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34 February 18th, 2016 CBS Executive Angelica McDaniel Teases: “Team CBS Daytime Is Working On Something Secret & Special For Our Viewers.”

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Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution is working on a “secret project” which loops in the CBS Daytime line-up of shows which includes: The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk, The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal!

In a tease of a tweet on Wednesday, McDaniel let viewers know:  “SNEAK PEEK: I can’t share much now but Team @CBSDaytime is working on something secret & special for our viewers. More details to come…!”

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Subsequently, Y&R’s three-time Daytime Emmy winner Christian LeBlanc Michael Baldwin), and one of The Talk co-hosts and super-duper soap fan, Sheryl Underwood were seen in a photo in a tweet from LeBlanc!

Christian related: “WITH THIS GAL!! #SecretProjects @sherylunderwood @YandR_CBS @TheTalkCBS @cbsdaytime @YRInsider @SonyPictures #YR

So the question are … what could the “secret project” be?  Are Christian and Sheryl the hosts?  Do you like that CBS Daytime is using their programming block of shows to create something special for its fans?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Kevin says:

    I love Sheryl Underwood, she is a very funny lady. She is loud, but the woman has a good heart. Sheryl loves her soaps, and I love her for that.


    davlestev1 replied

    Cryptic foolishness and no one will care


    Lana replied

    Kevin I love Sheryl too.

    Brett replied

    Yes, ironic that she’s on a show that replaced a soap, but I don’t hold that against her.


    Trophy Lady replied

    Sheryl is always ridiculously loud. It’s just not even funny, and I think that’s what she thinks she is — she thinks she’s being funny. Unfortunately, she just sounds very stereotypical. She can’t even hold a conversation without screaming, and “shucking and jiving” about something. She should be tossed out. Holly Robinson Peete was SOOOOOOOOOO much better. I guess they got rid of Holly of because she REFUSED to “shuck and jive” for the camera.


    Jack replied

    You sound jealous of Sheryl, time to grow up Trophy lady. Sheryl is a terrific lady and funny comedian. Take a nap darling.

    Trophy Lady replied

    Jack, darling — you definitely made me laugh! Thank you, sweetie, but I can assure you with 100% certainty that I am in no way jealous of Sheryl Underwood. I think it’s cute that you’re defending her though.

    Nikki replied

    Sheryl is a beautiful soul who doesn’t have a hateful bone in her body always something nice to say about everyone. She is a funny lady and a great asset to the show. She is loved by all her fans but unfortunately is and always will be hateful people like (Trophy Lady) who love to spread hate.

    Trophy Lady replied

    Nikki, my dear, what are you talking about? What “hateful” thing did I say about Sheryl? I said she wasn’t funny. Since when does that translate into “hateful?” I think you need to relax, Nikki. Though Sheryl may be your BFF in your head, I can assure you that she’s probably heard many people say that she’s not funny. It’s not just me, sweetie.

  2. Frankie says:

    Wow, nice picture of Christian and Sheryl. hot hot hot.


  3. Geoffrey-Martin Cyr says:

    Personally, I’m not a fan of this corporate synergy; ‘plausible cross-overs’ between BOLD and RESTLESS are one thing, but I don’t need to see “Abby” hawking a showcase on PRICE or see Sheryl Underwood losing-her-religion on any CBS Daytime star in pants on THE TALK! :/ It reeks of desperation (“look-at-us, look-at-us”) for the #1 Network in Daytime (for close to 30 yrs); they don’t need to try so hard to be relevant!


  4. Chris says:

    I think the “secret project” is that Christian LeBlanc and Sheryl Underwood will be hosting this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards!


    Chrystie_Delancey replied

    That would mean they were back on a network, CBS, and I don’t see that happening considering there are only 4 soaps left.


  5. su0000 says:

    0oooh please no !

    ””a “secret project” which loops in the CBS Daytime line-up of shows which includes: The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk, The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal!””’

