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33 March 31st, 2013 CBS Daytime’s V.P. Angelica McDaniel Chats On Emme Rylan’s Exit From Y&R & The Twists In The Carmine/Lauren/Michael Story!

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There has been a lot to celebrate for Senior Vice President, Daytime, CBS Entertainment Angelica McDaniel, who has done a tremendous job creating amazing synergy with the CBS Daytime line-up of shows which include: The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk, Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right!  With Y&R turning 40 years young this past week, and ratings in key demos showing significant increases overall, McDaniel’s approach to being the network leader, behind the soaps and the day part, has shown a renewed vision which includes her know-how of social media and how to create awareness over many platforms in our day and age.

In a new in-depth interview in the latest edition of Soap Opera Uncensored, Nelson Branco chats with McDaniel about all things Y&R and B&B, the state of the daytime industry, and the changes she has made to infuse new life into the shows in which she manages.  Here are a few interesting excerpts on what went down when Emme Rylan decided to leave her role as Abby Newman and head to GH to become the new Lulu, and how she and the Y&R creative team gave story to Marco Dapper’s Carmine, which helped continue the downfall of Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren’s (Tracy E. Bregman) marriage.

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McDaniel on how she found out Emme Rylan was leaving Y&R:  “The one thing I will say about Emme that is upsetting is we basically found out the same way the fans found out. We got a phone informing us that her last tape date was in two days and that she was joining GH. I definitely would have loved to have received a phone call saying, “She has an offer, so pay or play.” Listen, these things happen. I get it. It’s business. We were sad to see her go. We were excited to see her return recently. I wish her the best of luck on GH. I’m happy I can still follow her tweets and see pictures of her having fun with her kids. I’m also excited to see what replacement Melissa Ordway will do with the role.”

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McDaniel on how it was decided to use Marco Dapper’s Carmine as another breaking point in Lauren and Michael’s now troubled relationship:  “Marco wasn’t being utilized so we challenged Josh to come up with something… we were definitely interested in some kind of affair. Out of that conversation, came two stories. You’re right… you can’t just write an affair storyline out of the blue. There has to be a reason. The bullying story was very timely and gripping… and that led to the deconstruction of Lauren and Michael’s marriage. Lauren needed an escape and what better escape than in the arms of Carmine? (Laughs) This could all happen in real life. It’s a great story, which we knew would be great right away. We knew it was something that had to play out. It couldn’t be a quick story that was tied up in a matter of weeks. With Josh and the outliners, I always say, “This show has been here for 40 years… and we aim for it to be here for another 40 years. What we do with the characters today, we have to think how is this going to affect them in 5 to 10 years.”

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McDaniel if Lauren and Michael’s love story has legs to it:  “With this Lauren and Michael storyline, there is a long-term journey. On this show, we’re creating a beautiful mosaic. That’s what Y&R is: tiny, shiny little pieces but together they are stunning. Over the 40 years and the 40 years to come, when you step back and look at Y&R, it’s a beautiful and stunning piece of art. What’s really powerful about this Lauren and Michael story – and you’re right, it is great – is that there is going to feel the impact and fallout for years to come much like Cassie’s shocking death; and what beautiful, heartbreaking moments came out of that with Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case. That story is still driving and influencing story and characters to this day.”

So soapers, what do you think of how CBS Daytime is doing since Angelica McDaniel took over as the boss?  What do you feel about the Carmine/Lauren affair? Do you think it’s hot? Do you want Lauren and Michael back together STAT? Or, do you think it should be over?  And, what do you think about Emme Rylan exiting her job at Y&R and heading to GH? Weigh-in!

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  1. jim says:

    I like Tracy Bergman since she was on DOOLs as Donna Craig. I feel they kinda trashed Lauren 4 me when they had her bed another man so shortly after she had an arguement with her husband that could easily been fixed. As for Angelica McDaniel she kinda resembles Candace Cameron Bure in that photo.


    Cindy replied

    Right now Sharon and Adam need to get back together and have a fantasy wedding and fix the mistake the writers did by making this horrific character Chelsea pregnant with Adam child. Sharon and Adam are the real new Nikki and Adam of the future! They really need Drucilla back. Avery and Nick so boring as is Lelie and her brother! Please get back to super couples! :)


    RUBY C. replied

    Sharon and Adam my favorite. loving Phyllis with Jack and hope Summer turns out to be Jacks. loving Dylan may be Sharons long lost brother. SO MAD! That Nikki and Victor are still dissappointing us with this gross behavior that is beyond abuse not towards Sharon! Just shameful! Sharon is still NOT being treated fair on this show. This town of GC acts like Sharon is the town villian! ENOUGH! She is the ONLY normal nice loving character! Really tired of this after 32 years make Sharon happy!!! Romeo and Juliet’s love has nothing on Shadam’s love!!!


