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41 August 23rd, 2013 Charlie Sheen Tweets Tirade To DAYS Producers: “You Fired Chandler Massey?? …”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Shortly after the news broke tonight via Greg Hernandez of the Gay Star News, and confirmed by On-Air On-Soaps that Chandler Massey has indeed finished his role as Will Horton of Days of our Lives today at the NBC soap opera, television superstar, Charlie Sheen took to his Twitter account with some words of his own for the producers at DAYS, and he did not mince words!

As had been reported, Chandler Massey was let out of his contract three months early today to pursue his college education and pursue other acting opportunities,  but will be airing in episodes through December! But according to this controversial tirade of a tweet from Sheen, things may have gone down otherwise!

Sheen tweeted an hour ago,”Hey “Days of our Lives”, producers -newsflash …. now your show REALLY sux!! You fired Chandler Massey??  Are you trying to make Ashley Butcher look talented? NOW his career begins! He’s a winner. period the end. His TWO EMMYS speak to that fact loud and clear.”

So what do you make of Charlie’s explosive tweet? Same ole’ same ole from Charlie?  Or, do you think what he says could be true and he has some knowledge of the situation?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. janice says:

    well, if it’s true, bravo to Chucky for sticking up for CM….but I’d say it’s just some more cray-cray from Charlie


  2. KatieK says:

    Is Charlie wanting us to believe he watches Days? Chandler wanted to leave the show, Days had a big story for Will, so they recast early. No story here, Charlie just wants attention.


    Susen replied

    They share the same publicist — Jeff Ballard – and Charlie and Chandler are friends. There are pics of them together..


  3. AliciaE says:

    Awwww, you left out the best stuff! ;)

    I DON’T think that Mr. Sheen knew what he was talking about, but I figure he meant well.


    su0000 replied

    ahha Charlie is a trip ..
    Who knows if knows but he is always interesting lol


    AliciaE replied

    Yes. And as someone else pointed out to me, it does create a bit of buzz for both Days and Chandler.

    Mr. Fairman, I just watched your interview with Suzanne Rogers on her 40th Anniversary as Maggie. Wow. That was amazing. What a great lady.

  4. Jules says:

    I understand he’s been a friend/bit of a mentor for Chandler, and maybe he feels like he’s just sticking his neck out for him again, doing more of the same, but Charlie, you need to cool your jets.

    A) You probably don’t watch the show and know how fabulous it is in its entirety
    B) Chandler will be just fine whether he leaves the show now or 3 months from now.
    C) While I don’t know if he’s right or not, I do know how much Ken Corday and DAYS love CM. Did they let him go early? Did he want to leave now? It doesn’t mean DAYS didn’t love and appreciate him any less.

    I will miss CM too, whether in Dec or March 2014. But he’s probably making a bigger deal of it than CM thinks it. Given why he wants to leave, I’m sure he’s grateful he can attend classes in time for he fall. Whatever the case is, he will ALWAYS have a home at DAYS.


    Patrick replied

    i’m processing this…. still.

    C) I do know how much Ken Corday and DAYS love CM.

    my first thought….

    give him his choice.

    ie: like Kimberly McCullough…. leave and exercise your mind, body, & spirit.

    your last line: “… he will ALWAYS have a home at DAYS.”

    I like how someone else posted… DAYS must have a story board set up… and may already have a recast.


    my gut feeling…. all those encompassed…. minding DAYS. is ON. I hope beyond hope that the show precedes the stellar accomplishments of Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson, and… heck Vargas… he was excellent in his scenes with Theresa… at the gala premiere of Sonny and Chads’ new hot spot.

    DAYS has been so good

    have to prop…. Jenn Lilly – Chrishelle Stause – Blake Berris – the Kiriakis clan – kate and Rafe – maggie and victor – Mary beth evans (two footing herself at university hospital… she’s a hoot) – Anne & Maxine

    etc… I stand by my DAYS


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Is Charlie Sheen taking over the role of Will Horton…he’d be older than his mommy Sami and daddy Lucas…but arent most soap children older than their parents anyway? lol


  6. su0000 says:

    No comment..
    Not one person here knows what went down, including me.
    so, it is best to be silent than look a dumb ass speaking with no facts .. :)


    IowaMan replied



  7. Lisa says:

    I am pretty sure Charlie & Chandler have the same agent
    so maybe Charlie knows what happened BTS


  8. Dale says:

    Charlie Sheen needs to shut the help up& mind his own business!!! Wether Chandler was let go early or he decided to leave b4 his contract was up was up.2 him!!! I watch DAYS EVERDAY & if they recast the role which they probably will so it!!


