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41 October 24th, 2014 Chrishell Stause Done At DAYS!

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One of daytime’s darlings, Chrishell Stause has completed her run as Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives! The actress announced it series of tweets on her Twitter account today!  Stause who has completed taping will air well into March of 2015, since Days of our Lives tapes so far in advance!

Chrishell told her fans and followers: “Sadly I have wrapped up my time over at NBC Days.  It’s been an amazing journey & the best is yet to come for Jordan.  I taped scenes in Nov I’m really proud of and I will air into March.  I’ve made great friends and memories in my time there. I would like to thank NBC/Corday for the opportunity. I love my daytime family & am looking forward to what the future has in store.”

After her announcement, Stause received many tweets to which she replied:  “Wish I could express how much all the sweet (&funny) comments mean! I am truly grateful to have the support of such amazing people. XO”

O.K Y&R, you’re up!  Will the CBS soap opera considering bringing Stause to their show now that her current sweetheart Justin Hartley is set to bring it as the new Adam Newman? We shall see!

So, what are your thoughts on the exit of Chrishell in Salem?  Comment below!

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  1. Jay says:

    IF MCE were to leave, I could see Chrishell making a good Chelsea…


    Omar replied

    At the rate Y&R is doing the last year, Emmy winning and fan favorites leaving and recasting galore, I really believe this will happen Jay.


    Laurie replied


    Did you know MCE and CS were on AMC at the same time? It truly was hard to tell them apart.

    In a recent interview it stated her and MCE are best friends and her and her boyfriend double date with MCE and her husband all the time. The most interesting thing though is that Justin Hartley is CS’s boyfriend! He’s now coming to Y&R as Adam, MCE’s character Chelsea’s husband! Is that confusing? MCE’s character,Chelsea, is married to her real life best friend’s boyfriend’s character, Adam. My head is spinning. Lol

    I wonder if her character will be killed off, leave town or be replaced? I really like the actress. She’s actually compelling & a beautiful lady. Her character didn’t seem to be written too well. I really don’t blame the actress. They never gave the storyline any heat. It just laid there forever, IMO. It seems now they are trying to heat it up, but it seems to be too late. I’m sure she will land somewhere else-probably GH. Lol They aren’t shy about bringing other soap actors over to Port Charles!


    CeeCee replied

    I believe Jordan will continue to exist in Salem. Chrishell herself says, “…..the best is yet to come for Jordan.” So, I’m assuming the character will be recast. Too bad Chrishell is leaving…but, perhaps we’ll see her in other ventures. …wish her well.
    I also wish…and, hope, that Jordan will assume a meaningful role instead of babysitting Ben and vice versa. These two are attached at the hip. They are adults…Enough already…let this stupid secret, whatever it is, come up for air, and be done. Every time I see Clyde, I groan…loudly…sacrebleu..!!

    Shari replied

    MCE isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. They also happen to be BFF’s! I would love CS to join Y&R though!!!


    harry replied

    She would make a great Heather–Paul’s daughter. Remember Adam and Heather were involved and he ended up breaking her heart? With Justin Hartley coming on as Adam, I could see a Heather recast in the guise of Chrishell Stause. Moreover, she could be great as Dylan’s sister since Victoria and Nicholas are pretty lousy at being charitable and generous to their half siblings.
    I always loved her on AMC–she was one of the bright lights of that series during its last days.


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. There must be a typo on this article. “I taped scenes in Nov……” We haven’t had Nov yet.

    At any rate, I’m sad to see her go. I like Chrishell. I hope that Jordan and Rafe could work out their troubles. Both look like they could use a break in life. Oh, well. Much luck to Chrishell in her future.


    SZima replied

    Obviously they are the shows AIRING in November.


    Virginia replied

    I for one won’t miss her because she was not doing much of anything after Rafe started walking. She is no match for Kate. Sorry… all she do is cry and complain.


    4ever DAYS replied

    She may have meant she taped scenes that will air in November that she is proud of.


    CeeCee replied

    Yeah, that’s true…technicality, I guess.

  3. Omar says:

    Chrishell is solid and talented actress..Wish her the best..I just wish DAYS would give her more “to do” but she is still on till March next year, so hopefully they will showcase her talent.


  4. Mary SF says:

    I wish her well, but her character wasn’t really going anywhere– the story hasn’t panned out like I thought it would. I thought her secret would be she was Hope’s and John’s daughter – conceived when they were the Pawn and Princess Gina. In the end her secret didn’t seem worth the effort they went to keep it– unless there is more to the story, it wasn’t what it could have been. Actually her story line reminds of another character whose time in Salem ended up to be such a waste of potential and that was Madison.

