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1 July 29th, 2009 Chappell and Smith Twitter away about “Venice”!

crystalchappel.jpgIn tweets posted yesterday, “GL’s” Crystal Chappell and her former “OLTL” cast mate Hillary B. Smith (Nora) banter about Hillary’s upcoming role of Guya in “Venice: The Series”. Here’s what Chappell’s followers on Twitter learned:

“You”ll find Guya sharing knowledge of life experience to folks in Venice.  You’ll also see Hillary’s amazing comedic chops.  Guya was born with silver spoon in mouth then spoon went to the nose and then she married for love, traded in for younger model and has found most men obsolete, but fascinating. She’s changed her name from Jane to Guya and now offers love and crystals in Venice Beach.  She’s there to guide.  Guya is Ginas Aunt.  She’ll cut thru the bullshit.”

Make sure to follow more “Venice” updates on Chappell’s twitter page as they become available!


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  1. Nan says:

    Great Interview, Can never get enough of Nora and Bo! Looking forward to upcoming stories both on and off the screen! Thank you.


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