    That ^^^ says ”crossovers”

    ahaa the talk women or woman crossing over into Y&R, and etc…. BWA!


  6. Timmm says:

    Angelica [Love that name!] it is nice that you loop one of your soaps into ANY other daytime shows. Even though Y&R is #1, you can never get enough press, especially with only four soaps left! BUT, yes there is a BUT, PLEASE NO SHERYL UNDERWOOD! She may be a sweet person but she is so loud, obnoxious and dry humps every male soap actor. She may be a fan BUT she is a journalist! Act professional! Have Ian Ward show her her path!


  7. Iakovos says:

    Best secret would be… development of a new daytime drama! That would be awesome. I would even go as far as to hope for an original production, not a spinoff of the existing Bell-borne serials.

    A man can dream… :- )


    Jennifer replied

    Lmao not going to happen. But nice try.


    Emily replied

    I’m dreaming with ya! ;)


  8. louisa says:

    CBS Daytime is becoming what ABC used to be for me. A strong lineup with all the shows tied together. For years I watched only ABC and had no reason to turn the channel. But then they cancelled AMC and OLTL, and everything changed. CBS seems to be making all the smart moves, while ABC just keeps getting worse.


  9. Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Woman) says:

    I used to be a CBS Daytime viewer, but they axed my shows.


    Joel replied

    Me too. Guiding Light and As The World Turns my favorites. I still miss them.


    Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Woman) replied

    At least we have the good memories.

    sarah replied

    Get over it, LOL. Guiding Light was a good soap, at one point. But ratings fell and they cancelled it. I got over it. As The World Turns really sucked the last 2 years, before it got canned. Y&R is not going anywhere. Ratings are always good. The number 1 soap in Daytime.


    Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Woman) replied

    GL’s ratings fell because of the ridiculous decisions by the network to revamp the production module. Nobody liked it. Fans complained. The network’s response? We don’t know why no one is watching. They wouldn’t listen. It was deliberate sabotage and then they turned around and did the same thing to ATWT. Ignominious endings for two great programs.

  10. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I will wait and see…


  11. Justin says:

    You mean the fact that they are doing a prime time Price Is Right? Is that a secret?


  12. O says:

    Bring back Edge of Night and Guiding Light


  13. Brett says:

    If only the secret project was an As The World Turns and Guiding Light spin off with characters from both shows or that CBS had purchased OLTL and AMC from Prospect Park; hey I can dream!


  14. Dina says:

    Wow, you are a brat, Angelica is a wonderful lady, and have met her twice. You sound bitter my dear.


  15. Robert in Jersey City says:

    who cares? they can show an hour of elephants on trampolines for all I care.

    bring in a new soap. spend some money. give people jobs. stop promoting crap from you tube. be professional. treat viewers like adults.


  16. Emily says:

    I wish I were good at making GIFs. I really need a GIF of a scene from “The Lion King” in which Little Simba entices Little Nala to go to “the watering hole” with him, and Little Nala agrees, but cautions; “It better not be something dumb!!”

    This is how I feel about so many promises from Daytime these days. A new soap would be exciting. Something that would truly impact the genre and its legacy would be exciting. But at this point, I just don’t want to get my hopes up.


  17. Mary SF says:

    Speaking of Christian, missed Michael Baldwin being front and center in GC—- such a shame to have such a great actor sidelined. As for the topic at hand, perhaps it will be some common PSA that all the shows at CBS will promote on a specific day– or maybe a contest where in order to be eligible you have to watch each show to get a clue— it could be crossovers or a combo of all the above–


  18. bari says:

    Guiding light and as the world turns and all my children were three of my favorite soaps all time. Yes gl and atwt werent good the last several years but still great shows that will always be missed. Wish they would either create a new soap or have a soap show that showed old clips of atwt and gl or possibly showed reruns. I miss soapnet. We will see what they are goin to do but im hopin its domething like this.


  19. Marc says:

    Unless it is another soap opera in the lineup I dont care . Does it really excite anyone if soap stars go to their boring talk show ?


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