    As for going over to Y&R— why?? Just because her boyfriend is on the show. I have always found off screen couples never make good on screen couples if that is the reasoning behind thinking CBS should get her.

    I rather they create characters organic to the story being told rather than creating a character for a specific performer—but if she wants to audition for any future roles on Y&R she should, but she shouldn’t just be given a role because she knows someone in the cast.


  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Her storyline was uneventful and just plain boring…was she a former prostitute, a drug addict, a porn star, or did she kill someone…what was all the different i.d.s for…whats the big mystery in Jordons past…sorry but Jordan, Ben, and Clyde add nothing to the show…there were possibilities but i dont think the writers even knew what to do with them…write out all three and Rafe…bring on Stephan S.(ex Cass, AW) as his old character Steve Olsen…as a scheming businessman after Dimera Enterprises and as a new love interest for Kate and Eve…Jerry Ver Dorn as Bill Horton who is the Horton Anne really hates: he operated on her father who died during the operation…Erika Slezak as Laura who is still a bit unstable and jealous of Kate…and Robin Strasser as Lee Dumonde, Stephano’s old girlfriend who returns to town to help Stephano and Chad fight Steve Olsen in his attempts to take over Dimera Enterprises!!!


    davlestev1 replied

    Unfortunately jimh(leave it to beaver) they NEVER EVER knew what to do with the DAYS IN THE LIFE OF THIS CHARACTER…but good luck to her!! That story was one hot mess of a secret character that had NO SECRET at all…LOL


    4ever DAYS replied

    I had to reply here regarding your “big cast shake up” comment of 1979-1980:

    I think we spoke of this before…Of the nine performers who were added to DAYS in the 1980 season to replace the prior exodus, only one had a renewed contract…Gloria Loring!

    I hope DAYS brings her back. Gloria was DAYS saving grace!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Gloria Loring was the only addition i liked during that time…we did talk about it…i stopped watching Days after the mass firings but gradually came back and Gloria was partly the reason…would be great if she and Neil came back for the shows 50th…last time we seen Neil he went off to check on his patients and was never shown again…what would be funny for the shows 50th is Neil emerged from a patients room and he exclaims: ‘That was one long examination!!!’ and Maxine asks ‘Who the Hell are you?’…oh, the patient in that room turns out to be Liz!!!

  6. Lou Piikes says:

    Good riddance!!! Jordan and Rafe put me in a diabectic coma, and I don’t even have diabetes.


    Jimmy replied

    I really don’t like Rafe or Galen Gering at all so that pairing was all Chrishell working her talent.


  7. SZima says:

    I like Chrishell, but for some reason, she just didn’t click with anyone on DOOL. She always seemed to be sleepwalking through her scenes. I don’t fault her for that, but the way she was written/directed left a lot to be desired.
    Hope she finds a role that she’s better suited for. But NOT at Y&R.


  8. MBmomof3 says:

    I like Crishelle but this role is a downer. Wish her the best and hope she finds a role on another show that suits her. All the best, Chrishelle.


  9. Gary says:

    Sad to see Chrishell leaving Days, recast Chloe with Chrishell she would be great as the new Chloe on The Young and The Restless.


  10. Beth says:

    I’ve been a fan of Chrishell’s since she was on AMC and I thought she did a good job on Days. I liked her with Rafe, but I’ve had the feeling for a few weeks now that the show was pulling away from them as a couple and now I know why. IMO, the show took too long to figure out Jordan’s backstory, and we know from previous tweets that TPTB changed her story at least once before revealing it to the audience. After watching this week’s shows, I can’t believe that the original plan was for Jordan to run away from home with Ben because she accidentally killed her mom, was smacked around by her step-dad and did “things” that he requested. It’s a hodgepodge of reasons when only one would have been good enough to explain it, and I think it was going to be some kind of sexual abuse storyline but it was changed for whatever reason. Maybe Days wants James Read to stick around longer, and he has a better chance if Clyde didn’t sexually abuse minors. I’m not sure but it’s very clear from watching the show that Jordan’s story is all over the place. Still, I’ll enjoy watching the remainder of Jordan’s story, and I wish Chrishell well.


  11. Ray says:

    I am surprised to read she is leaving, considering we are losing Allison Sweeney, Eileen Davidson and James Scott. The show needs an infusion of new blood and hope the writers do not see Eve and Theresa as its future. Please bring back Melanie, Stephanie, Phillip, Chloe, Mimi, Belle and Shawn.


