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25 December 28th, 2016 Christie Clark Dishes Carrie & Austin’s DAYS Return!


As 2017 begins, Days of our Lives viewers will see a few all-time favorites returning to the canvas including popular duo, Carrie (Christie Clark) and Austin Reed (Austin Peck) and Anna DiMera (Leann Hunley).  While last time go-round, viewers saw actress Christie Clark teamed with the original Austin, Patrick Muldoon – this time it’s Austin #2, Austin Peck. who will be back in the mix with some of your favorite Salemites.

Clark spoke to, about Carrie & Austin’s DAYS adventure which kicks-off on the January 11th episode of the NBC sudser.  These upcoming episodes are the first that Peck and Clark have worked together in nearly 10 years.  Christie is slated for a 6 to 7 episode appearance, but more could be on the way, as she teases.

As to which Austin she would be working with in scenes this time on her DAYS guest appearances, Clark expressed how she found out: “They told me straight away. They know that Patrick (Muldoon) and I are great dear friends, as are Austin Peck and I.  I was thrilled because I haven’t worked with Austin Peck for quite some time, and it had been a while because he had been on the east coast. It was absolutely lovely to see him and work with him. “

Now, as to how Carrie comes back to the canvas: she has to rescue her mother, Anna who is trying to make Stefano pay for what she did to her and Tony. Clark weighed-in as to why she liked the story: “The fact that Carrie’s mom left her—I mean, she had Marlena and John, who raised her mostly, and then Roman hopped into the picture—I love that Carrie has turned into the woman that she is. She’s a high-flying lawyer that oddly enough can practice law in all different countries I just found out. (Laughs) That’s really spectacular! She’s got her shit together considering she should have some mommy issues, so I’m just proud of who she’s become.”

Since Stefano figures into the storyline and this month fans learned of the passing of his portrayer, Joseph Mascolo, Clark shared a few memories of working with the DAYS icon: “Joe was always just a wise soul who gave advice and was cracking jokes constantly. The first time I worked with him—I think it was ’86 or ’87—and Stefano had kidnapped Carrie and, I think, Kayla. Patch and everybody was looking for us back in the day, and Joekind of scared me with that deep voice. I was only 11, but he was the all-powerful Stefano! I remember all that. He was just always helpful with acting and directing and always willing to drop hints to the younger actors.  I do remember he always had scotch (in his dressing room) because Stefano was always drinking. (Laughs) He would say, ‘You can’t have any yet, but one day maybe you too can have some real scotch!’”

So, are you looking forward to seeing Carrie and Austin in upcoming episodes? Which Austin has been your favorite when paired with Christie Clark? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I hope its well played…but why cant Steph be really dead and Hope gets out for a technically…something a little plausible,,,without the actor playing Stephano will they show a body double


  2. blake says:

    I’m glad Carrie and Austin are back, I will have to watch it now for sure. I’ve always liked Carrie and wish she was always on the show. I hope Days brings her back full time, that would keep me tuned in.


  3. 4ever DAYS says:

    I’m happy Carrie and Austin are visiting no matter their length of stay! I can’t wait to see Anna. She’s always fun! I belevie her stay will be longer.

    It appears that Stefano didn’t die and the late great JM will once again be seen!


    4ever DAYS replied

    * believe


  4. dmr says:

    Austin Peck – No thanks.


    Mo replied

    Exactly. I have never liked him as Austin Reed.


    jaybird369 replied

    Mo…I agree with both you and dmr. I don’t care for Austin Peck as an actor…PERIOD!!!!! To me, Patrick Muldoon was always WAY MORE BELIEVABLE when he played the role of Austin Reed. TOTALLY!!!!!


  5. Max says:

    Love Carrie all these years. Just wish sometimes she wasn’t so connected to Austin as she always has to leave the canvas too soon. They made Carrie and Austin a Super Couple and she can’t seem to have a story on her own. I wanted her baby to actually be Rafes Baby now that would be a good story.. So glad you are coming Home Carrie I wish you would stay…


    Mary SF replied

    Speaking of that baby– did they ever say what sex that child was– their name– anything? I hope they at least mention the kid when she comes to town


