January 6th, 2012 Catherine Bach casts as Chelsea’s mom on The Young and the Restless!


The Young and the Restless has again come up with a blast from the past, or stunt castin,g or just good ole fun, pick which ever fits the bill for you!  But today Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Daisy Duke herself, Catherine Bach, has been cast as none other than Melissa Claire Egan’s on-screen mom!  So look for Chelsea (Egan) to meet up with Anita (Bach) sometimes after Catherine makes her daytime soap debut on the February 7th episode of Y&R!

Back in the day, 1979-1985 to be exact, Bach was the pin-up gal for many a hot blooded American male co-starring in The Dukes of Hazzard opposite John Schneider and Tom Wopat!

Let’s just hope we won’t be seeing a lot of the citizens of Genoa City running around in their Daisy Dukes with the arrival of Bach!

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  1. kay killgore says:

    Have any of you seen this woman lately? I have had it with MAB I just finished watching this weeks Y&R episodes. It is horrible I will wait until I see the convuleted mess she makes on who is Dianne’s killer and then I pull the plug. We have beloved vets who have not had a storyline in years and she has brought on three more new characters no one gives a S….! about. Y&R #1 my dog could write better then this!


    ethel replied

    i am with you on this – why so many newbies??? use the outstanding vets we have……………


  2. lisa says:

    Hmm…a gold digging mother/daughter duo ? Perhaps ?


  3. kalamaty says:

    I”m SUPER excited to see Catherine Bach visit GC! New characters are always welcome, but the show has always been about the core characters, and always will be. I wish all of those panicking about storyline being misdirected would just cool their jets. The writers are well aware of the existing talent (and show history) and will always take it into account. Chill out, people. Y&R is the most watched, most beloved show in all of daytime, here and around the world. It ain’t going anywhere anytime soon…. jump ship if you want, but you’ll be the one missing out. I am thoroughly entertained by Y&R each day and ALWAYS look forward to watching my favorite show!


    Bart replied

    R U High?!?

    The slop trough of slurry you are seeing on your screen is NOT the “Y & R” I have been watching since the Summer of 1981!! What you are seeing are plot-driven farcical nonsense story lines with no resolutions! Seasoned vets are being admonished to the background so Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks can create new characters that NOBODY likes AT ALL!! So many golden opportunities have been wasted at the hands of this “in-name-only” Bell family member!!


    kalamaty replied

    Well, if you bothered to watch today’s show, and read online articles, you’d see that Deacon (who was once of the NEW people everyone is complaining about) is now, predictably, on his way out… just like so many others before him.

    You’ve been watching this show long enough to know this kind of thing happens, and very often. Yes, it’s a shame there isn’t time in 48 minutes to show all of the characters… especially the legacy characters we all love, but they have to gravitate storylines through all of them. Now it’s Melody’s turn to shine…. last year it was Eric’s…. the year before was Katherine, and Doug before that, etc.

    As a longtime fan, like myself, you should turn realize that the show always evolves, but the magic of Y&R has always been it’s outstanding legacy character actors. They will always be the center of the Y&R universe, and the reason millions of people tune in, each and every day. They will never be marginalized…. just hang in there and keep watching!

  4. kay killgore says:

    Ok if that is true when was the last time Doug Davidson had a storyline who has been with the show as long as Jeanne Cooper? I don’t know if I wanted AMC I would have watched it. Jess Walton two time emmy winner no storyline ! Christian Le Blanc three time emmy winner no storyline so I guess I will miss out but I don’t care to watch a sinking ship.


  5. kay killgore says:

    I want to add I am not trying to be nasty I have watched this show since high school on and off. The one question I have is this when was the last time you felt real emotion about any of the storylines. The last time for me was Cassie’s death. It breaks my heart when I know what this show use to be for me you have to grow to care about a character you either love them or you hate them but you have to have some emotion. But it is only my opinion.


  6. gloria says:

    Face it people. We cannot afford to be negative about our soaps & cannot lose anymore of them. But I agree that Y&R needs some fresh writers/stories. Newbies are needed once in a while but beloved vets have got to be front & center in stories that make sense! I am just gritting my teeth every day waiting for Y&R to move on from a Newman in jail-just pick one! Any given day one of them is sitting in jail! It is ridiculous. And the Diane/Patti mess. Seriously? Wrap it up already! I am loving (to my surprise) Jack & Genevieve together. More of the Abbotts please!


  7. Mo says:

    I’m tired of all these actors joining the soap when there are great actors already on the show who either have no story or garbage story. Billy and a baby story feels like been there done that. I love Villy and want them to have some happiness and not be dragged down by garbage. I certainly hope Billy did not have sex with Chels and is not the baby. Trying to stay with the show, but the numerous boring storylines make it hard.

    Harmony has not added anything to the show and I think adding her was a mistake. Tired of Devon, the super producer. Neil is uberboring and having him marry Sofia didn’t add any spice.

    There are more things wrong than right with the show. I don’t understand how it stays number one. I guess people watch out of habit.


  8. Mo says:

    Oops, forgot a word. Not the baby’s father I meant to say.

    There are too many stories going on in the show. We haven’t seen anymore of Jeffrey. Kevin going along with Angelina and not bothering to check with anyone is ridick. Why didn’t he call Michael at the very least?

    Sharon marrying Victor? I know he’s got a grander plan going on, but I’m so over the jail scenes. Been there done that thousands of time. The jail scenes are so far fetched it’s laughable. A visitor would not be able to take a cellphone in with them. There are visitor dress codes and all the cleavage showing would not be allowed. But more than that, THE SCENES ARE BORING!!!!!! Oh, and if Victor didn’t want to see Adam, don’t put him on your visitor list and then you won’t. Duh! I know it’s a TV show, but come on. Have a little credibility.


  9. Devoted Fan says:

    I wonder how many actresses turned down this role and I wonder how many people were on vacation when the episodes we are watching now were filmed.


  10. Devoted Fan says:

    Also, it seems that Victor has nothing to do with Chelsea’s arrival in GC. If that is so, I wonder how long it will be before he becomes involved, if at all. It would be great if he could spare Victoria and Billy more pain. I don’t buy the notion that happy couples on soaps have to be boring.


    Y&R Fanatic replied

    Well, just thinking Victor HAS to have something to do with Chelsea, otherwise how did she find Billy when she went directly to his house looking for LIAM… How can she out of the blue find the RIGHT house and the RIGHT person, but WRONG name???


    Devoted Fan replied

    Stranger things have happened. Perhaps the details will be revealed in time. I would like to know when and with whom Victor became involved in the Abbott baby aspect of the Myanmar story. I listened carefully to Chelsea’s phone calls and I never got the impression that she was talking to Victor, but rather to her mom.

  11. diana says:



  12. shelley says:

    get rid of phyllis…had enuff of the town psycho’s.


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