    4ever DAYS replied

    Melanie is coming back. She’ll be seen in November.


  12. Cathy says:

    The story was boring but she wasn’t good either. Just don’t bring her to GH. They have enough newbies and a lot of talentless actors and actresses.


    Allen Saint James replied



  13. Allen Saint James says:

    She didnt work well in this character, and the storyline she was involved in was a clunker from the very 1st day. No chemistry


  14. Nick D. says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to hear if Galen is next to depart. Without Sami, Jordan, and Gabi what is tying him to the canvas anymore besides his baby niece and his “fling” Kate? Corday strongly hinted recently that there is about to be a huge cast shakeup and a lot of new stories to which I say…. good! It’s been the same 15-20 characters for far to long. Time for some new blood. They can offer recurring to a lot of people like they did to Lucas and still weave them in and out but get some new characters and stories going too – only way Days is going to survive!


    Mary SF replied

    Well Salem needs at least two cops– we can’t have poor Hope solving all the crime in town can we? And when I saw Rafe and Nicole having their heart to heart at the Brady’s pub I wondered perhaps there were going to pair them together, at least for the short term anyway—

    But I worry when you mentioned a big shake coming is coming– I remember when they did that with one of their many serial killer stories where so many in town were killed off even Alice Horton— it backfired and eventually all those people were returned alive and well on Stefano’s island—I hope whatever shake up they have planned if true- isn’t as dumb as that one.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I remember the big cast shakeup in 79/80 when several Horton family members were written out, the Anderson family killed off or sent out of town(Linda Anderson was the Nicole Walker of the 1970s) and many more…and it backfired…many loyal fans quit watching and the ratings fell even further(i stopped watching for some time and several of my family members never tune in again)…it took a few years for the show to recover…i thought the Salem Strangler storyline was well done and suspenseful…most killed off were useless characters…they should revisit that storyline for the shows 50th!!!

  15. Patrick says:

    it really pains me ti diss DAYS in any way shape or form

    that’s a serial fan

    Salem’ites prevail

    I just so loved CS’ acting on AMC…. from 2005 – 2011 she could do no wrong… and that’s not even fair to her… the writing on DAYS for her was suspect from near day 1


    I was in absolute heaven when it was announced that she’d grace, ME, with

    she’s such a lovely person… she owns when she’s right their

    oye! it’s with dire misgiving… when their are only 4 serials to employ

    her 1 1/2 year run on DAYS was still viable… she’s ready… it was the production value amiss

    does this bode or question the status of Ben and Clyde ?

    Days …. I fan celebrate how GOOD Salem has lived… the past coupla years

    as of late… I’m losing my comfort level

    and that’s a lot of upheaval … EJ / Sami / Kristen / Jordan

    theres a lot of canvas to quell… explode if you will…. bring back Wally Kurth… I’m envious that GH has the pull to realize how endearing his belong on Serial equates… BIG

    Justin and Adrienne

    Please,,,,, OH please… bring someone on for Eve… to encapsulate… if her history is misbegotten in the men department… let’s see it… the actress is certainly adept at playing as such…. ie: OLTL : Kassie and Roger. NOW! it’s a wasteland.. to see Eve wasting away already… and it’s already… when it comes to fulff with JJ… and his dead mother… Jenn

    bite me

    can’t you see some dalliance with Kristen snagging some Daniel… what the hell.. he’s on so much any way…. let’s see some skin… and shutzpa….. come on … ACT … watching Jennifer… Melissa Reeves… “plow” through Eve, Theresa, and even Kristen… CAN YOU Believe this ???? she’s ??? all that ??? give me a break… it’s a waste of time to even bring her up

    the nuCHAD is bringing it to the table…. he will be a big reprieve when EJ and Sami… exit. thank you soap gods… along with Stefano… the DiMera’s reign

    it’s too bad the writers continue to misnomer the character of Jack… with JJ… trepidation to tell Paige… his father raped Kayla

    GOD… how I love Mary beth Evans…. DAYS product… she’s a gold mine…. let her stir up with Hope and Aiden

    LOL… at least the DAYS writers are delving in to Kristen machinations with Eve and Anne…. LOL… the actress who portraits… with aplomb… and LOL belong… Anne is a delight…. GIVE HER STORY !!!! listen to JimH !

