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12 October 1st, 2011 Celebrity Justice: Y&R’s John Driscoll files Restraining Order Against Fan!

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Now here is something we don’t like to see, especially to one of the nicest guys we know in the business!  The Young and the Restless, John Driscoll (Chance) has filed a restraining order against a female fan who, according to, allegedly came up with some horrific lies about John, that nearly destroyed his relationship with his fiancee and jeopardized his career!

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Driscoll claims the fan began telling people she had multiple sexual encounters with John … and he even fathered her child. Then things spiraled out of control — so John resorted to drastic measures.  John stated, “To silence these rumors, to gain credit back from both colleagues and family, I willingly took and paid for the lab testing on a paternity test which knowingly came back negative with a 0% match.”

According to the docs, John believes the woman “clearly is not rational” — and fears she will harm either himself or his fiancee. John wants a judge to keep her at least 500 yards away at all times, and in addition he wants her to pay him back for the $119 paternity test.

So soapers, I guess the lesson learned here is:  Fandom is one thing, but not at the expense of people’s real life relationships and their jobs in this very difficult economy and turbulent times we live in.

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  1. Perla says:

    Gee there’s some crazy people out there. Good for him that he got the restraining order.


  2. Brian Greene says:

    This is a very cautionary tale for both entertainers & their mostly respectful behaving admirers/followers.

    Michael, how did this situation get out of control with John & this “fan”? Also, how did this situation negatively affect John’s job prospects?

    Thank you for this informative report, Michael!


  3. Chelsea says:

    Wow how awful, some fans sure go off the deep end. I hope this woman gets help for the sake of her baby.


  4. Blake says:

    What a whack job! Glad he took matters into his own hands! Could have affected his job and relationships.
    Reminds me of when the actress who plays Tina Lord on OLTL had a crazy stalker in the 80s!


  5. AlistairCrane says:

    Driscoll doesn’t have a job. He left the role of Chance in May.


  6. AMANDA says:

    I agree with Michael Fairman, John is one of the nicest actors in daytime soaps. I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him at soap opera events. He is so kind, warm, friendly, humble and a real gentleman.

    It is a real shame that this lady has caused him such un-necessary grief. Obviously, she needs professional help ASAP!


  7. Deb says:

    Apparently those of you who have left comments here have not read Sandy’s comment on or you would be well aware by now that this story clearly has two sides. If you would take the time to read it you would know that what John is reporting as a fan causing this problem for him is not correct!! John & this woman had a relationship for several months. The woman did not know John was cheating on his girlfriend at the time. She was told they had broken up, but found out later as she was seeing him. She was not a fan who just made things up as John would like the public & his fan base, family & friends to believe. It is time for John to just admit the truth to his girlfriend, family, friends & fan base. Also as reported he never showed up for the court hearing. Why do you think that is? He filed his court papers with false information and had no records to prove what he was claiming, it was thrown out of court people!!! There are also photos of John and this woman together on several occasions and friends have said they were seeing each other.
    The truth of the matter will never be told by men like John who cheat, once a cheater always a cheater as Sandy stated. For the sake of her baby, John’s ex-friend will not speak out but instead act as a classy woman and protect her baby from all of his drama he & his girlfriend have created with their lies to try and protect John’s reputation from being tarnished. People please always remember there are two sides to every story reported. So before you jump on someone’s band wagon, even someone you think is very nice ( remember nice people do reckless things ) first think twice. So sad how the public thrives on negative and reckless reporting such as this!!!! Shame on you John for having filed such a false claim with the court. I too had once thought you who such a nice gentleman. Your actions have proved what I once thought to be terribly wrong!


  8. AMANDA says:

    Deb, I am really in shock. The paternity test is negative regarding him being the father of the baby in question. Obviously, that does not mean he did not have a relationship with this lady in question though.

    I beleived he was the victim being stalked by a deranged fan. I guess John is a good actor, especially off screen.


  9. AMANDA says:

    I retract my above comments. After seeing the description of this Rebekah Booth lady in the court papers filed, there is no way John would have been romantically involved with a lady weighing 180 pounds. Nothing against plus size ladies, but I have seen the ladies over the many years that John dated and brought to soap opera events back to his days on Guiding Light. None of these ladies were even close to being a plus size. They all had model figures.

    This comment made by Sandy is just the opinion of someone who possibly knows John.

    After reading her comments and seeing the court papers filed, I beleive this Rebekah is a deranged fan. John was probably nice to her, she was a former neighbor and fan of Y&R. John is nice to everyone. Unfortunately for him, this Rebekah person made up her own fantancy and decided to make him her boyfriend in her obvious deranged mind.


    Deb replied

    Amanda, first let’s get the facts correct here! Rebekah was not 180 lbs when she & John were seeing each other, she was a mere 120 lbs. And who has seen her on a scale lately to comfirm this rumor of now being 180lbs after having a child. Shall I remind everyone of Kate Hudson’s weight when she gave birth and afterwards! Also Amanda, John alledged many things in his court papers but failed to show for his court date to prove his allegations, why do you think that is? If he had proof of his allegations and was so extremely concerned about his safety & Beth’s don’t you think that court date would have been a priority to him?!! And furthermore how do we know the paternity test was negative? Did John show to court with the results to enter as evidence? I think not. Too many allegations here are making no sense & I personally believe John was advised to stop what he was attemping to do in order to save his relationship with Beth. Someone obivously with more knowledge of the law must have advised him to stop while he was ahead, hence the court threw out his request for failure to appear. Also please read the comments again on the second page at & also and you will read for yourself the other women who are now speaking out about John. Also on John’s facebook page he said the media had leaked information that was completely false. Only info leaked was the court papers. Now as of today John has removed that page from his facebook. Interesting don’t you think? Men who protest too much usually have the most guilt. Deranged is a very strong word to use against someone you have never met, shame on you Amanda. I hope you never experience what Rebekah is going through and read that people who don’t know you are using such words to assassinate your character!!!


  10. Bridget says:

    In response to Amanda’s comment about the impossibility that John would be romantically involved with a female who weighs 180 pounds, you have no idea what you are talking about. I have personally hooked up with John (and yes, when he was in a relationship) and I”m here to tell you – he doesn’t care what size you are. In fact, I know of another girl he’s messed around with who was over 200 pounds. He may take these model figure ladies to events, but in reality, size really doesn’t matter to him. I can actually prove his infidelity over the years but I dont’ care enough to take it to the press. So before you judge a woman’s size and whether or not a “soap star” (lame) would go for someone a bit larger, think again. I think in actuality, he prefers a girl with some meat.


  11. AMANDA says:

    Deb & Bridgett—If I am wrong, I stand corrected. I read the court papers filed, which is on TMZ and basically came to my conclusion based on what I read. I apologize if I offended anyone. Thank you.


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