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29 July 21st, 2010 CBS Talk Show with Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne to replace ATWT!

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CBS has picked the replacement for departing daytime soap As the World Turns: a daily panel talk show hosted by Sara Gilbert, on whose idea the show is based, Julie Chen, Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne and Leah Remini that focuses on topical events through the eyes of moms.

This item was broken exclusively by Nellie Adreeva at Deadline Hollywood.    According to the post, “The pilot, executive produced by Tom Forman (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), John Redmann (The Tyra Banks Show) and Gilbert, was one of several CBS ordered for the ATWT timeslot, along with a Pyramid reboot hosted by Andy Richter and a cooking game show starring Emeril Lagasse. The View-type female-oriented talk show screened very well at the network and had been the clear frontrunner.”  The new talkfest has a tentative October launch.   The talk show will be filmed in Los Angeles where Chen also co-hosts CBS’ Early Show year-round as well as the network’s reality series Big Brother in the summer.

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  1. Rob says:


    This is gonna be a big bomb!


    Miles replied

    Rob, thank you brotha (I’m black by the way). I flat out agree with you. Can you believe that Sara Gilbert actually pitched this idea to CBS? She’s already on HawthoRNe and she still gets paid for Roseanne when it’s in syndication. These ladies already make enough money for what they do. Good Lord. They rejected Pyramid and an Emeril Lagasse-hosted game show. What da matter, Les Moonves? Too chicken to get a game show on the block? (clucks like a chicken) Geez, man.


    big apple replied

    Atwt was special, realy was the best soap on air. The Talk dont we have the view.

    mandie replied

    Cudos to ya’ll! Julie, what is going on with your wardrobe? Seriously why are you allowing this. You are an incredibly beautiful woman whom always looks amazingly beautiful and you are coming on this show dressing like my mother. Whom ever dressed you for BB, should be your wardrobe girl or guy for The Talk!

    Ya’ll should listen to Sharon O. as she is spot on. Our kids grow up inspite of us. Learned that the hard way, but Sharon is right. Keeps thoses babies loved and fed, keep them close to you even in bed. It brings comfort and joy ans security to them and you.

    When all the kids were coming in, before I would go to sleep I would lay down thick duets and pillows and blackets and as they got older, like 4,5, etc. they come in and sleep in our room on the make shift bed. It will keep them close to you and that bond it brings, not to mention trust.

    Leah has it right too!!!! Sara, hate to brerak this to you but with all your great intentions, your kids will go off to school and come home being people you won’t reconize. I sent 3 sweet little angels to kindergarden and when these sweet angels came home each day, they shared with me things and words that schocked even me. I lived under the code of hhhmmmm where did i go wrong, then a close friend of mine said to me, ” This too shall pass “….and it did……my advice is to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Yes, I said enjoy the ride even if you don’t like it. I learned to late to just sit back and watch, but when i did. It was all ok. really ok. and like Sharon I have 3 amazingly loving, secure and kind and sucessful adult children. This I am so greatful for., and blessed.

    Holly lighten up, You teach the kids well, give them all the tools they need for life then stand back and watch them work. Ten or so yrs. from now they will be your best friends. You always seem so worried about them. One day not so long from now you and hubby will be patting eachother on the backs saying what a great job ya’ll did in raising them. Ok, he will take all the credit, but that’s life. We will all know it was you;-)

    Your show is great, but PLEASE JULIE, please no more Brenchel, had way more then enough of them playing for the camera. It’s become sickening!
    Julie, please push for a winter season of BB. 1x a year of bb is just not enough!

    Good luck ladies ya’ll are great and the show, well could be better. I watched only because of Julie. Then I liked all ya”ll. Leah, never change you are amazing! Sharon teach these ladies, you are a hero in life, in general. A major inspriation and a saint, as Ozzie is one of a kind as is my husband. They could be brothers with different parents.

    Life is easy, we tend to make it hard.

    Julie, please do something about bb being aired 2x a yr. PLEASE.

    Good luck with The Talk, Just a bit of revamping and this show will be amazing.

    I am sorry for all the peaople who lost their favorite show, but give this show a chance. They actually do alot of great things for people. Just needs some revamping is all.

    Happy and Healthy Holidays,

    P.S. Have I mentioned that we want to have 2 seasons of BB every year?
    God Bless you all…….

