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6 September 13th, 2010 CBS announces revised daytime programming schedule post ATWT pre “The Talk”!

The CBS Television Network announced a revised daytime schedule for the 2:00-3:00 PM, ET/1:00-2:00 p.m., PT time period from Sept. 20 – Oct. 18, the weeks between the finale of As the World Turns (which ends it’s historic run this Friday, Sept. 17), and the premiere of  the new female gabfest, The Talk which is set to make it’s debut on Monday, Oct. 18.

The programming interim schedule will include original episodes of the The Young and the Restless, The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal, and encore episodes of The Young and the Restless that are emotionally relevant to current stories on the series canvas.

So the schedule looks something like this for the ATWT timeslot until The Talk debuts:

Sept. 17 AS THE WORLD TURNS (Finale)

Sept. 20 – 24 THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Originals)

Sept. 27 – Oct. 1 LET’S MAKE A DEAL (Originals)

Oct. 4 – Oct. 8 THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Originals)

Oct. 11 – Oct. 15 THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (Repeats)

Monday, Oct. 11: 36th Anniversary episode – OAD: 3/26/09

Tuesday, Oct. 12: Billy & Chloe’s wedding – OAD: 4/03/09

Wednesday, Oct. 13: New Year’s Eve episode – OAD: 12/31/09

Thursday, Oct. 14: Michael & Lauren’s Wedding – OAD: 12/09/05

Friday, Oct. 15: Merry-Go-Round / House of Mirrors – OAD: 5/04/10

Regularly scheduled episodes of  The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, and The Young and the Restless, will continue to air in their regular time periods.

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  1. Joni says:

    A crapfest afternoon, thought I never do this but I’m defecting to ABC, but I will still watch Y&R and B&B, but I don’t know how much longer. And I’ll also watch OLTL and GH. There will be a cold day in hell before I watch show that is being replaced. That is my new line up.


    Dirk Mancuso replied

    It’s a shame the Y&R reruns are of episodes from the last few years — it’s been hard enough to watch them once, let alone twice. Instead, they should’ve scheduled some of the classic Victor/Nikki episodes or the beginning of the Nick/Phyllis relationship. Either of those would’ve gotten viewers to tune in.


  2. Latoya says:

    Wow. Who make all the decisions !


  3. mmc says:

    I watched ATWT from day 1.Once in a while i watch B&B.not because it’s a quality show like ATWT was but it happened to be the lead in show for ATWT.I also like to watch Don Diamont on the screen.Not only is he gorgeous but he plays sinister and underhanded so well, that you almost have a love hate relationship with him.Nothing could ever replace ATWT for me.It was “my show” for so long and i miss it!


  4. Pamela says:

    “The Talk” was a total “Trainwreck!” I hate to say I told you so CBS!!! A Trainwreck! I didn’t even watch it …as promised CBS! I’ve certainly read about it being a flop .. and once again, I told you so CBS!

    Wake Up .. bring ATWT back!


  5. Malice says:

    I was flipping through the channels and came upon “The Talk” terrible show .
    Please bring back ATWT those women of “The Talk” pay no attention to their guests .
    Example Jack Hannah was the guest and he clearly told them chinchillas are extinct in the wild, then one of the dolts asked him if they are endangered what an idiot .
    This show is a complete waste of time and i for one will not watch


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