  6. Mister Media says:

    Watching Days is like getting on board a cruise ship with promises of fun and adventure and then sitting helplessly as the ship passes by all the destination stops as it drifts aimlessly out to sea. No returns excite me any more. No casting news whets my appetite. No spoilers intrigue me. Despite all that is ever promised, the show unfailingly under-achieves. That is not to say that aren’t some very talented actors in the cast or some great individual scenes. As always, it’s the writing which is most lackluster. This upcoming revisionist re-writing of Stefano’s death is an example of lazy and careless writing. The “Hope in prison” writing is an explosion of cliches. The Joey & Jade story is a wounded beast in need of mercifully being put down. Deimos, Dario and so many others are pencil sketches of characters with no flesh and bones. I think I might know who they’re supposed to be only because I’ve watched soaps all my life, but they have never truly been written clearly or compellingly. What’s working for me right now is Abigail & Chad & Gabi and that’s really about all that comes to mind. I support Days in principle but get very little pleasure from watching it.


    Joel replied

    Well, for the most part, I think Days has been the best it’s been lately in close to 20 years. I see a lot of potential in this headwriter Ryan something.


    Patrick replied

    I’ve always wanted Christie Clark… back… fulltime… as the new Brady heroine… ala Sami…

    I think Christie Clark is a sexy GOOD actress. who … with her dad Roman and Anna DiMera coming back. what’s not to like

    PLUS… I am still not on board… well bored … with Rafe and Hope.

    she has more baggage… and just does not a match for Rafe… no zest no sex no lasting appeal. she’s clearly too old for him.

    this is where the story needs to continue… with Rafe and Carrie

  7. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m sad this is only for a select bit of episodes, likely due to Austin Peck’s availability; here’s to hoping they can lure Christie Clark back on a full-time basis!


  8. alistaircrane says:

    Carrie and Austin are my favourite Days couple. I quit watching in 2012 when they were fired, but I will make a point of tuning in for these six or seven episodes. Days, if you’re listening, I would watch full time if you brought Carrie and Austin back full time. Just sayin’!


  9. Lou piikes says:

    Austin Peck & Christie Clark are the best Austin and Carrie hands down.


    Jake replied

    I agree…Muldoon is dull.


    Lou piikes replied

    He was also boring snooze-worthy.

  10. Mo says:

    I don’t understand how Days can say Stefano isn’t dead. Rafe helped bury the body. And especially since Joseph is now dead himself.

    I am glad to see Carrie back, Austin Peck not so much. Glad to see Anna back too. She sure has nursed that vendetta a long time!


    Mary SF replied

    Well it is far fetched, but not more so than the other times Stefano was proven alive. I think it is a wonderful tribute to Joe to have the character alive– out there somewhere, always unseen, but his presence always felt in Salem in some way– the way they had Hope just shoot him like that and had his body thrown under some trash in a building about to come down, was one of the most disrespectful and dumbest stories they ever did– so personally I don’t care how lame bringing the character back from dead is– I think this is a better and more honorable way to have Stefano and in a way Joe’s spirit a part of the show for as long as the show is on the air.


    Helen replied

    I like the way you think ….

    Mo replied

    I didn’t like that they had Hope shoot Stefano. Considering how Stefano is the phoenix and risen from the ashes I thought it would take more than that to kill him, so no, I didn’t like the storyline. I also didn’t think the acting in the scene was very good.

    If it will get Hope out of prison and us not have to be subjected to more stupid prison storylines, I’m for it too.

    And in what prison do guests just saunter in and out of the secure side? It’s just so ridick!

  11. damien says:

    so looking forward to carrie and austins return..
    everytime they return i do as well to days viewing..they re return in the mid 2000s got me back into days when they revisired the sami and lucas quandrangle! i stopped when they and left and started again the last time when carrie bacame briefly involved with rafe and austin , abigail!
    austin and carrie are my fave days supercouple ! especially peck as austin!


  12. Richard says:

    Didnt Carrie and Austin have a baby?? Wonder will the baby be with them and is it a boy or girl?? Should be around the age of 5 by now, haha. Keep her away from Rafe and dont make Austin a wimpering crybaby like last go round!! Wish they would bring back Billie and crank up a Billie/Rafe/Hope triangle!! Kate needs more of her kids in Salem. Where the hell are Rex and Cassie Brady???


  13. k/kay says:

    Have not watched in over ten years but why are they still filming six months in advance and why is their a swinging door with no real plots! And why have you not begged Wayne Northup to reprise the role of Roman Brady????


  14. Nik says:

    I kinda figure this story line was written before his passing but I am hoping the story line will have some meat to it. Love both actors and I am excited to them again.


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