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38 January 2nd, 2014 Chandler Massey’s Last Episode Of Days Of Our Lives Aired Today!

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Hard to believe, but it is true that today ended the amazing four year run on-screen for Chandler Massey in the important role of Will Horton on Days of our Lives.

During his time with the NBC soap opera, Chandler took home two Daytime Emmys in a row in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category, which when you have seen his work and the performances he gave in Will’s entire coming out story, it was truly a performance that will be remembered.

In addition, Chandler was the perfect actor to match with the inspiring writing of this important story to the LGBT community, and for DAYS to continue to stay strong with their vision to have a young same-sex young male couple on the canvas, when other soaps that are still on the air, have thus far not tackled.

In addition to playing the many inner-conflicts of a young gay man trying to come to terms with who he is, the show also made Will a father to his bio-daughter Arianna Grace.  And although how that whole situation came to pass was met with some pushback from fans, in the end it paved the way for more story for the character and his boyfriend, Sonny (Freddie Smith).

Next, Guy Wilson takes over the role of Will Horton next week on the January 8th episode, which will be the next time we see the character on-screen.

We know many of you have been touched by Chandler’s performances, and are sad to see that this was his final airdate.     What will you miss most about seeing Chandler as Will? And, will you open your hearts and give the new Will a chance so this important story on the soaps can continued to be told?  Comment below!

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  1. Brett says:

    I have loved every minute of Chandler’s portrayal of Will Horton, he has handled the role of a young man coming to terms with his sexuality beautifully and respectfully. I am really sad that I won’t see him on the show any more but wish him good luck in his future career.


  2. isabelle says:



    Tsuds replied

    isabellle… change can be good.. it is time for a change..


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Isnt GH starting to tackle a young same male sex couple: Felix and Brad? They may not be as intesting as Will and Sonny yet but they still are at the begining of becoming a couple!
    And im willing to give Guy a chance…afer watching soaps for 50 years ive seen many recasts in my time…the good and the bad!!! And ive given them all a wait and see chance!!!


  4. 4everDAYS says:

    I will never forget Chandler Massey as Will Horton but look forward to Guy Wilson’s DAYS!


  5. Sue says:

    He will be sorely missed. He gave Will Horton life and depth.


  6. Darlene Lautermilch says:

    So sad to see Chandler leaving the show, he was and is an amazing actor. Good Luck to Chandler and his future. I have been watching the show for at least 20 or more so yearss! Actor’s come and go on most soap’s that is par for the course. The storyline with Will nd Sonny was handled with amazing grace, people are slowly coming around to the idea of the same sex couples, can not come fast enoug for lot ofthe audience watching this show. I fell in love with te charactersof Will and Sonny. It will be hard to see anoter actor in the role of Will. Guy has big shoes to fil. Anyway I want to say that I have so enjoyed watchingyour storyline evove over the years. I will miss you on the show, GOOD LUCK CHANDLER


  7. Sandy says:

    I loved Chandler as Will, I will truly miss his presents on days…….I will try and give the new person a chance! But he has some big shoes to fill good luck new person!!


  8. Me_ says:

    It’s a total farce to have Guy take on the role as Will. ESPECIALLY with what is in store for Will & Sonny in the coming months (IF the rumors are true)!


    4everDAYS replied

    That’s the problem. They could not have Chandler leaving in the middle of the upcoming storyline. It makes sense. People will like Guy by the time the storyline starts.


    Me_ replied

    It would have made more sense to keep Chandler for the duration of this very important milestone in soap history, instead of axing him just days before they started taping for it.

    I won’t watch. I can’t. Sue me! It breaks my heart that I am basically letting Freddie down, but I can’t watch him play Sonny standing there with dude in front of him instead of Chandler. Doesn’t work for me and even less so in the events that are coming up. Why is this such a problem if some of us decide not to watch? It’s not like we are cutting a piece off of GW’s ear!.. Geez!

    Matthew replied

    Totally agree with you it makes no sense what they did. Shows they didn’t try hard enough to keep Chandler or had a personal agenda against him and would rather an insensitive 35 year old looking person playing the role. Noone is cutting of Guy Wilsons ear but days ripped fans hearts out so they don’t have to watch at all. Some will some wont deal with it. There are better things in life anyway but it is what it is just hope people wont be disappointed in the long run as then they will have no choice but to cut Freddie loose too

  9. Jules says:

    He set a huge standard, and I will miss Chandler as Will. But I am excited to see Guy in the role and have high hopes that he will continue to build on Chandler’s amazing work. I thank Chandler for what he brought to the role, the show and the gay/daytime communities at large, but the show goes on. Looking forward to next Wednesday!


  10. Deborah Kallus says:

    I won’t miss Chandler at all. I was never a fan of his acting choices.


    sarah replied

    I agree 100%


  11. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    It’s so sad to see Chandler leave, but I do wish him the best in his future. I’m looking forward to seeing what Guy will bring to the role of Will, and what 2014 has in store for WilSon!


  12. Libby says:

    Chandler Massey is extraordinary person and actor. He will be successful in any walk of life. Proud that he is going back to college to obtain his degree. I feel privileged to have met him and his parents at DAYS coffee table book in Spring 2011. Godspeed, Chandler.


