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8 December 7th, 2013 CBS Daytime Lineup Posts Year-to-Year November Sweeps Growth! THE TALK Scores Largest Weekly Audience Ever!


The CBS Daytime line-up is the place to be these days with a programming block that includes:  The Price is Right, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk and Let’s Make a Deal!

For the all important November Sweeps ratings period, the network is touting some exceptional accomplishments for its series that in all key female demos their were significant increases from the previous year and all demos were up! For soap fans here is what CBS said of the numbers of Y&R and B&B!

For The Young and the Restless, November 2013 brought in: 4.8million total viewers,  1.9 Women 25-54, 1.3 Women-18-49 , 0.7 Women-18-34.  Those are increased from the previous year of  +10% nc, +8% ,+40%!

For The Bold and the Beautiful, November 2013 brought in: 3.7million total viewers,  1.5 Women 25-54, 1.0 Women 18-49,  0.6 Women 18-34,  Those are increased from the previous year of:  +16% ,+7% nc ,+20%

Meanwhile, The Talk continues to be hottest rising talker in the afternoon.   The show starring Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert,  and Sharon Osbourne celebrated Thanksgiving week, the ratings week of November 25 through 29, 2013 by scoring its largest ever weekly audience in total viewers and delivered its highest November sweeps in total viewers and a key Women 25-54 demographic!

Increasing in viewers week-to-week, The Talk averaged 2.96 million viewers (+9%) and was up from a 1.0/6 in Women 25-54 to a 1.1/6 rating (+10%). Meanwhile in Women 18-34, the talker increased 25% week-to-week going from a 0.4/3 to a 0.5/3 rating!

Congratulations to the CBS Daytime line-up!  Now, let us know what show from CBS Daytime are you enjoying the most right now?


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  1. robert says:

    It’s good to see all the daytime soaps doing well. I think the soap ratings for Thanksgiving week will be high.


  2. Janet says:

    I don’t care about The Talk. But I’m very happy for Y&R and B&B. Soaps are not dead unless what some network executives would like to make us think.


  3. su0000 says:

    Out of all those shows, I only watch Y&R and I’m not enjoying it.
    I FF through most of the overly boring stuff..
    I continue to watch hoping to see a change and some good entertainment, so far no luck lol ..
    The one good thing, I save my time by FFing through 50% of it :)

    If I had to watch it live (not able to FF) I probably would not watch Y&R…. lol
    so– Y&R is what I watch on CBS daytime, at night via the internet..


  4. ricardo says:

    the young and the restless, is still number 1 baby. no one will beat, the young and the restless. also i am so happy general hospital ratings are up. good news for me and all the soap fans out there. i really love the talk, the ladies have all grown on me. i hate the view, i dont watch it anymore. the ladies on the view, put me to sleep. we have to support, the 4 remainder soaps. watch everyone. too bad amc and one live to live got cancelled, yet again. but i am over it now. time to move on.


  5. David says:

    Why the happiness about The Talk’s ratings Michael? It’s not even a soap opera. What will be next? A thread praising the ratings of The Chew?


    lorenzo replied

    the talk is a very good show. the ratings are hitting the roof david. also love the chew, all my children and one life to live, will never come back. at least we can still watch gh days of our lives, young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful. i am happy that all the soaps, are up in the ratings. we are all happy. the soaps are indeed alive.


    Jake M. replied

    I know some ATWT fans are still bitter because it was cancelled and
    replaced by The Talk. I cheer for its success because it promoted Y&R
    and B&B by having their stars on The Talk.

    Jake M.


  6. PatF says:

    Glad for CBS. I know some fans of YR are still complaining about the show (mostly Delia) and I don’t like Phelps at all, but I know she’ll eventually be gone, so I’ve stopped with all the negativity about it.

    It’s not bad at all. Some fans from other shows call it “boring”, but the show has always moved slow. I’d NEVER want it to resort to anything remotely resembling GH, nor do I want any of the crazy storylines that sometimes were present under MAB.

    So if you don’t enjoy it…please turn it off…but also stop with the constant complaining about the show and only pointing out the negative. If people continue to do that, it just proves that if they really can’t find anything good about it they shouldn’t watch for now.


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