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39 April 18th, 2013 Chrishell Stause Joins The Cast of Days Of Our Lives!

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Former All My Children favorite, Chrishell Stause (Ex-Amanda) has been teasing on her Twitter account of late that she is joining a soap, but could not reveal yet which one or anything about it!

Well today all that changed thanks to TV Line!  According to their sources, Chrishell has joined the cast of the NBC soap, Days of our Lives as a brand new character and in a contract role!

In addition, TV Line learned that Chrishell reported to the Salem set last week and will be debuting sometime in early August, given the lead time of how far ahead Days of our Lives taped episodes!

Stause also revealed via tweet today,  “So happy that they finally announced it-I couldn’t be happier! My bags are packed-moving to Salem! #DOOL”

OK, so who do you think Chrishell will play?  Who is she coming to town for? And, who will she be paired with romantically on DAYS? Weigh-in!

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  1. Sarah says:

    This is amazing news!! I have thought Days should add some female power to the 20′s and 30′s set for a while now. With the addition of Chrishell and Jen Lilley, it’s going to fill in that gap that has existed with just Abby, Gabi, Sami, and Nicole to watch. I am so excited to hear about their characters, and their storylines!! Awesome job Days!!


    Ces replied

    Now if only they’d give Hope something to do!


  2. richard says:

    I love her!!!! I hope they pair her with Eric, and steer her clear of Rafe!!!!!!!!! Or maybe even Brady!!!!


    Chloe replied



  3. Simi says:

    Chrishell Stause as Sarah Horton? Jen Lilley as either Jeannie Donovan or recast of Stephanie Johnson?


    Patrick replied

    that would be so nice.

    give Kayla more screen time.

    great mother/daughter duo


  4. Cr8z13 says:

    Between Jen Lilley and Chrishell, I’ll have to start watching for the first time since my grands used to look after me in the 80s.


  5. jimh says:

    Chrishell should be an old girlfriend of E.J.s. Almost everytime a couple gets ready to marry on soaps someone or something comes to ruin their happiness, and i dont see E.J. and Sami living happily for long without someone coming between them. I fell Jen lilley would make a good Melanie! But i think she’ll play someone new? Now the show needs to bring in some new males other than Vargas to help balance the show! AND give Kayla, Maxine, Roman and Abe more to do plus bring back Patch for Kayla, recast Bo or kill him off then bring back Shane and pair him with Hope! This show used to be known for singers like Doug, Robert, Jeri, Trish, and Liz…they should bring back some of that into the storyline. Maybe E.J. and Chad could open up a night club that features up and coming music performers?


  6. Waverly says:

    Love that she’s coming to Days! I think she’d be fantastic as a new love interest for Rafe. Can’t wait to see their on screen chemistry. Here’s hoping Days pulls us in with a gripping story for Chrishell, I just hate that we have to wait til August to see it.


  7. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    Yes! Chrishell is my girl. I wish all the best in her career. She is such a lovely person.


  8. jas says:

    You go girl. How brainy are you to know a dud when you see it. You avoided that loser re-boot of AMC. I guess a lot of people out there have never heard that ‘you can’t go home again’. Good luck, I really enjoyed your work on the old and ‘real’ AMC and I’m sure you will bring that to DOOL!


  9. Patrick says:

    Wow! I’m stoked!

    “what” A Hot Babe!

    I love her…

    very likeable… sexy…

    endears your heart.

    she was a blast on AMC.


    all in all….

    with this add and Jenn Lilley….

    what can I say….


    this is TALENT.


    Patrick replied

    Lets get big Lucas some screen time….

    romance with either Chrishelle or Jen…

    i agree though…. Chrishelle would be hot with Eric as well.


  10. Aubrey says:

    I think Chrishell will play either Cassie Brady or Emily Hudson.


    Avelina comes from Santorini Greece replied

    I agree. Going with Emily.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Neither. She’s playing a new character, so Cassie is a no-go.


    Madison replied

    No you don’t know if she is playing a new character. TV line has no idea if she is a new character or a recast. The only people who know is Chrishell and the cast and crew. Days is keeping a tight lid on stuff.

    A female Brady is returning and rumors are its Cassie. There is no need for Emily. I have no intrest in that character,

    I’m going with Cassie Brady.

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Several other sources, aside from TVLine have confirmed she’s a new character and not a recast.

    Maddie replied

    First of all Days is keeping a very tight lid on this stuff, so they are not going to tell these people if she is a recast or a new character. Plus they might have told them that so they don’t guess who she is playing until they are already to release the info.

    There is no need for a new character she needs to be Cassie Brady not a new character.

    I’m still going with she is playing Cassie Brady because a younger female Brady is coming back to Salem and it sounds like Cassie Brady and Chrishell looks like Cassie and looks a lot like Kate and they could pass as mother and dauighter and she and Carrie also look like sisters.

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    She doesn’t NEED to be Cassie Brady. So it’s clear you’re hyping your hopes up for the huge potential of being let down.

