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21 January 17th, 2012 Chelsea Lately takes a big ole’ jab at The Chew and replacing the soaps! – Watch the Video!


On last night’s Chelsea Lately, host Chelsea Handler talked about Friday the 13th being the end of One Life to Live and how the entire cast was fired, and how her brother, Roy is devastated about the cancellation ( You can hear how Chelsea explained his devastation in the video clip).

Then came the part we love. Chelsea informed the audience that one of the shows that has filled the soap opera void is the cooking talk show, The Chew!  She then goes into, “Soap Opera fans turn that frown upside down because now you can enjoy entertainment like this!” Cue clip from The Chew of a rapping Daphne Oz and Carla Hall!  Hilarious.  Awful.

Watch the stand-up and then the clip from Chelsea Lately and let us know what you think of The Chew co-hosts Oz and Hall?  OMG! What has happened to our beloved daytime line-up?  It’s baffling!

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  1. WishILivedInLlanview says:

    Wow. The Chew might as well be called The Dumbest Show Ever. Seriously? THAT is what replaced OLTL?! Never tuning into daytime ABC ever again (except for GH– until they cancel that too!). They could at least put on decent shows in place of the soaps. I feel like I just lost brain cells from watching that clip. :(


    Kimmie replied

    ok so i wont judge a book by its cover but i decided to watch the spew (chew for you non sopers) with my grandma and it was just terrible. but congratulations abc, you’ve invented a whole new form of reality tv. its not a cooking talkshow, or a regular talk show like the view or the talk. its something so unbearible that they attempted to combine the two. if you want a cooking talk show watch rachel ray or something. but in the attempts to reinvent themselves. kudos to you abc. you have “techincaly” reinvented yourself but not in a good way. the worst way posible. I’ve never heard of one channel containing TWO shows with nicknames. the spew and the revoltion. you have killed part of all of us. and turned us into zombies with our show’s replacement.


  2. mrskramden says:

    Even if I wanted to watch the chew (I don’t…stopped watching all ABC now that the soaps are cancelled) I hate batali and that Carla Hall is just too freaky…can’t look at her too long……….


  3. Erin says:

    Wow…truly awful. I can’t believe this is what ABC thinks we want to watch. There are no words.


    Gloria replied

    I’ve seen enough bits & pieces to know it is bad-but THIS? OMG-sickening.


  4. Sue says:

    I tuned in the The Revolution to hear Tim Gunn tell women not to wear ‘bulky’ clothes in winter. Made no sense, changed channel.

    I saw the last minute of The Chew, they had bunch of people standing around a table eating. Carla Hall asked someone if the food was ‘so good it would make you slap your moma’. Perplexed looks till one of the other ladies tried to come to her rescue. WTF does that mean?

    ABC daytime is just so horrible now, isn’t it Michael? Frons systematically destroyed AMC but no matter how ‘bad’ that got this is just so much worse it’s unwatachable.

    How is poor General Hospital going to fare following this crap? I’d be interested in how the ratings are the next few weeks.


  5. angela says:

    I think it’s fitting. Just goes to show you what ABC knows and thinks about their daytime audience. They really believe that this s**t is what we want to watch? 2 shows that suck and the icing on the cake is they will be bring a washed out, used up Katie Couric to their line up come September! Katie had her 15 minutes. It must be a goal of hers to fail on all 3 major networks. ABC should just wipe the egg off their faces, admit they made a huge mistake and put our soaps back on the air. Then and only then will their daytime audience (the best & the most loyal fans!!) will return.


  6. ethel says:

    carla hall is a total disgrace for women of color – she was totally exasperating………..


  7. Diane says:

    ABC pay attention no one wants these shows we want amc and oltl back instead,we want love in the afternoon not crud in the afternoon.


  8. Judy says:

    WOW FREAKING WOW!! Now I can SEE why The Chew is so much “cheaper” to produce than a soap. Talk about GARBAGE TV!!!! ABC has made the biggest of all blunders in cancelling long running soaps for these debacles!!! What demographic is supposed to want to watch this???? Makes me sick to think we lost our 40+ year soaps for that!! I will NEVER tune into ABC again.


  9. Mo says:

    The Chew clip is just too scary! Ridick.


  10. Smitty says:

    I love Chelsea Handler! I’ve never seen The Spew and after seeing that clip I’m glad!


  11. MaryAnne Robertson says:

    i thought the clip was funny. but I do have to ask this, only because I don’t watch the chew, Did they really do that on the show ? If they did, OMG that is AWFUL !!! I can’t believe they think we would watch a show like that, JUST AWFUL !!!! ABC/Disney, KARMA is coming your way !!!!!


  12. Roena Gage says:

    just goes to show how stupid the people who decided to cancel All My Children and One Life To Live really are


  13. cathy trinque says:

    Wow! ABC is the joke of all the networks! I watched AMC and OLTL for 40 plus years. I am getting better with the grief that I am watching NBC’s One Life to Live.
    I hate ABC!


  14. Blake says:

    I love Chelsea also, dvr her talk show every night. She has talked about and shown clips of OLTL over the years so obviously someone there is a fan and watches it every day. She said she grew up watching soaps so maybe OLTL was one of them.
    Go Chelsea!


  15. lew says:

    OK – My decision stands! I will NEVER watch the spawns of Frons!! There are no words to describe that clip!!


  16. david says:

    It seems to defy rational explanation. Perhaps ABC has a secret government research contract to investigate just how low American IQs are that anybody would watch this. Or maybe ABC sold its soul to the devil and asked for a higher share price in exchange for destroying daytime television. Or ABC is stupid enough to think most viewers are stupid because executives actually thought someone might watch the primetime comedy Work It.


  17. Barbara says:

    Really sad. However, I thought Handler’s monologue and that clip were hilarious! Carla Hall making a complete fool of herself, followed with Hander remarking “Happy Martin Luther King Day!”

    The whole thing is unfortunate.


  18. Linda says:

    Cute clip. As for ABC, they want to save money. Well, guess they never heard the old saying about getting what you pay for, right? They used to spend money and had 43 years of devoted fans. Now they don’t want to spend a dollar. What do they have?? Garbage television that nobody will watch and soon no sponspor will want to spend their money on either. I bet CBS and NBC is loving every minute of this.


  19. Brenda says:

    Never watched the spew and never will. Same goes for the revulsion. Hear that ABC.


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