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12 February 20th, 2014 Christel Khalil, Angell Conwell and Karla Mosley Talk Racism In Hollywood, Twitter, and Their NAACP Image Award Nominations!


This evening on The Insider, Kevin Frazier sat down with three of the ladies nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series for the 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards to be handed out this Saturday night, February 22nd live on TV One.

The Young and the Restless Christel Khalil (Lily) and Angell Conwell (Leslie), along with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Karla Mosley (Maya) each gave their insights on the difficulties they have faced in Hollywood landing certain types of roles, facing stereotypes, and the presence of racism.

The trio also discussed the good and the bad of social media, and they reveal how honored they are to be nominated for the NAACP Image Award and what that represents.

Watch the enlightening conversation with Christel, Angell and Karla after the jump!  Then, let us know what you thought of what they had to share about their careers in Hollywood!

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  1. BronzeBritBabe says:

    Thank you Michael Fairman and a special thanks to Christel Khalil who, as a 10-year veteran of Daytime, is not only the standard bearer for women of colour but IR relationships and those fueled by LOVE as well. I know I don’t have to tell you, a Gay man, how difficult it can be to be viewed as “other” rather than what you bring to your work, your craft and life. (When I am at Studio in the States it is glaringly obvious what some (not all) expect from me, which is disheartening). Christel, Emmy Winner and NAACP Image Award Winner, along with Daniel Goddard has yet to take her place as Y&R’s Leading Lady, even though LANE could be deemed the prototype for ABC’s Scandal–hopefully that will change and she will be highlighted more in interviews and Story WITH Daniel (as I have mentioned to you before). As for Angell Conwell, she nailed it, so for all those who view life through stereotypical eyes–FREE YOUR MIND! Expecting an entire race or sex of people except Caucasian Heteros to behave one way is not only insulting it is and unrealistic. Kudos to The Insider for these interviews–now maybe those who are narrow minded will actually see–we don’t all look alike anymore than you do!


  2. lavendermom says:

    I am so proud of them.


  3. Sharonda says:

    It’s a shame that it’s only 3 featured. That goes to show there is no real diversity on these soaps. GH does not have any major black family/families. Only show that does is the Y&R, but Drucilla is gone, Mamie is gone, Olivia is gone! Lexi is gone off Days, and I fault the EXEC Producers! Why is there always a casting call for another person that is not Latin, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. Why didnt GH recruit the actress who played Rama Patel instead of hiring Starr/Kiki, McBain/Silas, Todd/Franco? There contracts shouldn’t be renewed, in fact they can go away they are not needed. There is no diversity in the story line when it comes to dialogue either. I’m not saying the Winters’ should be written like the Huxtables, but I would love to see some real talk a mix between I Hate Chris family, Martin, That’s My Mama type stuff. IN OTHER WORDS….BRING BACK DRUCILLA PLAYED BY VICTORIA ROWELL!


    BronzeBritBabe replied

    I agree with most of your post; HOWEVER there are far too many shows/roles with head snapping, finger pointing women and droopy pant, jive talking men on telly now (IMO that’s why God created intolerable networks with shows like Martin, I Hate Chris, etc.) and the real housewives series–to degrade minorities/women and keep us “in our place”). Contrary to what you believe in the States, the Huxtables ARE the norm; further, if you have ever heard VR in an interview, behaving and talking like Drucilla was merely a role, written for an 80s character. Until they pull a trailer and park it in The Genoa City Trailer Park and have Sharon, Chelsea and Chloe reside there with their families, I do not want to see stereotypical Black, Latinos or Gays on Daytime! Even though Latina Angelica McDaniel, Head of CBS Daytime, at the behest of CBS’ Diversity Initiative, is showing more Blacks on Y&R, they must take into consideration that Quantity does not equal QUALITY; I cringe every time I see that damn Chelsea on my screen every bloody day and not Lily Ashby, and with what Y&R THINKS is a family to “replace” the legacy Winters, including Jive Talking Tyler. They would NEVER think of bringing on a ‘new family’ to replace the Newmans, and they are all old! As for B&B–it takes place in LOS ANGELES, so where are the Latinos? Finally when Days killed Alexi, I was pretty much done, in spite of the fact that James Scott, a fellow Brit, is one of my favourite actors on Daytime.


    Sharonda replied

    The shows I mentioned were intolerable for you, and not for me. However, I don’t mean to suggest that they get ghetto-but the dialog is different. They don’t need to be jive talking. But realistic, I enjoyed how Dru changed being too “street” and more of a professional Drucilla being about her family and her money. She captured the essence of a loving AA mother. We could use less of the Newmans, yes and others. We need more Quality AA actors. Because if I can count them on one hand -that is a sad representation. Next~

    4everDAYS replied

    As a white man, I must say I have always wanted a more diverse cast on DAYS. The more diverse, the better! I miss Lexy!!! Where is her mother? Why is Abe floundering?!

    These are the days of OUR lives. All of us should be represented!!!


    Sharonda replied

    Exactly I miss Celeste! Her and Stefano had chemistry. I liked what they did on OLTL until Evangeline was put in a coma by a racist. I’m not sure what happened to that storyline.

  4. jonboy says:

    Christel has a lonnnnng way to go to be considered a leading last. The coquettishness needs to disappear.


    Leah replied

    Why? Because as AC so rightfully pointed out, she doesn’t portray the so-called AA stereotype??

    As an AA female, I love what her character portrays – love, commitment, family. This also has a place. Her character has been written thru the years to respond as a mature woman in the face of death of a parent, divorce, cancer, etc.. NOTHING Coquettish about that.

    I do not identify with the ‘RHW__ persona. AA’s are not monolithic – we are individuals comprised of our individual experiences. And contrary to a few online opinions, we want to/should be shown as such.


    jonboyelk replied

    And here we go. Once again making it all about the AA thing. That has nothing to do with my opinion of her less-than-stellar acting talents. Every time she slips into that 16-year-old goo-goo eyed lovey dovey over her amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Cane and her amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing children, rolling her eyes and, yes, playing coquettish, I want to hurl something through the tv screen.

  5. Jason! says:

    soo Christel Khalil doesn’t realize that the NAACP recognize ALL people of color, even her father who she said is Pakistan! I see Victora Rowell was right, Christel doesn’t see herself as a black woman.


    TnT 2.0 Forever replied

    I don’t think she has ever said she was a black woman. She has always identified as mixed race.


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