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27 August 30th, 2013 Charles Shaughnessy Makes A Return To Days of our Lives!

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Looks like both of Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) parents are coming to Salem for a visit!

A show spokesperson for Days of our Lives had told Soap Opera Digest that fan favorite Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) will return to the NBC soap, and air along with the already returning Patsy Pease (Kimberly) for November sweeps!

Oh boy! What trouble does Theresa get herself into now that brings  Shane and Kimberly into the story? Or, is it just a nice visit from mom and dad?

Charles Shaughnessy last appeared on DAYS in May of 2012, and has been open to returning to play one of the most beloved characters in the history of the NBC soap opera.

So, are you excited with the news of seeing Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease together on-screen?  What do you think of the casting of Jen Lilley as this DAYS supercouples daughter?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Kim says:

    Anything other than the Sammy show !! Bring back Hopes HUSBAND BO !!!


  2. Annette P says:

    Really happy he’s coming back for awhile miss him on Days & loved him on The Nanny.


  3. gloria says:

    Just what Theresa needs-a kick in the pants from mom & dad! Jen Lilley is knocking it out of the park-she is so good as a “bad”girl-I have to laugh at her sometimes which is a good thing-a good laugh is never bad, right? I love how she talks to herself but I admit I was not crazy about how she treated Vargas. Anyway. Love this storyline.


    Patrick replied

    it’s a treat to rely on good acting.

    she disarms me… she’s engaging… she’s hot to trot… she speaks up… no matter what the hecks going on… she’s more than that hot “bad” girl… she’s interesting… and captivating…

    OK enough already… she’s cute as a button… heck… think back on that oh so bad dyed blond hair… bright red lipstick… that cleopatra eye shadow/eye liner… now… she’s a lovely young hot to trout, puts herself out their.. albeit… questionable ethics… all the rest be damned… she’s on fire doing her thing. whilst Hope and the lovely firey aunt kayla reel Jeanne Theresa Donovan “home”.

    umh! if I had her shutz pa…. i’d be just as busy… LOL.

    you’re oh so right… the way Vargas… went down… dang! talk about mystifying… had the charismatic come hither abandon… most would take leave…. ouch! HOT.

    Theresa has the potential to chemistry it with any one.

    OK… ’nuff said… did I say she’s better in Salem… than in Port Charles…

    Jenn Lilly…

    you are an unto yourself… say what one will… Theresa walks the walk


    Patrick replied

    *you are an “act” unto yourself….

  4. Jake says:

    Great news….love Charles and Patsy!! Where is Andrew?


  5. James McDonald says:

    I always enjoy Charles Shaughnessy when he returns to Days of Our Lives as “Shane”.


  6. Patrick says:

    Charles Shaughnessy… still talking about … “what a hot man”… after all these years.

    when he came back… last year? and he had scenes with Lisa Rinna’s, Billie.

    I thought… what an explosion waiting to happen…

    i’ve since posted… what a shot in the arm… potential love interests for Kristen.. should she sans “her” ways and means… with Brady and Father Eric… since that’s not going to happen…

    finally… some one for Hope! since, no Vargas!

    dang! why don’t the producers hear, read, and listen to the fans of?

    alas… Shane and Kimberly… weep – tears…. of joy…. it’s going to happen. I await these two stalwarts… combustible… two some… who unrequited with passionate abandon…. sparks

    and all for the minx… femme fatale… ultruistic…


    I haven’t even started on Chrishelle Stause.


    my heart for DAYS is Full.

    so be it


  7. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Days needs help…this is good news but for how long and whatever happened to Andrew? By the way whatever happened to Dougs surrugate son Little Dougie?


  8. Beacon says:

    God, imagine if they could get Charlotte Ross back as Eve Donovan too. It won’t happen of course but Eve is one of the best villaineses this show ever had. Without her setting the tone for villainy, there most certainly wouldn’t have been a Kristen or a Sami doing their evil deeds in the 90s.


    4everDAYS replied

    Eve is my all time favorite bitch! I would fall apart if
    Charlotte Ross came back!! Please come back Charlotte!!
    I’ll pull myself togather!!! It would be like striking gold
    to see Eve slap her sister’s face!!!! Eve owes Kimberly
    at least that much!!!!! I’m over the moon, thinking of all
    the possibilities!!!!!!


  9. Mary SF says:

    It will help anchor Theresa ‘s character on the show– a lot of newer viewers didn’t see Kim and Shane so this will help them understand them and their daughter and how they all fit onto the canvas. Doubtful the parents will be there long term, but to help get their daughter firmly affixed into the mix on the show I think it is a good move. And it will be good to see Kim and Shane in town— now if they could only get Bo, (recast if necessary) back we might actually see all the core Bradys home for Thanksgiving this year.


  10. Janet Kiley says:

    great news about charles coming back on days I can’t wait


  11. Janet Kiley says:

    love the new daughter theresa good actor she is , her mum & dad would stay a while longer i think she needs them and so do the true fans of shane & kim love all you do thanks for coming back !


  12. karent says:

    Yes most definitely, I will be good to see the old cast come back it would also be nice to see Kayla and Steve together again. And what about Andrew.


  13. Sharon Hallett says:

    It is absolutely wonderful that Charles Shaughnessy is returning! Best news I have heard in a long time. Just wish he would stay!!!


  14. blake says:

    Great news that Shane and Kimberly are coming back after so many years! I hope their return is for good, or at least recurring like Adrienne.


  15. Christine Eldridge says:

    And a lot of the old spark between kim and Shane would be nice to for the many of us fans out there


  16. Roxy says:

    Love Charles Shaughnessy! Can’t wait to see him back on days again! Would also love for Shane & Kim to stay in Salem! EJ & Sammy also rock.


  17. Libby says:

    Thrilled to have Charles Shaunessey back on Days. It would be a coup to have him stay.Perhaps Shane can bring down Stefano for good. Remember, th Diners Mansion was once the Donovan Mansion. After Ejami escape this latest storyline they need a big wedding and a new home.


  18. Rj says:

    Glad Shane will be coming back. Always glad to see Charles Shaughnessy.


  19. Jason says:

    I think “Shane” should put Teresa over his knee for a much needed spanking.


  20. Traci Nelson says:

    I can’t wait, I hope Shane and Kimberly stick around for a while, Lord knows they need to straighten out their daughter


  21. Karen says:

    Miss the good old days!! The super couples and interesting plots!!! I am glad to see them return!! The Sammy show is uninteresting as all get out. I can’t believe they had to make Sammy such a main character. Let them develop the other “super couples” kids into the next act and the show would be much better!


  22. Marianne says:

    Bring back Patch and all will be right in Salem because of DOOL I DON’t even miss AMC granted I watched more Days then AMC having started watching in the 80s as opposed toAMC which I didn’tstart until a decade and a half later


  23. janet kiley says:

    bring back charles shaughnessy to DOOL


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