  9. Rose says:

    Who would believe CS about anything? Ignore the crazy.


  10. Dale says:

    So b it!!!


  11. Erick says:

    Massey was a recast too. So were the current Kate, Roman, Eric, and Abigail (not to mention Jack….) Days will be just fine. The show must go on. Sheen was high as usual….


  12. Sonny says:

    Charlie and Chandler have the same publicist so he knows what really went down. DOOL producers “fired” him so he would be gone early and replaced with someone new. I hope Chandler becomes a huge success and they can kiss his ass!!!!


    su0000 replied

    Show me the facts. that was indeed fired…
    Opinions, speculations and imaginations are not facts.. :)



    This is one time i agree with charlie 100%!!! He is right on!!!!!!


  14. helen says:

    The role of will will be played by drew garrett ex michael general hospital. richard simmons can play the new new phyllis on the young and the restless. lol. put a wig high heels and make up. richard would be so pretty lmao.


    Patrick replied

    geez! i had to google this drew garrett – and the physical resemblance is uncanny….


  15. Johnny says:

    Does Charlie Sheen REALLY have nothing better to do? WOW! That poor man is messed! if he is so concerned about a gay fictional soap character why doesnt he do a cameo as one? he should stick to hotel rooms and hookers.


  16. Neofish says:

    WTF….You’ve got to be kidding!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! He’s been an asset to Days! Good luck in keeping the show alive.


  17. ilovetodreamatno3 says:

    well, I think Charlie is a biased …. isnt he on the same management as Chandler ….. whatever went down, it was Chandler’s decision to leave a job he won 2 emmys for to go to college, his choice ……. im not sure how its going to work out with someone new, Charlie is just a sad and bitter person ….. whatever the story …. im sure days of out lives will live on, its not as if a show depends on one character/actor


  18. greenlee says:

    wishful recasting: how does Charlie Sheen look with short blonde hair?

    but seriously, i think Charlie and Chandler Massey have the same agency/manager.


  19. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!


  20. Mika says:

    CM is the new Lucas on GH


  21. Rodd says:

    Sheen is a loser, plain and simple. He doesn’t deserve press for anything he says or does. Go back to sleep, Charlie.


    Patrick replied


    At the peak of his Two and a Half Men career, Charlie Sheen was making $1.25 million per episode. That amount grows to $2 million when you include back end syndication points. A season is typically 24 episodes, so Sheen’s salary was roughly $48 million per year from the show.

    he doesn’t sleep…. he’s “mindful” of his “take”.

    for the heck of it….

    Sheen does have comedic timing…

    hell… i’ll go that one step up…. courtney thorne smith is still on television


  22. Liz says:

    I think they might have let him out early so he could attend school this fall. If that’s the case, it was a favor to him.


  23. Janet Kiley says:

    just get patricia pease and charles shaughnessy back lot better days acting like them is all we need


    Patrick replied

    that would BE so AMAZING.


  24. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I wouldn’t trust this man if he were the last man on earth….


  25. bc says:

    massey is friends w/ charlie stevez? Odd friendship.


  26. Amy Chow says:

    Hi I dont agreed with Charlie that he was fired. That actor has told them that he was leaving which they gave why they would letting go early.


  27. Mo says:

    Who is Ashley Butcher?


    Ann replied

    Ashton Kutcher. He loves to poke fun at him since he replaced him on the show.


  28. connie gilmore says:

    I have watched Days of Our Lives since high school,1965. Viewers have watched and looked forward to Will’s character and journey into the life of a gay young man. Some circumstance has occurred behind the Days scenes and Chandler (Will) is being let go/replaced. What are you thinking? If he goes, I go. Click to Channel 2.


  29. Patrick says:

    IS ? the resurgence of DAYS attributable to Chandler Massey and Eileen Davidson?

    I say that this is YES….

    SO… isn’t the writing team…. the whole cast and crew.

    DAYS production… is superlative


  30. Jeanette Krouse says:

    Who the heck is Ashley Butcher?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Ashton kutcher?(the actor who replaced him on Two And A Half Men…i think!!!


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