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17 January 29th, 2013 CBS Officially Renews The Bold and the Beautiful, The Talk, & Entire Daytime Line-up!


CBS, the top-rated network in Daytime with audience growth across the daypart, has renewed its entire daytime schedule for the 2013-2014 season! That comes as good news for fans of The Bold and the Beautiful, whose pick-up was anticipated but not confirmed until today!  The number one soap of them all, The Young and the Restless,  previously had received a pick-up as part of a multi-year deal!

In addition, the fastest-growing daytime talk show, The Talk, daytime’s most-watched program, The Price is Right and game show, Let’s Make A Deal were all renewed!

Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment stated in the official press release:  “Over the past few years, we have successfully transitioned our daytime schedule to a balance of program genres with new creative energy, while maintaining our ratings leadership. Wee are proud of CBS’s history of quality and leadership in Daytime, thrilled with our current success and we look forward to more great things ahead from the outstanding creative talent in place at each of the shows.”

Angelica McDaniel, Senior VP Daytime, CBS Entertainment stated: “I am excited and energized by the pickup of our lineup for next season, which features a balanced mix of talk, game shows and drama. We have been #1 for over two decades, and our goal is to challenge ourselves to make our successful schedule even stronger.”

So soapers, happy about the renewal of B&B, The Talk, and the entire daytime line-up of CBS Daytime, who seem to understand the word “synergy” better than anyone else?

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  1. Ellen Land says:

    Way to go CBS! You have te best shows on daytime and nighttime. Congratulations.


  2. Mary SF says:

    This line up has work for them for years, why mess with success? The Talk benefited from strong lead ins otherwise it might have floundered. So yeah, if I was CBS I wouldn’t change a thing– it is obvious their mommas didn’t raise no fools.


  3. Ella says:

    I was an ABC soap viewer until the cancellation of AMC & OLTL. I began watching The Young and the Restless when AMC last aired. And started watching The Bold and the Beautiful with the last episode of OLTL. It seems like a no brainier that daytime soap viewers will watch daytime soaps but I am still surprised that ABC didn’t consider the consequences of their cancellations. Glad CBS realizes what gems they have and give diversity in their daytime lineup. I hope ABC has learned its’ lesson and will keep GH on the air. It’s my favorite soap


  4. susan M. says:

    I NEVER watch The Talk! So I don’t really care it got renewed.


  5. Justin says:

    CBS is full of just that…BS. Since they let my show “As The World Turns” go, after faithfully watching for over 30 years, I have switched to ABC. General Hospital is getting better all the time. I know ABC also kicked some beloved soaps to the curb, but mine was kicked first… and it’s not coming back online…at least as far as I know.
    I miss it damn it!!

    I’m so glad to see All My Children and One Life To Live get new lives. I just never got into them myself. I was true to CBS until they fed me some BS.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    I miss ATWT, too. But CBS had to do what it needed to funding wise. As screwed up as it is to believe, I understand their decision. Plus, P&G wanted out of the soap realm.


    Justin replied

    I understand it…I just don’t like it. I need my daily fix of Lucinda and Barbara. I’m still having Post-Opera Depression.

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    I know. I get it. I miss it, too. I miss CarJack and Lilden (original).

  6. bc says:

    congrats to the talk’s renewal! this is a triumph for julie chen especially after the news that cnn doesn’t think ann curry can carry her a primetime tv show. there are reports that zucker doesn’t want curry but this is the same guy that thought couric’s daytime talk show would be a ratings hit and yet it’s a flop. ann curry must be at a disadvantage bec she’s an Asian american female! this is exactly the product of hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media’s racism and whitewashing against Asian americans! they don’t give opportunities to Asian americans as leading chars on primetime and therefore they’ll use that to prevent Asian americans from having their own tv primetime shows. nyt reported that hollywood executives did not like to discuss the success of primetime tv show scandal’s total ratings and demos and ratings success w/ its African american audience. obviously hollywood and the manhattan mainstream media don’t only care abt money. it’s abt shaping the culture and they’re against more representation of racial minorities. cnn doesn’t think part japanese ann curry can have her own primetime show yet cnn can have openly gay anderson cooper keep being the face of cnn despite his failed primetime show’s low ratings bec he’s white. no one takes him seriously bec he ruined his brand. his failed daytime talk show has shown how unappealing and condescending and very petty and bitchy he is. but hollywood and the “tolerant” manhattan mainstream media don’t think curry can carry her own primetime tv show bec they don’t want Asian americans to succeed. more bullying from the tolerant crowd. speaking of bullying the talk did a special on the bowl fever. 49ers brendon ayanbadejo has spoken abt using the bowl to promote his stance against gay bullying. of course hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media would be for this and he would get a lot of press and publicity for speaking against gay bullying. this is what hollywood personalities and athletes do. they’ll speak against gay bullying bec it gets them favorable press from the media. ayanbadejo is a racial minority and yet he isn’t speaking against Asian american bullying bec it’s not going to get him any press. hollywood and the manhattan media don’t care abt bullying towards Asian americans even if they’re the most bullied grp according to the huffington post. hollywood and the manhattan media openly bully Asian americans like ann curry and therefore that cause won’t get any actor and athlete some press.


