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15 February 22nd, 2012 CBS names Angelica McDaniel the new Sr. VP Daytime Programming!

After months of looking for a replacement for the former Senior V.P. of Daytime Programming, Barbara Bloom, CBS has finally named her successor!  And the key appointment goes to Angelica McDaniel, who was been McDaniel has been overseeing day-to-day creative affairs for The Talk since joining the network in August 2010.   She reports to CBS Entertainment president,  Nina Tassler.

McDaniel will oversee all daytime programming, including The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal and The Talk.

Prior to joining CBS, McDaniel was a creative executive in the Telepictures/Warner Bros. program development department.  She also served as the current executive for the fifth season of  The Tyra Banks Show. From June 2007-March 2009, McDaniel was Creative Director of New Media for Telepictures Productions, spearheading digital initiatives, social media strategies and web integrations for The Ellen Degeneres Show, TMZ, Essence, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Extra, The Tyra Banks Show and MomLogic.

Tassler said of the appointment of McDaniel, “Angelica has made invaluable contributions to the launch and success of The Talk.  Her strategic and creative vision and understanding of the daytime landscape will continue to move CBS Daytime in the right direction as this successful and profitable day part continues to evolve.”

So soapers, how do you feel about the appointment of McDaniel?  At least its not someone who we have all seen ruin another network’s programming day part, right?

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  1. MiCHELE says:

    I think her being with the talk…in any form….not good,that is what she will want on the landscape for daytime tv…you watch…it will happen on CBS also….the same as ABC…


  2. toscanti says:

    Hope she is not a hack for the CBS soaps. Do not need another face person to end the soap genre.


  3. Trapper says:

    I think it’s time we found a channel that can be a home for ALL of the soaps. Then at least we wouldn’t be biting our collective nails over what was going to happen next. Hopefully, CBS is watching ABC closely and seeing the precipitous drop in ratings as a sign not to screw with their two remaining soaps.


  4. Torrey says:

    Her entire background consist of various talk shows…, this does not make me look ahead for a bright future for CBS soaps. I totally agree with Trapper….just put all our soaps on one channel, and make the soap fans happy.


  5. david says:

    She doesn’t appear to have been associated with anything except reality/talk programming. I don’t think that is encouraging. Are there no executives skilled in fictional entertainment or has management decided this is dead in daytime?


  6. barbara t says:

    watch out b&b and y&r fans ,could be history repeating itself ,only it s on another network,another reality expert ,shes a yak ,yak, yak, professional .so that means more crap feast shows coming to cbs.wish I could watch but neither soap is on in my area at 2,and I started watching dool ,so I cant help.what question I have is whats with all the hiring of these reality people?there killing the soaps to put cheap programing on,I guess you dont have to be very smart or a creative person to plain afternoon shows.I guess they work for less money to,while the bigwigs make more money by showing dumb shows for dumb people .


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    Lady, U comment about more than one network other than abc. I’v been on all today, and haven’t been able to catch you on. Sometimes you can catch a person, posting around the same time as yourself.


    barbara t replied

    IM all over the place ,started watching dool when we lost amc.Im just now,getting interested,use to watch dool but then they put it on where one life to live was ,so the better soap won ,and that was a very long time ago.

  7. kay killgore says:

    Hmm I think we have a problem here. There is no way soaps are going to continue with someone at the helm who likes reality and talk shows. And you know what with the way they are writing for Y&R and B&B it will be like shooting fish in a barrel to cancel them.


  8. shelly says:

    Shocking. Not a good sign for soap fans . I’m beginning to wonder… what are the daytime execs smoking???? What part of failure do they not understand???? Hasn’t anyone learned from the mistakes OFABC??? Soap viewers have spoken loud and clear. God I cant believe CBS is heading in this same direction.


  9. Heather says:

    “At least its not someone who we have all seen ruin another network’s programming day part, right?”

    Well there’s a start for everything, right?


  10. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    That’s CBS. Has nothing to do with me or my interest. I don’t watch CBS unless for special occasions. These days I leave my television on when I’m gone, to another channel (and sometimes that’s CBS) can get the ratings I refuse to give ABC any earlier ratings before the 3pm slot, when I get home.


  11. Ted says:

    Nope. NOT good.

    Sorry, I don’t trust ANYONE even remotely associated with THE TALK (or Let’s Make a Deal for that matter).

    So, IMHO ? ….The writing’s on the wall too, over at CBS daytime.

    Despite good ratings for Y&R and BB right now?….why, it’s only just a matter of time.

    The network, ALL the networks, are out to “get” the soaps…….totally OFF the air.

    Sorry. I really am THAT skeptical at this point.


  12. Iakovos says:

    CBS is a more conserrvative network, so I hope they are no plotting any sudden cancellations of Y&R and B&B. It is confusing to me, as much as primetime programmers have abandoned Saturday night, that the webs do not work harder to make daytime count and be unique as it has for decades. I cannot imagine that is done by dismantling successes for pale imitations and mindless talk/reality shows. I’d even welcome the return — as we have in primetime — of game shows at least. There is a place for daytime drama. There are millions of fans of the genre. Maybe some of these highly paid suits who are so well regarded can exercise some brain power and devise a strategy to answer viewers, accountants, creative types, and corporate leaders.

    Why not a mix of news, information, drama, and contest? Is it really that difficult?


  13. rose says:

    No background in soaps, it’s audience, or scripted shows. Very worrysome, especially since I’ve moved over to CBS between 1-2.


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