    I will always love Jenn Lilly.. in whatever role she becomes… she’s instantaneously capabable of become the nuSami…. to stave off character assassination… with Salem godliness.. she’ll become preggers… and that’s OK with me… just to see the hijinx… backburner the stalwart… next to godliness… of John, Marlena, Daniel, and Brady… blech! enough already…. Theresa wrungs the heck out of you

    I’m glad it seems like Sami firstborn… is at the helm of carrying Sami exit… TEARS ! standing ovation for Alison Sweeney…. “Thank You” forever… for bring Salem alive

    LOL… I still love Ciara… for standing her own… and guard of Bo… and letting Hope have it.

    I’m so over… why the too long drawn out… disrespect of the actors who portray Eric and Nicole… WE need these two more than ever… to carry DAYS when Kristen, EJ, and Sami… exit

    two sexy viable… feast for the eyes…. we do say SEXY…. yikes! bring these two forefront

    DAYS is spending a whole lot of time on Jenn / Abs/ and JJ

    is this to carry and feature a core family? having repeated myself too often about

    I falter some on the writing of Abs… she can deliver… but… with Ben ??? it’s not going
    now that Jordan is leaving… is she capable of carrying; DAYS… with her character… I still don’t see it… but she has it

    JJ is the bomb…. whew! thank god for his character delivery… this actor reams… show

    LOL… Jenns at it again… looking for an IN with her dull plus Daniels dull… equals FIRE

    DAYS of OUR Lives : of the 4 remaining Serial… is the best of

    i’ve quoted : it doesn’t take much to realize

    fan salute

    there’s more


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Patrick, at my pharmacy is an employee who looks a lot like the actress who plays Anne and even her physical movements are the same…they could be twins!!!


  16. damien says:

    y n r does not need any more characters taking screen time away from the established characters we love!, y n r needs to bring nina back as a foil for jill in the chancellor set!
    and speaking of bringing back loved characters days needs to bring back carrie and austin or belle and shaun d and never mind boring us for two years with mysterious new characters who really have no mystery to be discovered!


  17. LeeAnn says:

    Not sad to see her go. Her storyline dragged out so long to the point where no one really cared what her “secret past” was. The writers are to blame. I don’t wish unemployment on anyone, but sadly she was was a boring character and needed to go sooner.


  18. Annie says:

    Really sad about what Days has become. After reading Ken Corday’s interview, it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t care what his viewers care about. There is no romance at all. They gave us Eric and Nicole for almost two solid years and now nothing. They have made Eric so hateful. Daniel is in every story line. Eve is suppose to be Shane’s daughter and she looks entirely too old. Jordan and Rafe had such potential, ruined. B.J. And Paige is ridiculous. Jennifer is laughable. My prediction is a Days will not be renewed after it’s 50th anniversary.


  19. Chaz says:

    This character never clicked. Even her romance with Rafe seemed rushed and pointless. Bringing on her brother & step-father added nothing to the storyline. I found her friend Sheryl a more compelling character…at least she was giving Lucas some story.

    Stause may have been good on AMC but on days she just made this constant face that made her look like she was having digestive issues.


  20. Mo says:

    Her character never caught on. Adding Clyde and Ben actually made things worse IMO. I think she was more interesting when she first came on. Not sad to see Jordan go. Wish Chrishell the best.


  21. Gmbenet says:

    Enjoyed Chrishell Stause as Jordan on Days. She will be missed. I wish her well. Also hope if an opportunity to return to Salem as Jordan presents itself, she would be will to return and reprise the role.

    I liked Jordan and Rafe together. Jordan was good for Rafe. Was looking forward to Rafe learning of Jordan’s past and seeing what he would do with that situation.


  22. Jimmy says:

    I really like Chrishell! She’s a talented and beautiful actress, but her character didn’t really click. Her storyline doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and it’s taken months to pan out which has made it pretty boring. Plus, her pairing with Rafe was a complete miss for me (mostly because I can’t stand Rafe or Galen Gering). Her character didn’t seem to be going anywhere, so I’m okay with her exit.

    I really hope Y&R snaps her up, maybe as a new character that Adam met during his absence. Or maybe they could bring her in as Chelsea’s long lost sister? After all, she and MCE look very alike.

    I would also really like to see her on B&B, as Caroline Spencer. Nothing against Linsey Godfrey as an actress, but ever since they were casting the role of Caroline, I immediately thought of Chrishell for the role. I feel like her and Thorsten Kaye (another AMC alum) would be great together, should the show choose to pursue a Ridge/Caroline romance.


  23. Sharron Tipton says:

    Gonna miss you on Days, wish you could stay. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. :-)


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