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32 November 7th, 2010 DAYS 45: Chappell wins 5 Gold Medals! Reckell & Scott take 2 each! – Updated Photo Gallery

At Saturday’s A DAY of DAYS 45th anniversary event fan fest and press day, On-Air On-Soaps presented it’s Gold Medals in 12 categories as voted on by you the fans of DAYS and On-Air On-Soaps over the last ten days in our special DAYS 45 Voting Polls honoring the best of the last year from the  Salem soap season.   We took snapshot pictures with all the medalists with their official award, which you will be able to view in the photo gallery after the jump.  And later this week, you will be able to see their reactions and hear their thoughts when we present our video interview presentation from A DAY of DAYS.

On to the winner’s circle! Crystal Chappell (Carly) was beyond victorious! The fantastic fan favorite whose CC fans came out in full force during the DAYS 45 Voting Polls were able to help their favorite gal, take home five Gold Medals.  Chappell won for Best Overall Performance by an Actress, Favorite Salem Doctor, Favorite Flawed Heroine, Favorite Duo (w/Reckell) and even captured the Beloved Salem Favorite Female, a category she was not even nominated for. 

However, CC’s fans and DAYS viewers selected her as a write-in candidate and she just barely edged out Alison Sweeney (Sami) in the category.  Chappell was not originally included in the category because it was for actresses who had been on the show, off and on for decades with no less than a six year gap between their last appearance.  Chappell had left DAYS in the early 90′s and had not reappeared on the show till 2009!  Quite a fait accompli from the Daytime Emmy winner. Congrats to Crystal!

Peter Reckell ((Bo) took home two Gold Medals for Favorite Hero and Favorite Duo (w/Chappell).  Bo and Carly edged out Danloe, Daniel and Chloe, for the duo vote from the fans in this hotly debated and contested category.   James Scott (EJ) also walked away from the 45th event with Gold as well.    Scott was the overwhelming choice for Best Overall Performance by an Actor and Favorite Baddie.

Shawn Christian (Daniel) was  voted Favorite Hottie, Arianne Zuker (Nicole) was voted Favorite Vixen, John Aniston (Victor) was your Favorite Veteran Performer in a close vote where he just edged out his current on-screen lady love and co-star, Suzanne Rogers! And in perhaps the most surprised reaction of the day, newbie, Chandler Massey (Will) was your pick for Young Male Star.

Check out our Gold Medal Winners Gallery below!

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  1. AlyciaRashea says:

    lol Way to go @Shawnc4real… congrats on getting the Hottie award!!!! yay!!!


    Hilda replied

    Aww, I love CC & Carbo. So sad they’ll end soon :( And HOORAY! for James Scott…he and Ejami are my reason for watching DOOL <333 Love that picture of James too…excited to see his interview!


  2. Ann says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!


    Patty replied

    I second this! I loved the fact that there were so many different actors voted for in this competition. Even though I’m passionate Ejami , when it came time to vote the different categories, I frequently found it hard to choose whom to vote for. The long time veterans category was one where I felt all deserved to win.

    Days has great actors!

    Thanks, Michael, for giving us the chance to celebrate all the actors and not just the actor fanbases! I know you had a few tough encounters!


  3. Sarah says:

    I heartily approve all of the winners, and even the close seconds. Well done everyone!

    After being wrongfully denied an Emmy at the 2010 ceremony it is great to see Crystal Chappell getting recognition well deserved, and by the people who matter the most – her fans! Her acting abilities continue to knock me out. Brava CC!

    It is equally gratifying to see the great Peter Reckell getting mucho love as well. The CarBo reunion has been long overdue and much appreciated, and there is no question Bo Brady is one of the all time greatest hero’s ever in daytime. Rebel Bo is fierce! Watch out Salem. He’s still goin strong!

    I must admit I was torn between John/Victor and Suzanne/Maggie, but Victor’s enjoyable dialogue and John’s ability to make him a charming scoundrel won me over. :)

    Congrats to all!!


  4. Nikita says:

    It’s all about organization! CC has over 20,000 followers on twitter and 8,000 on FB. We love her and wanted her to get the recognition she deserves. So for some people to belittle this as spamming is just sour grapes. Her wins were legit! And while many of “you” were negative and said what’s the point? Many more of us were positive and said what’s the point? Our point was to make a statement. We know the odds are against us, but we will continue to fight and will not give up. We are up against “history”. We are up against “fate.” We will not be ignored. CC and Carbo are just too great.

    This was a concerted effort by hundreds of CC/Carbo fans. CC is smart. She engages with her fans and makes herself available to them. That’s why she has such a huge following. She appreciates that we appreciate her!

    Congratulations to Crystal and Peter on their awards. Brilliant!

    Thank you Michael for this this poll and sticking with it.

    We’re all about love and positivity in the Carbo camp!



    Nanda replied

    You’ve just said everything! Congrats to CC, it was well deserved!


    Dalia replied

    Well said!… couldn’t have said it any better than you have. Congrats to all the winners and esp Crystal Chappell. Well deserved.


    Lee replied

    Love, love, love …


  5. J says:

    Congrats to the winners! I am so happy Peter/Crystal won for Favorite Duo! I am a huge CARBO fan and I am so happy for them. Also way to go CC for winning all those medals! I didnt even think to vote for CC on the Favorite Salem Female lol… whoops! Also, Bo will always be my hero ;)


  6. wanda moore says:

    Everything CC …Crystal Chappell winning caterfory not even in speaks volumes to this womans worth to us her fans ,we will stop at nothing to make it happen for our girl..Everything and medal is well deserved.Crystal and Peter are up against the odds but as you well see we let nothing stand in our way history or fate.shes one who appreciates her fans and what we do and we love and apperciate her more for that………..Those who are not with us and her should just stay out our spotlight and keep your negative opinions to urself,we as chappelled fans move on with love for you and most definately her.CONGRATS CRYSTAL WE LOVE YOU ,CONGRATS PETER WE LOVE YOU ALSO AND WITH HER .WE WILL ALWAYS FIGHT FOR YOU GUYS WHICH IS WHAT WE BELIEVE IN.


