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17 March 18th, 2017 Chuck Pratt Jr. Steps Down As Showrunner For Lee Daniels’ STAR!


Former Y&R head writer and executive producer, Chuck Pratt Jr. has parted ways with Lee Daniels and the Fox sudsy music series, Star.   This is the second time the series has had to find a new showrunner.

According to the item in the Hollywood Reporter: “Reps for Pratt note that he only planned to stick around for the first season. Sources say it was an amicable split and done after season one was completed. A search for a new showrunner for season 2 of the series starring Queen Latifah is ongoing.  Production on season one has already wrapped and will not be impacted by the change.”

It’s unclear when a replacement will be announced. Also unclear is if the 13-episode second season of Star will be scheduled for the fall or another midseason debut.

Daniels co-wrote the pilot alongside Tom Donaghy for the Atlanta-set drama that revolves around three girls  who come together to form a band.   However, Lee was vocal about the shift in direction of Star back in December telling THR: “Dreams can come true. It sort of shifted. I started out wanting to make a political statement through music and it sort of shifted.”

So, where should Chuck Pratt Jr. go next? Would you like to see him back on the soaps? Do you watch Star? Comment below!


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  1. quinn says:

    Chuck always lands on his feet.


    k/kay replied

    Yes he does hopefully he does that on a nighttime show he does not do well on daytime


  2. Jenny says:

    I was a very big fan of Melrose Place and Santa Barbara. However, Chuck’s stints at AMC and Y and R were both disasters. His Y and R was dark, grim, dismal, depressing, and completrly bereft of any kind of happiness or character driven story. I think with his short term plotting style, and shock value type delivery, prime time is the better arena for him. I dont watch Star and dont plan to so I cant offer commentary on his work on that show. I have read descriptions of that show….and nothing about it interests me.


  3. Dr Helen Ruth says:

    No, please. I wouldn’t like to see him writing soaps again. There are only four left, we need them.

    Perhaps he could write horror novels.


    Nanci replied



  4. Alan says:

    Please don’t send him back to daytime.


    jaybird369 replied

    Alan…EXACTLY!!!!! That man has done ENOUGH DAMAGE to daytime already!!!!! WHAT A MORON?!?!?



  5. Patti kiewel mastros says:

    I watch Star every week and enjoy the show I hope it is on for many more seasons! !!! Can’t wait for Season2
    Good work everyone !!!

    ☆☆☆☆☆☆Love Star ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


  6. Zakia says:

    Star is a good show. I love the storyline.


  7. Zakia says:

    I love “Star” and the storyline is great. Keep up the good work. I hope they get someone good to replace Chuck Pratt.


  8. Pav says:

    The man deliberately destroyed AMC. He should do the soap world a favor and retire. Forever.


  9. Mateo says:

    Let’s be real… Chucky Boy needs to stay away from daytime period. Even he says he doesn’t like it. His show STAR was really good. I give him props. Melrose Place was also a great show but his daytime efforts left much to be desired. Never like to see someone walk through the unemployed state in life BUT he has had many successful ventures so I am sure he isn’t starving either. Let’s just let him cruise silently in the background.


    Mo replied

    It was his choice to leave. He only planned to do one year of the show.


  10. tony says:

    Yes, Pratt helped ruin AMC but the predictions of doom to Genoa City were greatly exaggerated by DaytimeConfidential and other soap critics. After the crap Carlivati pulled on GH and Griffith/Higley two year disaster on Days, Pratt’s 2 year Y&R run seems like Charles Dickens. Further, Sally Sussman’s first three months have vacillated from boring to bad. Pratt’s version was very plot driven but it moved along, utilized the central characters and had many compelling moments. The way things are going under Young/Sussman, i’d almost welcome him back.


    Dr Helen Ruth replied

    Well said and true, but I do want to give Sussman a chance to pick up the pace a bit.

    Here’s hoping that feedback like yours (and mine, and others) will encourage her.


  11. Mo says:

    How about retirement? I mean, he’s worked a long time. He deserves some rest and relaxation.


  12. k/kay says:

    Sally is a slow story teller just like Bill Bell was I am thrilled that she has stopped the crazy with Sharon but I could use less of Billy and Victoria give them a rest quit trying to mold the character of Billy into a Mr Mom we have went from one extreme to another with him. Sorry JT will never be Billy to me I think after three recasts he should have been sent on a long voyage.


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