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8 January 4th, 2012 Christian LeBlanc surprises The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood with a role on Y&R!


If you caught yesterday’s episode of The Talk, Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) of The Young and the Restless surprised co-host Sheryl Underwood, who is a longtime fan of Y&R, with the news that she’ll be guest starring on an upcoming episode!

Underwood was ectastic as LeBlanc filled her in by telling her that she will be playing a Justice of the Peace! The Three-time Daytime Emmy winner went onto reveal, “You’ll be performing a wedding. A very important wedding on the show… and that’s all we can tell you.” Apparently, CBS Soaps In Depth found out that Underwood will film her cameo appearance next week, and her episode will air on Friday, February 10.

After the jump, watch how LeBlanc surprised Underwood with the news on her upcoming guest stint on her favorite soap! And then let us know which wedding you think Underwood will be presiding over?

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  1. kay killgore says:

    You know what is really a shame is that Christian le Blanc has been wasted for three years on Y&R. Watching this is a hoot and he has been a good sport just like Jess Walton. I wonder what he did to MAB to make her not write for him all he does is carry a briefcase and be Victors errand boy. I am afraid the wedding is Victor & Sharon.


  2. Gloria says:

    I have never watched one minute of the loud, silly Talk. Even the promos for it are irritating. Who cares? My tv goes immediately to ABC right after B&B, then I have to mute it while they finish up with the equally irritating, loud Chew. But come January 16 my tv will be switched off after B&B.


  3. Iakovos says:

    LeBlanc is a class guy, I think. Again, ATWT and GL were not good enough to save and to nurture, but the webs will use the genre to bring attention to the replacement, the vapid THE TALK! Oh dear.


  4. aria says:

    seriously, a ‘surprise” lol, okayyy, this is just simple cross promotion, the talk,& the young and the restless, are both cbs shows, the wife of the guy who runs the network is one of the host. both show are just using one another and as for sheryl being surprise, well if you bought her overacting then your the only one surprise. this is just another stunt casting , and nothing more, nothing less.


  5. Doe says:

    I don’t watch the talk, so I really don’t know Sheryl. But, I will have to watch her because I’m a big Y&R fan. The guess of whose wedding is a different story. It will probably be Victor and Sharon. That’s bad enough! Hate that story line…….


  6. Betty D says:

    I love Michael in any capacity. Now… can we get done with the who dun it, the ridiculous ganster and daughter show, lets get to real meaty stories that are real to us, not this foolish, never in a lifetime gonna happen situations. Chloe acts like a dingbat and she used to be city suave, Victoria shows no education or backbone anymore and she should be working and doing something besides crying and peleeeeeze, someone do something with her hair, its the worst on tv. She is gorgeous, bring back the classy smart business woman. What the heck with cat woman, get rid of her, its just a ruse to get the other who dun it story out of the way without harming the main players, but one of them should be the killer and no one will know but us. Give nick a job and a reason to be around instead of just jumping any gal in town, he has no smarts. I hate to say it but Adam shines, he is smart and realistic. Daniel, a waste and Kevin needs to grow a couple. No more Daisy, preggies, babies, lets get some reality into this before this show hits the skids too.


    Ellen replied

    All I can say is that you are sooooo right. I love Vicky and Billy together, I know TPTB think it will be boring if they are together, but what about giving them a great story together, maybe searching for something, doing PI work together, something fun and romantic. I agree Vicky should work too, I’m sick of all the babyline stories. I’m just sick of what has become of Daniel, another wasted character. I still watch it, but I’m really getting bored with it. They need a giant change like Days of Our Lives has done.


  7. Steph says:

    Here we go again with CBS trying to cross promote another soap opera replacement. Not going to get me to watch the Talk, ever.


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