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0 April 28th, 2010 Charles Shaughnessy on his return to DAYS!

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So where the hell has ISA agent, Shane Donovan been hiding out all this time?  Well fans of Days of our Lives are about to find out, when the actor returns to the NBC soap for a ten show guest stint starting on June 3rd.  According to this interview with TV Guide Magazine, Shane is imprisoned but makes a break to return to Alice Horton’s funeral!  Here is the low down!

Shaughnessy on Shane’s predicament! “He’s accused of trying to kill the president of some military junta country. I don’t know why he’s an assassin now because they never gave me the details. But there’s a delirious, delicious insanity about the whole thing. He’s held captive by all these guards in paramilitary outfits who are not very nice and apparently he’s been there forever, constantly being beaten up. So expect lots of torture…and groaning!”

Shaughnessy on plot device that lands Galen Gering’s Rafe in the same prison! [Laughs] “And even though they’ve never met, Rafe seems to know exactly who Shane is! He’s like, “Wow, it’s Sami’s uncle! Who would have guessed?” They had originally asked me to be part of the farewell to Alice but I didn’t want to just come back for a quick hello-goodbye. So they came up with this crazy prison plot. Days was always the most fun job I’ve ever had as an actor. I’ve never laughed as much as I did at Days and it’s still true—we picked right up where we left off.”

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