    You know Julie BB13 fan page asked if we want a winter season as well to hit the like button. BB12 is over and gone, maybe it’s time to blend those to fan pages and more info. will come out and a larger fan base. more people to hit the like button….

    Thanks, and good luck.

    One last thing, Please don’t insult Julie . She is amazing and if she wasn’t right for this show then her husband would not have gone with it. Nothing is what it seems. Besides the fact that CBS just cancelled my favorite show Medium. I loved that show, so please stop with the awful things being said.
    Julie and each one of these ladies are great and the 5 together are wonderful. Just try to watch it with an open mind. Just saying is all.


    chris stanton replied

    i love their show never watched a talk show before,.i think julie is a wonderful host. the italian singers they had on today were great did not get their names. the show was on 02028-11 they were wonderful. would like to know when theiralbum is coming out. they are all intresting. love them all thank you

  2. Karen says:

    See it pays to sleep with the boss, show #3 for Julie Chen. I said the people over at ATWT should of put her on a contract role & they (Moonves) wouldn’t of canceled the show.


    Michelle replied

    I totally agree with you. How pathetic. I even read an article where Les Moonves said that ATWT wasn’t special enough to be saved. Well I can tell you that his wife’s show “The Talk” is not going to be special enough to be saved either. I will not watch even one episode. To CBS, P&G and anyone else involved with cancelling ATWT I will be through with your shows and products as of Sept. 17. You definitely didn’t give a d**n about the true and loyal fans. :(


    mmc replied

    I’m not liking that he said ATWT wasn’t special enough to be saved! It was special enough to last 54 years….Let’s see if this talk show lasts 54 days! I seriously doubt it!

  3. mmc says:

    Aftfter CBS and P&G taking away my beloved ATWT (and the best characters, Luke and Reid), you couldn’t pay me to watch this talk show.I’m so disgusted and still so heartbroken,i don’t know if I will ever stop missing ATWT…


  4. Latonya Bates says:

    Hey Ladies I enjoyed your show some people need to get a life the are just
    jealous of you Julie, Holly, Leah, Sara, Sharon, I loved ATWT to but it’s hisory I love
    this new show it deals with real life so do worry about what the haters say about you
    remember they are just jealous because they are not walking in your shoe someone
    wrote a poem and it said if your haven’t walked in my shoes been where i’ve been indured what I’ve unitl you have been there done that you dont have a thing to say
    so stop hateing I love you Ladies alot keep your head up high


    bobbie replied

    where is Holly and Leah..I enjoyed it more when they were on there


  5. Latonya Bates says:

    I’m sorry about the type err I made in my comments I was trying to hurry so let me try again I enjoy your show there are haters that just can’t stand to see someone else to do something inportant as this is they are jealous you Julie, Holly, Leah, Sara, Sharon,
    all of you have alot to offer as women as mothers as sisters I want to encourage you Julie, Holly, Leah, Sara, Sharon. a preacher once preached about issue in our life and I thank God for you Ladies because you are dealing with issue in al of our lifes so Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. sheila house says:

    Julie, Iwatch your new show a couple ot the girls could tone it down a bit LOve to see Brittney Hayes on there she was so witty and pretty oops a little ryme any way that is my opinionm\. i just watched an interview she just did and she used the [i ask my self wwjd ] you must still be on her mind. Good luck you are all beautiful and bright one more thing dont ley it become ghetto I no longer watch Oprah the last year or so when she decided to talk as if she was an uneducated street person and I am sure its not only me that feels like that . Why build a school if you are going to set that type of an example sorry I am aware that I run on sheila house


  7. Faith Coleman says:

    The comment about covering her arms for TV was useful and may not be entirely bad: It shows others that they can make progress, too, it gives hope. Like an alcoholic with years of sobriety is encouraging to newcomers to AA. It can be done, I’m here with you for this journey is the message


  8. Cathy says:

    Don’t care for the choice of women on this show. Holly Robinson Peete can’t even sit like a lady on the couch! Please give her lessons on how to sit like a lady. And Sharon Osborne, give me a break, enough is enough of her. Bottom line…not impressed.


