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31 April 27th, 2016 CBS Renews Y&R, B&B, And the Rest Of The Daytime Lineup!


It’s a big day for CBS Daytime as as all five of its shows were renewed for the 2016-2017 the network.

The Bold and the Beautiful received a two-year pickup.  The Young and the Restless, which previously has received a multi-year pickup through the 2017 season, Let’s Make a Deal, The Talk and The Price Is Right were also part of the reneweal announcement today.

“Each year, CBS Daytime produces more than 1,000 episodes of programming – the most for any broadcast network – which is only possible due to the incredible passion of the industry’s best creative talent, both in front of and behind the camera,” said Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution. “Our loyal audience has made CBS Daytime the #1 daily destination for millions of viewers and we thank them for contributing to this phenomenal success. Next year will be even bigger and bolder!”

The network noted on Y&R’s performance that the series is averaging 5.28 million viewers, up +1% from last season and for B&B is is averaging 3.94 million viewers.

Glad to hear B&B got a two-year pick-up and that Y&R and the rest of the line-up remains in tact? Comment below!

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  1. Matthew Place says:

    Wow! Great for CBS Daytime. Congrats to all and way to go B&B!


  2. Mo says:

    Yay for B&B. It’s been great lately.


  3. Patrick says:

    it just bites

    Kudos to CBS for “really” getting… what works

    BUILDING – in and around – their #1 and #2 Serials

    Bravo and YES !

    ABC and NBC…. PUHLEASE ! mind the store… you need , General Hospital and Days of OUR Lives….

    without… you have no daytime


    davlestev1 replied

    True Patrick… They will essentially bolster CBS by not trying harder… Yes CBS uses the same Bell model for their shows …good or bad EP’s and/or writers it always works on some level…. By 2018 Days audience will be CBS’s… you can’t keep telling fans EVERY year.. Wait till September and our new writers… Yeah we fired then before but they’re better now they get it… And a pig can wear a bikini and take the world by storm.. GIVE ME A BREAK LOL


  4. Timmm says:

    I know Y&R has been #1 for a bazillion years but to see it improve from last years number is good for the format in general.


  5. Derrick says:

    Yayyyyyyyyy CBS!


  6. Ray says:

    B&B is a great show. I love the pacing and the aerial shots. Rena Sofer, Heather Tom, Scott Clifton, Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont are my favorites.


    James R. Poissant replied

    B&B is the only soap to make money internationally—I do remember reading some time ago that it is the #1 show in Italy. Rena Sofer is a big draw for me too because I love the hell Quinn raises.


  7. Mary SF says:

    The motto for CBS Daytime is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it– they have a solid daytime line up with good numbers they would be fools to mess with it.


  8. Ashleigh says:

    Well that’s all good news except for The Talk, which is a throne for “Mrs. O” to sit on and recieve worship from all and joke about how much plastic surgery she has had. Who knew do many wantef to watch that??,


    Ashleigh replied

    Wow, sorry for all the typos.


    Timmm replied

    Julie has class and is good at what she does, Cheryl is the most annoying person on TV and Sharon has milked every last drop of blood out of the Ozzie’s fame! She is disgusting!


    Rena replied

    Sheryl Underwood is not annoying at all, she is a funny lady and is a wonderful lady.

    Kelly replied

    Timmin girlfriend you need to chill out, learn how to spell Sheryl OK lol. She Spells her first name with an S, not a C. Sharon is a cool chic, she is straight to the point. no BS with her. Sheryl is funny, loud and a terrific woman. Julie has grown on me, I love her now.

    Patrick replied

    duly note

    Sharon Osborne… is done

    she’s laid waste to … the Osborne

    leave well enough alone

    let her kids… traverse “life’ as it is

    relax Ms. Osborne.. you did nothing for your husband

  9. Lorenzo says:

    Wow wonderful news, CBS is very commited to the Daytime soaps, Also I love The Talk, terrific Talk show and love Sheryl Underwood. she is a funny lady.


  10. Adam says:

    The soaps are here to stay, that’s really good news for us fans. I love you CBS.


  11. sonniorsolita says:

    It’s good news and I’m pleased, but I can’t help but still feel a little bitter, even after all these years. If CBS had shown the same concern and care for “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns” as it has for the Bell serials, we’d have four soaps on CBS Daytime.


    su0000 replied

    Daytime tv is struggling to stay alive and can’t pay for much of anything, the soaps are extreme money out for daytime tv..
    We are very fortunate that we the 4 soaps ..

    Daytime tv is failing, we have to be grateful that there are 4 soaps..


    blake replied

    I agree. It’s horrible that they were replaced by game shows, which I refuse to watch.


  12. Rose says:

    Glad to see CBS stick with their daytime shows. Not that they are always perfect like recent soap promos, IMO. But at least they promote them. Makes you wonder if ABC had invested money, imagination, and a little re-freshing into AMC and OLTL to adapt for changing daytime viewing demos and habits, where their daytime would be now. It just always boggles my mind that you alienate a long standing, loyal soap viewer (many of whom have boycotted ABC ever since) by cancelling their soaps, and try to start from scratch attracting a new audience. And then there’s the Kelly thing. Is the CBS and ABC culture that different?


    Rose replied

    Talk about imagination with a little humor…LazyBoy is running a fun ad in my market with Brooke Shields that is a take on soap operas, Cassadines and Stavros. Guess they think there’s an audience/customer.


    Mo replied

    Constantine from American Idol and B&B stars in the ad with her.

    Timmm replied

    What happened to Brooke’s career! I think the male lead was a former American Idol?

    blake replied

    Oh yeah I’ve seen that. It reminds me of her stint on Friends where she was a soap opera fan acting like a soap actor with Joey.

    Llanviewer717 replied

    You ask an interesting question Rose. The goal of all the networks is to spend the least amount for programming while making the most from advertising. I think CBS watched the continuing fire storm of rage against the alphabet network/mouse company for canceling AMC and OLTL and said, “We don’t want any part of this.” So, CBS will tighten the budget while keeping their programs on the air for as long as possible.

    I am definitely one who has boycotted the alphabet network since the last day One Life to Live aired and will continue to do so.


    Rose replied

    Maybe part of the $ tightening comes from not spending a lot on the sets. I’ve noticed long time viewers to Y&R commenting about this, like Catherine’s house.

  13. Soaphound says:

    This is good news. I’ve always felt the best acting on television is done on daytime. And when you consider their hectic filming schedule and the partial sets they often work on, it’s even more admirable. Consider the concentration and focus it must take to make the shows believable and dramatic, without a lot of the perks of nighttime series. Soaps rule!


  14. k/kay says:

    I sincerely am happy for them both even though they have changed so much it’s called learning to roll with the times!


  15. 4ever DAYS says:

    The CBS game shows and “The Talk” are way more profitable than the CBS soaps. Some of the profits of those shows are used to help Y&R and B&B. Viewers who want to crush the CBS soaps shouldn’t watch the other CBS daytime programs.

    GH and DAYS fans should also consider this: Each time you watch game and talk shows, the more likely your soap will be replaced with a game or talk show.


  16. Rose says:

    But…CURSES, CBS cancelled one of my favorite nighttime show…’Persons Of Interest.’ From what I’ve read, fans of the show are not happy at all, the ratings were fine, but it could have something to do with Warner Brothers “owning” POI. It’s a shame when you have a really interesting show that gets cancelled in a “sea” of relatity shows.


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