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16 February 20th, 2012 Charles Shaughnessy back taping at Days of our Lives!

Photo Credit: Kathie Hutchins

Fan favorite Charles Shaughnessy, who has played Shane Donovan, on and off since 1984, will be back on the Salem canvas very soon!

According to Soap Opera Digest, the actor is already back at NBC taping new episodes of the soap, and will first air appear on-air on May 2.  Last time Shaughnessy appeared was in 2010, when  Shane reunited with life-long love Kimberly (Patsy Pease) after Alice Horton’s memorial service.

We have also been hearing rumblings and reports that DAYS is also casting the role of Andrew, Shane and Kimberly’s son. In Nelson Branco’s new edition of Soap Opera Unsensored, he reports that the following casting breakdown went out to agents:

“Looking for a 22 to 26 year old handsome, Caucasian male. ANDREW is a very sexy handsome man in an untraditional off-centre way.  He has a smoldering sexuality that makes women attracted to him and dark sides that make them fear him. He has a charm that disarms and can turn on a dime. You never quite know what he is thinking or feeling. Prototypes are: younger Viggo Mortensen, Mark Walberg in Fear, Ryan Gosling in Murder by Numbers and Edward Norton in Primal Fear”

So what do you think Shane is returning to Salem for? Who should DAYS cast as Andrew? Let us know!


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  1. imane assi says:

    I love CS but seriously?They bring all these people back but can;’t make a proper offer to Nadia to get her back? I hope they’ll start firing some like Daniel,Madson,Melanie,Chad,….And bring Chloe but only the real Chloe, Nadia in the role,Philip but only Jay in the role,Shawn and Belle back.the


  2. heidi says:

    Drew Garrett


  3. Emily says:

    I’ve been wondering when we were going to see Kim & Shane’s kids, all grown up! Maybe someone from OLTL or AMC will end up in the role.


  4. Sue says:

    Looking forward to what they have in store for Shane. Hope it has to do with the Alimainia story just starting now with Bope and Jarlena.


    kim delmotte replied

    so happy he is coming back needs a great story line


    Jen replied

    I agree with you Sue, I hope it has something to do with the secret Alice Horton has or had on Stefano…


  5. SusyQ says:

    I have been wanting Andrew to return, though I am not sure how I feel about him being a little crazy lol that is all I can think of when I think of Mark Wahlberg In fear…lol however with all the ups and downs of his parents relationship and his father disappearing for a year etc could make for an interesting charachter would love Jeannie to return also! I am really happy as this means more chances of Shane AND KIM to return if their kid is in town! Bummed that Kim isn’t returning now with Shane :(


  6. Gerri says:

    Can’t wait to see Shane again!!! Would love to see Chloe come back, especially if they again pair her with Brady. Madison is a horrible character and should go ASAP!!! But I don’t want Daniel or Melanie to leave.


  7. Avelina says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! I love Shane. He was great with Rafe and they had great chemistry together. Go Shane and Rafe


  8. Jessica says:

    If Patsy’s not asked back with him, I’m not watching! BS


  9. Carolyn Mitchell says:

    Wonerful about Charles Shaughnessy returning again to Days as Shane. He is certainly an asset. Nobody could replace him, he is the best character ever.


    Carolyn Mitchell replied

    I have cared about Charles in the soap for ages.
    Hope you will print it.


  10. Matt says:

    Notice that the casting call says nothing about being a trained actor or any acting skills? This is what is wrong with daytime, too concerned with looks and following stupid trends instead of concentrating on good stories with good actors.


  11. LUMI says:

    Shane[CS] back for 12 episodes,to help bring Stefano down,
    and that should be to bring Stefano and EJ down LOL


  12. RJ4 says:

    Glad CS will be returning! Look forward to it.


  13. Janet Kiley says:

    wow great news about shane kim son coming very soon can’t wait for this


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