    Michael replied

    I’m not even going to dignify bc’s comments. He/she always goes on their “Asians don’t get no respect” rant every fricking time there’s an avenue for he/she to put their idiotic comments out.



    k/kay replied

    I agree Michael and like I have said before don’t watch it if it is going to upset you you watch shows for enjoyment not to go crazy. I would also add why are we so hung up with color sexual preference etc. just enjoy your life.

    bc replied

    hypothetically pretend that ellen degeneres does not have a daytime talk show. then a hollywood executive told the press that ellen can’t carry her own talk show. the mainstream manhattan media and hollywood and entertainment press and glaad would say that hollywood executive is being homophobic bec he’s implying degeneres can’t carry her own talk show bec she’s openly lesbian. lgbt complaints are aplenty regarding representation and discrimination. all the mainstream manhattan media and hollywood keep preaching abt lgbt causes like same gender marriage and anti gay bullying. other racial minorities should do the same and not be silenced by people who disagree w/ them. huffington post is left leaning and I haven’t read anything from them recently. the huffington post has a section called “black voices” w/c is for African american issues. they have a section called “latino voices” for latino american issues. they have a section called “lgbt voices” for lgbt issues. but they do not have a section called “asian voices” for Asian american issues! they’re left leaning and even huffington post has problems w/ Asian american representation! yet they even reported that Asian american students are the most bullied. there’s an lgbt voices and yet only 3% of the u.s. population identify as lgbt. but there’s no asian voices and yet there are more Asian americans than there are lgbt people bec Asian americans are 6% of the us population. ann curry should get more opportunities bec nbc’s ratings have gone even lower when she was humiliated and fired on tv for a ratings stunt. she clearly was not the cause of nbc’s lower ratings.


    bc replied

    and btw the lack of representation still happens on primetime soaps w/ African american chars. the writers of “deception” have spoken abt how they’re not considering how Joanna was affected when she was growing up as a black female among her mother’s white employers. i’m guessing the writers don’t wanna go there.

    here are some of the statements of deception’s heldens on racial issues:
    “It is a way to sort of deal with race without actually having to talk about it”
    “But it’s not really something we talk about too much in the writers’
    “Why it’s not a discussion? I don’t know”

    here are some words from deception’s gail berman on racial issues:
    “the character of Joanna was completely accepted into this family and became the best friend of Vivian”
    “those traditional lines of upstairs/downstairs were crossed when that friendship was made.”

    it seems like deception’s writers don’t wanna go there. yet racial and gender and class storylines would provide a lot of dramatic storylines and friction.

    Joanna is a black daughter of the white core family’s maid. of course there should be race and class and gender issues! how could any of these chars realistically ignore racial and class and gender issues? what the heck? would they be saying the same thing abt a white gay char’s orientation? would a white gay char’s orientation not even be discussed among the writers and not even be a part of storylines? of course not.


  7. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    This is fantastic news. Both Y&R and B&B are pulling out great shows. So here’s to another season!


  8. Heather says:

    “the fastest-growing daytime talk show, The Talk”

    Are you kidding me Micheal. The Talk has the same ratings as The Chew, and sometimes even slightly lower ratings than The Chew. There’s nothing there about a “fastest-growing daytime talk show”.

    If you want a real fast growing show, let’s talk about GH. It went from 2,2 million to more than 2,8 million in just a matter of months. I dare The Talk to achieve this.


  9. Robert says:

    CBS is the best network morning to night. I read that CBS was the only daytime network to gain viewers in 2012.Yeah CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Al Danuccii says:

    So glad B&B and Y&R are both on the go! Great news.


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