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12 December 28th, 2011 Celebrate Llanview Chicago Style – A Tribute Party Honoring the Finale of OLTL!


Following the success of Celebrate Pine Valley! in September, “soap opera socialite” Jason Spitzer will welcome past and present actors from ABC’s One Life to Live  for Celebrate Llanview! A Tribute Party Honoring the Finale of One Life to Live Benefitting Season of Concern”  to Chicago to watch the ABC finale with fans of the show on January 13, 2012, once again being held at Sidetrack Video Bar.

Scheduled to appear are : Ilene Kristen (Roxy Balsom), David Gregory (Robert Ford), Nic Robuck (James Ford), Lenny Platt (Nate Salinger), Josh Kelly (Cutter Wentworth), Tonja Walker Davidson (Alex Olanov Buchanan), Mark Dobies (Daniel Colson), & Don Jeffcoat (Joey Buchanan).  Many more actors and special guests will be announced over the next several weeks. (Talent is subjected to change without notice.)

Festivities begin at 11AM CST when the actors make an appearance on ABC 7 Chicago’s 11AM Newscast with meteorologist Tracy Butler broadcasting live from the Sidetrack Video Bar interviewing the actors. At 12PM, it’s the “Live from Ultra Violet” talk show where Jason will interview the actors about their time on the show and take questions from the fans. After the OLTL finale, stay for the live auction and the Meet & Greet session.

Tickets are available for purchase online at General Admission tickets are $35 and at this time, all VIP packages are sold out. All ticket proceeds benefit Season of Concern. For more information, please visit their website. Doors open at 11AM and you must be 21 and over to attend. Mark your calendar to “Celebrate Llanview!” in Chicago on January 13th!



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  1. Chris says:

    Matt Walton (ex-Elijah Clarke) is also scheduled to be there, too!


    Bren replied

    Not anymore. “(Talent is subjected to change without notice.)”


  2. gloria says:

    It just does not seem right to be having a “celebration” that day. A funeral would be more appropriate.


    Jamie replied

    Haha…I’m upset too, but this comment made me chuckle. This show is getting SO good….I am dying to see today’s when Gigi comes face to face with that little sh*t, Jack.


    barbara t replied

    you have a point there.I dont know what I am going to do when one life to live ends, I know one thing I wont be happy,and I wont celebrate ,I will have a headache from crying,my heart will be broken ,just because abc wants to go cheep,my afternoons will never be the same.


    Heather replied

    Wait until January 16th when you turn on your television set on ABC at 2:00pm and you realize that there’s no One Life to Live on the air.

    I never watched Guiding Light, As the World Turns or All My Children. But I’m about the find out what the fans of these shows went through when their soap was cancelled.


    Gladys replied

    I was never a regular viewer of OLTL or AMC but watched ATWT for years. I can tell you it is NO fun watching “your” soap go off the air for good. I still feel there is a hole during the day when ATWT was on the air.

    It really is a shame that all of these shows are leaving the air. Frankly, I do not pull all of the blame on the networks. The producers and the writers have some blood on their hands as well. While OLTL may be the exception as it sounds like the quality might still be there, the rest of them had horrific writing and production decisions in their final years.

    Sadly, I am almost certain that another of “my” shows, Y&R, will be joining these shows in the “scrap heap” in the next couple of years. The writing for Y&R has been godawful for a while and shows no signs of improvement.

    Heather replied

    Actually I think they’ll all be gone by 2020 in that respective order 1) GH 2) DAYS 3) B&B and 4)Y&R

  3. barbara t says:

    I wont be turning my tv set on at 2 oclock on january 16 I am well aware that one llife to live wont be on .OK, it will be on but not on abc,I will watch gh then the channel will get changed again ,and that is the way it will be from now on,and if gh goes, I wont ever turn on abc again I dont care whats ,the only way I will ever watch abc is if they admit to there mistake and put the soaps back on ,and I know that is never going to happen.


    Susan M. replied

    Same here!!!!!!!!!! ABC SUCKS!!!!!!!And don’t care much for Brian Frons either!!!!!!!! THE SOAP KILLER!!!!!!!!! OLTL is on line already with full episodes!! And prospect Park has a show on USA called Royal Pains!!!!!!!! Why couldn’t they do this for OLTl!!!!!! Benedict Arnold!!!!!!!! No one wants to lift a finger to save OLTL!!!!!!!! So GODDBYE to ABC DAYTIME for ME!!!!!!!!!


  4. Beverly Salhany says:

    ABC WILL NOT SEE ME ON THERE FROM 12:30 TO 3:00 I will watch GH then change again you have lost many poeple because of this change in our day time we have to many other channels to watch anything else if we want crap to watch so why watch you from 1-to 3 if you put our soaps back on you have us back ..UP TO YOU


  5. Torrey says:

    I want to throw a question out there to all my OLTL fans…just to see if I’m the only one that believes this. With the finale of OLTL looming, who else thinks that it was a bad decision for Ron Carlivati to leave the show with a big cliffhanger? Now, I realize that this was all decided when everyone was under the belief that Prospect Park was going to pick up where the network left off, but I believe that it would have been a better decision to go ahead and write the finale as if the show wasn’t coming back. This way the fans aren’t left wondering what was supposed to happen next. I mean, if you are a writer, you should be able to pick the story up, no matter where you left off. So, the decision to do this BIG cliffhanger, just to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat, will be a decision that I’m sure that will be regretted. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Ron is a spectacular writer, and I have been entertained for many years….but I’m just hoping that this finale doesn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth, like the AMC finale did. Just curious as to what other people think.


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