    Whatever the writers feel is right, and according to A LOT of creditable sources, it’s a NEW character.

    Madison replied

    First of all she does need to be Cassie Brady she looks a lot like Cassie and Lauren Koslow. There is no need for her play a new character.

    Yes I want her to play Cassie but I’m not hyping my hopes for a potential of being let down. I’ve been hearing rumors Cassie is coming back.

    Days is keeping such a tight lid on stuff that the only people who know who CS is playing is Chrishell and the rest of the Days cast and crew. No one else knows for sure.

    I guess we will all find out soon. They need to just tell us who she is playing. They told us GV was playing Eric Brady 3 months before his first airdate.

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    No she doesn’t need to be Cassie. You’re confusing need with want. NBC/DAYS does not need to announce anything. They don’t want people knowing.

  11. Mary SF says:

    Days, Days, Days, why are you bringing on new characters when you can’t write for the core group you already have? New characters aren’t going to solve your problem– you need new writers- writers that know and work with the history of the show, and the characters that are there- then bring in some newbies– but at this point, anything different will be refreshing- hoping I’m still watching in August when this new gal shows up.


  12. ricardo says:

    im so excited for her. she is a great actress. i hope she plays cassie brady or belle black.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    If you read the article, she’s coming in as someone new.


  13. Jules says:

    I for one am excited! I think Chrishell will fit right into the atmosphere at DAYS. And I agree with a former poster, the show needs more girls in the 20s age bracket. Jen Lilley and Chrishell are great choices. Though I didn’t particularly love either in their past roles, I love DAYS, and I have nothing against these chicks acting wise or personally, so I’m excited to see what they’ll bring to DAYS.


  14. Aubrey says:

    If Chrishell is a new character then I bet she is Emily Hudson. I think Jen Lilley is the new physical therapist Keara Baldwin.

    I hope one of them is Cassie Brady.


  15. RICKIE says:

    Great! Hopefully they can get rid of Kristian Alfonso now. She’s had no storyline since Peter Reckell departed. Again, this actress isn’t a favorite of mine — she couldn’t get along with Crystal Chappell or Robert Kelker-Kelly. Total diva whose day is long over.


  16. Chaz says:

    Maybe she is Lucas’s unseen former fiancee, Autumn?


  17. Ashlee says:

    Chrishell is a beautiful performer. I hope DAYS does not waste the talents of her and Jen Lilley By making the monumental mistake they made with Sarah Brown as Madison. They brought her on as a nobody…connected to nobody…and ultimately meaningless to everybody. If they bring these two girls on with family ties and connections, they can become integral. There are so many females out of town with connections…Melanie, Sarah Horton, Donovan girls, Cassie Brady, Belle, etc. The current regime is not the best at honouring and using the history of the show unless it happened ten minutes ago. These two casting announcements have enormous potential if handled right!


    Patrick replied

    there’s a lot of truth to what you wrote….

    it’s all up to the writers…. give Jenn and Chriselle an immediate connection… and their “acting” chops will do the rest….

    it’s like … ??? the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing… ? and so on, and so on… as with the feet…

    just saying…. for the LOVE of Days… Puhlease…. saying… for Sarah Brown… who had the ability… and the writing squandered her talent..

    these two ladies… have signed on for DAYs…and we, the fans… are excited.


  18. Dmitri says:

    She is probably Jeannie Donovan, and Jen Lilley is likely the new physical therapist, Keara Baldwin. I hope they are new for Lucas and Brady to date. Leave Rafe with Kate for the time being, or put him with Nicole. I think Rafe will end up with Sami again in a few months anyways.


  19. Ann says:

    I hope she will be a love interest for Rafe. He needs a real love interest, one who loves him and only him. He deserves that and a child of his own. I can’t wait to see how things will play out on screen. Perhaps she will turn out to be Emily!


  20. Mo says:

    I was just thinking that there aren’t any love interests for Lucas. Looking forward to finding out. I think SOD said she had scenes with Rafe.


  21. robert says:

    Great news. One of my favorites is back. She will definately shake up Days.


  22. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Was never a fan of her’s on AMC. But I’m willing to give her a chance to open up and win me over.

    Would prefer seeing SJB back as Madison, TB back as Ava and NL back as Taylor!


    Dmitri replied

    I agree, Madison should come back, having never died. It would shake things up for Brady and Kristen. Would like Taylor to return for Lucas, or maybe Brady as well.


  23. kinni says:

    Yeah because there never is enough. It’s a shame they can’t find a love interest for Cameron.


  24. Madison says:

    I’m hearing she is a Cassie Brady recast and she is going to be paired with Rafe and its going to be a big story with Rafe who falls for Kate and Roman’s daughter not to mention Sami and Carrie’s little sister.

    Rafe sure does have a thing for the women in Roman’s life. All 3 of his daughters and his ex-wife.

    I really hope Chrishell is Cassie Brady.


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