    RUBY C. replied

    Sharon is still being treated UNFAIR! She does not deserve this abuse from Nikki and Victor! Sharon is the only normal Character and most loving! ENOUGH! Sharon and Adam deserve the true love romance they share. get rid of Chelsea . Tired of this now! 32 yrs I am a fan and can’t believe still no Shadam reunion and where is Drucilla ! leslie is not for Neil! I wait and wait but still nothing reminds me of Bill bells fantastic love romance and mystery and chemistry, One more thing . Avery and Dylan BORING!


    Matt replied

    Happy with the new Abby coming. Sharon and Adam need a huge wedding. Chelsea needs to leave the country. Dru needs to show up for Neil and Lily because they are boring without the queen. Chloe needs someone else because Jana was perfect for Kevin. Chloe can leave with Chelsea on a slow boat to no place. Avery cooks one more time I may scream! P.S. FYI no one wants to see Victor and Nikki any more . They are insane with hate


    Jason replied

    Love Sharon and Adam and don’t understand why is this character Chelsea shoved in our face. As a loooong time fan of the show i just don’t see any chemistry with Chelsea and Adam. Adam is and was so in love with Sharon.She is his better half. Will be have to beg another year for Victoria Rowell to return as Drucilla or what? Please bring her back. I am so bored with Leslie and this Wheeler stuff. Avery also nothing for me. Cane and Lily need to brake up. By the way why is Victor and Nikki acting like Sharon is the worst person in GC? She hardly did anything compared to Victor! Nikki also killed Diane. Victor framed Sharon for Skyes murder!

    Maureen replied

    I love Chelsea and wish people would give her the chance she deserves. I think her and Adam are great together and I can’t understand why people think Adam and Sharon should be together – the two of them together makes me sick.

  2. denisefan says:

    Carmine is an interlude for Michael and Lauren. Carmine is best fit for the younger generation at Y&R.


  3. Vicsze says:

    I find it amusing that angelica McDaniel was so taken aback by Marcy Rylan’s sudden resignation from Y&R. Considering how Ryan was unceremoniously sacked last year & then rehired months later, but only on a part time basis, it should have really come as no surprise to McDaniel at all. GH offered Rylan what Y&R wouldn’t , a full time position in a soap where she would be appreciated & valued. You cannot expect to treat your actors like they’re disposable & expect loyalty in return. Since JFP has come on board they have been firing & hiring non stop. Some of the changes have been needed & turned out for the better, but the flow on effect is that the existing cast is living under a cloud of insecurity & uncertainty. You can’t hold it against someone if they are looking for security, as these actors I am sure have got mortgages & families depending on them too. We fans will miss Marcy very much, we wish her well & hope that one day she will come back to the role of Abby Newman.


    Chaz replied

    Yep….I wonder what time-frame they had when she was fired….probably along the lines of…you are gone at end of week.


    k/kay replied

    Is it not amusing when the tables get turned on them the suits upstairs as they are usually called. JFP& JG had no problem cleaning house when they jumped on board and what kind of notice did Blake Hood get or Kevin Schmidt when they were secretly recast. I know from an interview Marcy did she discussed this move with Eileen Davidson & Ron Raines from Guiding Light.

    Gillian replied

    I was thinking the same thing. They fired Emmy unceremoniously last year then eventually brought her back but not on contract. Are they really surprised? Do onto others fits perfectly in this scenario. I think they got what they deserved. Happy for Emmy & GH – perfect fit!


  4. Kimmy says:

    I don’t blame Emme Rylan leaving. Y&R couldn’t be trusted. They let her go before, and probably without much notice. And I don’t believe that Y&R’s numbers are up. I know so many people who stopped watching, or aren’t watching every day like they used to. And about this fiasco if a storyline about bullying, you bully a child to the point that they attempt suicide and the bullys are rewarded. Summer runs down a pregnant couple and kills their unborn child and bullies a fellow classmate and is rewarded with a shiny new sportscar and a cush job at a cosmetic’s and fashion house. Her co-hort gets to stay at his uncke’s house, talks back to his dad, and doesn’t get grounded. They both should have volunteered at a suicide hot line or forced to start an anti- bullying club at school. What a great moral to a bullying lesson – bully someone and there not only isn’t any punishment, but you’ll be rewarded!


    Laney replied

    Indeed! Thank you 4 your post you have hit the nail right on its head!


    k/kay replied

    I agree Kimmy this plot line to drive Michael & Lauren apart was stupid. It would have been much more powerful to have brought Traci Abbott in on this storyline to point out to Lauren how she had always been a bully. I hope Carmine turns out to be a stalker the first sign of problems Lauren as usual drops her panties. lol

    jimh replied

    great post…as a bully victim for 8 horrible years…and by more than one, about 12 different ones, i was so outraged how y&rs bully storyline was so obviously not researched that i hardly watch any more. Dont care how they cheapened lauren as well.


    Barbara replied

    I hadn’t thought about the Traci Abbott angle. That really would have added something to the storyline if she had been involve.

    I remember the old Traci and Lauren feuds. Personally, I thought MAB wrapped it up too quickly. Lauren was a bully towards Traci and that would have worked. It would have shown that BOTH of Fen’s parents had been far from angels in the past. However, I also think Lauren to quickly appologized to Traci about being a bully in the past. Traci was very judgmental towards Lauren in the day and there was no dialogue where Traci apologized about anything to her.