  13. Brett says:

    I just love that the new actor’s surname is the pet name people use to describe the characters as a couple!


  14. mo says:

    I didn’t know yesterday was his last day. I’m going to miss him. He really made me love Will.


  15. Robert Hughes says:

    I thank Guy Wilson looks to old to be Sammy’s son.Maybe if he gays it up more then Chandler I may Stay .I’ve never been a fan of Soaps anyway ,Days is the only soap I do watch.Being a gay man who was married to a woman and had four kids ,I know what it was to come out.One of my Daughter that went to school in Norcoss,Georgia .She said almost everyone thought Chandler was gay .But thy may be wrong.When I came out Everyone said no way.But 18 years later I’m still with the love of my life.When Washington DC made it legal ,He and I were Married on June 16 ,2010.And we live in Maryland.So with that said we will see what this Guy Wilson will bring to the table.NBC my have really massed up the hole show.If Guy acts to Straight it will not work ,Good Luck Guy you have your work cut out for you to do.!!!!!!


  16. Tom Welles says:

    He’ll be fine in the role I’m sure – I don’t really think it’s THAT demanding a part, it’s not like it requires a heavy accent and it’s not as if he will be portraying a demented serial killer – Will is pretty much the guy next door and his sexual orientation really isn’t an issue since the character is pretty much “out” – I’m sure this new actor will make the role his own.


  17. RJS says:

    Sorry Chandler will not be on any more. I really liked his performances, but I wish him the best. We will miss him. With that said, since he is choosing to leave, look forward to seeing the ‘new’ Will since he is an important character that is needed on the show. It always takes time to adjust to a new person, but overtime we may. Hope we see Chandler in other venues. He has a bright future ahead of him.


  18. Derek says:

    It’s funny cuz Will’s story is what drew me into Days in the first place. But now I won’t miss him. He’s been phoning it in for some time now, especially the scenes where he found out Gabi Kate and Sami did. He was dreadful in those scenes, so looking forward to some better acting.


  19. Matthew says:

    Im not giving Guy Wilson a chance. Why should I? He hasn’t kept his mouth shut online since he got the role . No bigot deserves to be part of a gay wedding. Hypocrisy at its absolute worst and totally insulting to Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith. All they had to do is give fans a reason why they got rid of Chandler right before the biggest moment in soap history was going to happen. But nope that’s impossible for Ken Corday or Greg Meng to do so never mind, Guy has a job who cares, Freddie has a job good luck to him but whatever just don’t expect gay people who can’t get married to be thrilled when someone who has no concept of gay rights can swoop in on a role that someone else made his own and get married that quickly. Well done Ken for continuing your tradition of making your fans hate you.


    Derek replied

    Who said the new Will is a bigot? What is your source on this?


  20. Jay says:

    I am so upset about this. I stopped watching days for years until this storyline of Will and Sonny came about. And I have a been a faithful watcher again since . I just saw Guy for the first time as Will and I’m not buying it . Maybe I can’t see anybody but Chandler as Will. I’m not sure but I know this (Guy) ain’t doing it for me for sure. They should definitely bring back Chandler if it’s possible. If not try another actor or they may have lost me again.


  21. christie says:

    it still didnt say why, he left. ok it totally shocked me i didnt know chandler was leaving, this new guy well just doesnt fit.


  22. Michele says:

    I not like the new will.


  23. Debbie says:

    the new guy that took over for Chandler just isn’t the same….Why did Chandler leave…I liked him…I HATE when new characters come into play


  24. Bobbie says:

    I am very saddened that Chandler Massey left Days of our Lives……his role was believable as we watched him grow into that person. This new actor leaves me
    cold……..he shows absolutely no emotion on his face although he strongly delivers his lines… just isn’t he same Will Horton!!!


  25. Georgia Lyman says:

    I will give the new guy a chance as Will, but I do miss the former Will and wish he would be back. Also Cheryl and Jordan are a snooze. After watching DOOL for 47 years, I may quit.


  26. Amy D Heaton says:

    No offense to the new Will character but I don’t like the switch at all. I’ve been trying to give him a chance on the show but it seems awkward now. I don’t enjoy the show near like I have for the past 25 years so time will tell if I continue to be a follower or not. I think changing actors for his character was a HUGE mistake!!!!


  27. MINNIE says:



  28. Debbie says:

    So dissatisfied. ..and disappointed :( come back Chandler! !!


  29. Leslie Fowler says:

    Bring back Chandler Massey


  30. John Marks says:

    I had no idea this was going to happen until I heard an actor I didn’t know being called “Will”. I feel like I have actually lost a friend; I’m sad and disappointed. I realize this is how things go, but it will take me a while to adjust to the new actor.


  31. A says:

    I can’t handle this new character, he is not the same..He puts too much into the character and it is obvious. I think we need a recast on this character and get rid of this guy..He is a crappy actor and does not go with Sonny well..


  32. Rob says:

    I was very moved by Chandler and wish they would bring him back. I empathized with my own experiences and was moved to tears upon occasion. He is passionate sensitive and winsome. I wish him an extraordinary career wherever he goes.


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