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13 April 20th, 2010 Chad Duell’s debut as Michael Corinthos on today’s GH!


General Hospital fans got a glimpse of the new Michael Corinthos in action today when Chad Duell finally made his on-screen debut.   His first appearance was ushered in complete with voice over announce that, “The part of Michael Corinthos is now being played by Chad Duell,” and he has replaced Drew Garrett (Ex-Michael) in the opening credits.

Many fans have already voiced their opinions today to us via email and through posts. But what is your initial reaction to the switcheroo?  Let us know.  Watch the clip of the opening segment of today’s GH, in which Duell has his debut, after the jump.

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  1. mesia says:

    he really didnt do much acting today, soooo i’ll place my judgement on hold till i see something worth commenting about(good or bad). wish him luck thro hes got some pretty talented sheos to fill


    Sienna Sacha replied

    I didn’t like the other Michael. .. .not even a little and not from day one. So, I was/am thrilled at the recast.

    If he can act at all, I will approve.


    Kristen replied

    Sadly enough- he can’t act…at least not in a major role as a bad boy. He most definitely has no ability to seem tough and instead seems waaaay too vulnerable for a believable Corrinthos/mobster family member. We already have Morgan for that role.Even though I didn’t think I was a fan of Drew, I have come to realize he was the EXACT fit for the role and once again we are expected to just take the change and not have a say in the show we watch.

    Sienna Sacha replied

    Really, how can you make such a judgement from the very very limiited amount of air time he has had this week? In addition, he has not had to “act” in any real sense. IMO, maybe after being exposed to a few weeks of the new Michael we will all be able to make a more informed opinion. . . .any opinion now, IMO, is not only rash, but exposes a bias that, frankly, will never be shook. Clearly, you liked the last Michael, and that is all well and fine, its a preference. . . .an opinion, but to bash this kid after such a limited amount of exposure is fraught with superficial. . . and is, IMO, nonsensical.

    We can all have an opinion, but an opinion w/out any evidence means nothing.

  2. Lisa says:

    JUNK! I want the old one back. Now that kid could act! Considering a boycott…


  3. Rebecca says:

    I don’t feel his look fits the role. I loved Drew and I would love for him to come back! Or someone that fit in better!!! I have not watched since he has been on. So many I will like him once I see him in action, but I don’t think so!


  4. mel says:

    I never post on these things, but I do not like the new Michael at all!!!! Drew Garrett was so perfect in the role, his look, attitude, & great acting. This new kid’s vioce bugs me (and that’s just the start)!


  5. Kelly says:

    I think Drew better and he looks more like more like the family


  6. Kristen says:

    There was areason he was on The Suite Life and other Disney shows…because that is the type of acting he does! Give him a supporting role as someone’s boyfirend, not a lead role and expect him to act or even look tough.


  7. lisa lee says:

    This “new” michael is this side of terrible. He is totally wrong for this role; I say pay Drew what he wants and get him back. I am already bored just watching this actor; if I wanted mediocrity I would watch the show this kid came from. I expect a higher quality of performance from GH.


  8. step says:

    This has to be the worst decision GH has made since replacing Carly with Jenny woman, This role does not fit this fit him at all.


  9. Soleil58 says:

    I just do not feel MC in Chad Duell. He needs a makeover, especially getting rid of that dorky Wizards of Waverly Place haircut. Although I am sure he is nice this young man seems completely out of his element on GH. And again, that haircut turns me off but I guess we have no choice but to give him a chance.


  10. Denny says:

    Terrible choice..this replacement is not nearly as good an actor…WHY did GH let Drew Garrett go?? Asking too much money?? Really too Drew was very good.


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