    Traci: “Lauren, I’ve known you a long time. It is funny that you can’t believe your son could act cruelly towards another kid. You did the same thing to me when we were younger.”

    Lauren: “A mother knows her son and I am certain Fen did nothing wrong her. I can’t believe you would bring up the past in this manner. I thought we had buried all of that when I apologized to you but I see that you haven’t. I also see that you still meddle into other people’s lives just like you did when we were young. You were a judgmental busy body then and clearly still are. I tried to bury the ax with you but, in your typical fashion, you still want to pass your judgment on my life. Stay out of it, Tracy, and go back to New York.”

  5. su0000 says:

    Ohhh noooo!
    I was excited that Y&R would actually have something new…
    But it will be in the same old rut of long drawn out stories of love problems, once again..
    For just once I wish my old time fav soap Y&R could do something different, no spoilers ever need I know what will happen, always..

    Y&R has seen very little direction change in the past 10yrs it never varies from business and love gone wrong stories..
    Y&R has no suspense, no action, no thrills, it is dry ..
    With Y&R you can stop watching and return a month later and not much change..
    With GH, miss a day, and you miss a whole lot of change..
    So sad, that I am addicted to watching Y&R, daily lol ..

    Now this (puke)
    “With this Lauren and Michael storyline, there is a long-term journey.”

    Another ”long term journey” ……… dammit anyways lol (hope it ends by 2014)..


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    I only started watching Y&R after OLTL went off the air so I don’t know the prior history of these characters. From what I have seen in the last year, Michael and Lauren seemed like two of the only sensible people in this town. Her jumping in the sack with bartender boy is way out of proportion of the problem in her marriage. Her nose got bent out of shape because her husband was doing his job and trying to save their snotty nosed brat of a kid. Michael and Paul begged that kid to tell them his side of the story but all he did was go off in a huff. Michael had no choice but to take action based on the information he had. Because of that, now Lauren is doing the horizontal mambo (I still miss JR from OLTL) with the stupid bartender. From where I stand, this is just an excuse. She’s always been hot to trot. Michael really seems like a nice, honest man. I can’t wait for him to kick her onto the street where she belongs. Just my humble opinion.

    That said, it is very nice to see the CBS VP who is actually appears invested in the quality and success of the program. Thank you Ms. McDaniel.


    Margot replied

    I so agree with you llanviewer717. I too hope that Michael kicks her out on the street where she belongs. She doesn’t deserve him. He’s too good for hot to trot Lauren.


    Lew S replied

    Ditto- She is extremely selfish!

  7. Nicole says:

    I hope these writers intend to put my favorite couple back together. This is a great story. Tracey Bregman and Christian Le Blanc continue to amaze me!!


  8. Brett says:

    I’m surprised that Marcy left Y&R for GH as, even though she’s reccuring,I would’ve thought Y&R was a safer job for her. Having said that, with all the recent unnecessary recasts (Noah and Kyle being the latest) is anybody safe there? It’ll be great to see her on GH though!

    Angelica needs to stay in charge of CBS daytime forever if she wants to keep the soaps on the air for another 40 years!


  9. Patrick says:

    wow… i’d like to watch the “Fall-out”… with Michael and Lauren….

    will she shoe the bad girl incarnate… ? how will she grapple with infidelity….

    HER Life with Michael…. these two would seem rock solid.

    MF… or some one… I ‘d like to see when…. Michael finds out about Laurens’s affair…

    since i don’t watch Y&R any more….


    Patrick replied

    i’d tune back in to watch his initial reaction.


  10. Laney says:

    Between her skewered explanation about YR and what they did to Michael and Lauren (not to mention how they completely mangled that bullying s/l! which is a shame considering how important this topic is in this day and age) and her “explanation” about how ER left the show I’m not sure which one is the biggest joke.

    That awkward moment when someone tries to do damage control only to end up putting fuel to fire.


  11. Carly says:

    I thought that when Marco asked Lauren …”Please give me one more night”……that was really stupid ..after she has destroyed her marriage to the love of her life for a bar tender that is half her age ….give me a break???????


    Margot replied

    Well said Carly. She’s sure making a fool of herself. Just saying.


  12. Mo says:

    I too wasn’t thrilled with how the bullying story went done. In the end, because Jaime lied about Fen pushing him, and I’m still not convinced it was a lie, it made Fen look good. There should have been more repercussions for Fen and Summer.

    Carmine and Lauren are hot together, but he is just an interlude. She needs to cut him loose if she wants to be with Michael.


  13. jimh says:

    Chelsea and Adam elope! Sharon Case out at Y&R!! Drucila returns!!!


    Nancy Rentz replied



  14. jimh says:

    Hope you know its APRIL FOOLS DAY when i made those above comments about Chelsea, Adam, Sharon and Dru! LMAO!!!


  15. kalamaty says:

    I think it would be way more interesting if Michael had a sudden epiphany and had an affair with Carmine! Woof!


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