  9. mary says:

    I love your show, always tape it so i don’t miss it. it beats “the view” I don’t see the logic in some of the answers you have but Sharon is the best! today on marriage, I don’t know why yall find it hard to maintain a good marriage. We just celebrated our 53rd yr. anniversary. I was 18 when we married, had a very hard life as self employed people. I never worked outside the home till my last was in highschool and then I went back to school got a job, worked ten yrs and then we started a new life involving travel. I had a misscarriage, had a daughter loose an arm in an accident at nine yrs old. have six living children and 17 grandchildren and seven great grands. oh ya, on the sub. of sex, my hubby is 76 and still can’t get enough and I have never said “no I have a headache! ” I do not want my name mentioned if you do talk about this, other than that I don’t mind. Life is good, don’t see why there are so many divorces, I think it is because of living together befor marraige and no we did not have sex befor we said I do, thats important.


  10. Tina Cotton-Johnson says:

    I love the talk and every lady on it, They r all different people that bring different opinions too the show. They keep me and my mom laughing and crying which ever emotion is appropriate at that time. So keep up the good works moms. Oh yeah love how yall dress from sexy to conservative.


  11. sharon van hofwegen says:

    its funny the ladies of the talk are talking about sacrficing for your chrildren, because my daughter in college in another state( which has a lot of snow and is freezing now) broke her hand and im am flying out on thuresday at the last minute to be with her for surgery. Im leaving 80 degree weather to FREEZING thats sacifice.


  12. Marilyn ash samet says:

    Re school districts and educational quality, there has been public national attention re our Wake Cty (Raleigh area)schools. Bussing to provide quality education re neighborhood schools has brought in a retired military man as Bd of Ed chmn. How can we help the Ohio woman who is really being persecuted! When bussing stops here it means resegregation..I am 85 and glad to be old! We made the national comic shows with this dilema! Your opinion?


  13. Tena Compton says:

    I just want to say what happens when you lose your job because of down size because they went to India for the job you use to do. I feel so depress


  14. REGINA KIESCHE says:

    i will be in the LA area visiting my daughter who I havent seen in over a year. How can we get tickets to your show for May 15, 16 or 17th?
    Please Help!



  15. sarah says:

    Have been watching your show and enjoy it every day–except today — I was greatly disappointed when you gave Obama all the credit regarding the raid on Bin Ladin, It was not a one man show, the past President played a very large part . But most of all Our Military did what was needed so Please don’t make it sound like Obama rode over on a white horse and took care of America- Your Show is Great the way it is, It’s Light and Fun with some real heart felt subjects- Please don’t taint it with Politics..We get plenty of that….


  16. John Joseph Delgadillo says:

    Please ladies. I read one ladies comment about ATWT being on air for 54 years and how she would not watch an episode of Let’s Talk. Well lady all I have to say is “GET A LIFE!” . 54 years of a soap is way to much. That is all fantasy and for some reason you all buy into it as if it were reality. I find it ridiculous that as a grown women you would not have enough of a life to move the heck on. BTW! Anything with Sharon Osborne is great. She is a lady of class and is well respected which is a lot more than I can say for the bubble gum actors in the soaps if actor is a word that can be used for them. UGH!


  17. John Joseph Delgadillo says:

    Really people. You are complaining that the View Already exists so why another talk show like it? Well I can say the same about boring soaps! There are enough of them taking up the air waves. Please. “Will Luke and Laura ever die!” UGH! Who cares? Change is a good thing.


  18. bobbie says:

    I mis s Holly and Leah, when will they return


  19. Mildred says:

    Tell those ladies to go back to California with all the other phonies.
    How dare they ridicule a baseball signed by the only Hero in America today Our Derek Jeter. You fools.


  20. Sandy says:

    This show needs to be cancelled regardless of trying to raise ratings by bringing on high visibility celebrity’s
    The mediocrity of the hosts is prevelant and the show is boring. I watched it the first season and I really thought it should have been cancelled then. It has gone from mediocrity to down right hopeless. Please take it ff the air unless you get rid of all the host and start over again.


  21. Bob Stansbery says:

    The black lady [cheryl],I feel she is totaly wrong on what she stands for.The Mexican in Florida’[Get the whole story insted of guilty out of the shoot! The basket ball player with elboe vilation its was on t v not black and white but color!!!!!


  22. Diane says:

    this show SUCKS without Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. They were the BEST and FUNNIEST people on the show. I used to love to watch it every day.
    havent’ not watched it once..since Holly and Leah were rudely kicked off. what is wrong with CBS. oh, and Ms. Chen, YOU ARE A BORE. You are also not a very nice person.


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