  7. Cafe2222 says:

    Congrats to Peter and Crystal – They are simply the best – they appreciate their fans and we adore them. The awards are well deserved as they are two incredibly talented people! Go Carbo!


  8. JamesScott4eva says:

    CONGRATS TO JAMES SCOTT- always gives the best performances. Congrats to Peter Reckell also. Love days and Keep up the great work with the lovely ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. GO EJAMI 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Vanna says:

    way to go crystal won every category she was in and one she wasn’t lol… we are some die hard fans.. lol…


  10. Doe says:

    I agree with all the fans, especially Peter and Crystal. This was great fun and very clever of you, Michael. I’m sure this was a lot of work. Your fans will keep wanting more.


  11. Jaime F says:

    way to go to the Beautiful Crystal Chappell…She deserved every catagory she won…

    Congrats to all the winners…DOOL “BEST OF THE BEST”

    Congrats to Days of our Lives on their renewal for an additional 2 yrs…Woohoo to all…


  12. kim says:

    Congrats everyone, Shawn u are a hottie, Arrianne ur so good at being bad, Scott ur so
    just there in everything u do, u rule and all kinds of hawt while doing it. Peter you can be my hero anyday of the week ur smile is so amazing and ur are so goodlooking yep ur a hottie. Crystal u bring it everyday, u are strictly an A game u are beautiful on the inside and out. John ur are all kinds of funny u rock ur scenes.To the whole cast Thank You for
    giving me such entertainment throughout my day.

    Carbo is the best couple , I have watched clips of carbo 1.0 and they ruled then and they rule now. I know the fans are split and I know there are alot of bope fans but all I can ask is for the writers to do is just dont put hope and bo back together and call it a day. Give us a triangle that would rock daytime cause these three could do it. But for me it will always be CARBO but I love rollercoaster rides and I know the Actors do to.
    Besides if you give Crystal the right material she will give you an emmy I’m just sayin .
    Congrats to Carbo


  13. Amelia Reichard says:

    Congrats to DOOL on their 2 year renewal and to all the award winners. A special shout out to Chandler Massey. You are an outstanding addition to the DOOL family. The best Will ever!


  14. sara says:

    Congrats to James Scott . Love you


  15. Lena says:

    Congrats to all the winners…and mega props to Crystal’s fans! They are some of the most loyal and active I have ever seen.

    Love seeing Peter win….and of course, my fav, James Scott!


  16. PJ says:

    Congratulations, Crystal! We love you!
    Love that she won the category she wasn’t even nominated for. That’s are girl… she’s simply the best!


  17. Pixie says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. Some of my favs won and others didn’t but all of the Days cast is winners in my book.

    Thanks, Michael!


  18. Lisa Greenway says:

    Yea!!Excellent!!So happy for James..He is the reason I STILL watch,and Peter was the reason I began to watch so long ago.Love CC..she is wonderful,,Love Shawn Christian..


  19. Sheree says:

    Congrats to the leading men James and Peter, they are phenomenal actors and they deserve these gold medals!! Ejami is the reason I tunned back into Dool and thx to Jamison who have amazing chemistry onscreen, I have never regretted watching them faithfully. I also have another favourite couple too, Bricole are my 2nd fav they are funny, exciting and fresh. Right now, I feel really excited with this show, and I have not felt this way since 2008 during the S.Dean funeral, plane crash and Ejami with NuJohn. I look foward to some romance and humour


  20. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the polls and thanks for showing us the winners with their medals.

    I love it that James won two. I’m so proud to be a fan. DOD was a great event and the renewal was the cherry on top.


  21. Jen says:

    James Scott is amazing.. Congrats to him! :D


  22. KateN says:

    Congrats to Crystal and Peter and James you all deserve it, but I think Ali should have won best female preformer :( She is really the star of DAYS right now!


  23. Krista says:

    Congrats to James Scott as best overall performer and best baddie – he is truly an asset to Days and my reason to watch, along with Ejami. Congrats also to Peter, Crystal, Shawn, Arianne, Chandler, and John – well-deserved.


  24. Michael Jenkins says:

    James scott deserved that, best actor on the show period.


  25. Cory says:

    Thanks for the great pics of you and the stars!!! Also thanks for letting the fans know it was a close race for Alison & Crystal. Just goes to prove that DOOL has a whole bleeping load of great actors & actresses!!!!
    So happy that my favorite male James won two medals. Well deserved IMO!!!! Such a nice man!!!
    Congratulations to all the winners!!!! I hope to see all of you on my tv screen in my favorite soap opera for 45 more years!!!!!
    GO GO GO EJAMI!!!!!!!


  26. lovingit says:

    Arianne was so cute in her DOD interview talking about her medal, I didn’t realize where she got it until now. James was definately deserving of best overall performance, love him. And way to go CC, loved that she won by write in, lol. Thanks for doing this Michael, I’m looking forward to seeing their reactions.


  27. sholeh says:

    Hello dear friends I’m writing from Iran and I watch Days of our lives we love it a lot but from the time that Sami and EJ didn’t marry we don’t like to watch it enymore .Please think about our feelings.


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