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33 August 20th, 2012 Citizens of Port Charles Beware! Jerry Jacks Unleashes Deadly Plot On GH! – Watch The Video!


General Hospital is firing on all cylinders this week as Jerry Jacks continues to try to bring down the entire town of Port Charles and all of his enemies! (which at this point is almost every one!) Jax returns this week, too!

On last Friday’s episode of GH, the real twist came to light! Jerry explained to Joe that he didn’t harm Alexis or Josslyn who were deathly ill from his injections! But that what he actually did was inoculate them to keep them safe from what he is about to unleash on everyone else in Port Charles!

After the jump, watch this week’s promo from General Hospital and let us know if you are loving the thrill a minute GH! And,  If you are looking for the return of Ingo Rademacher as Jax, and if you are digging the return of Sebastian Roche as Jerry?  Also, do you think during Jerry’s latest plot that it might kill offf any major character on the canvas?  Remember,  GH is ramping up its big umbrella story as it gets set to move to its new time slot on September 10th!

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  1. Christine says:

    Eww. I Tracy IN BED with Joe Scully? :-)


  2. Cathi says:

    I am loving all the non mob action on the show. Fridays show was scary beautiful so well written directed and acted. The upcoming story well has Jerry really infected Port Charles or he just gonna cause a pánic.

    So flash yo see the brothers Jacks back in town always good acting and great eye candy. Loving all of General Hospital.


  3. Mary says:

    Started watching GH again after years of absent and really love it.May not be AMC but it is now better then it use to be.Need to keep up the good writing on the show.


  4. Christy says:

    it’s getting a little bit nail biting now… you know something bad in coming and no one else does!

    i think this works great with the why was Robin hidden away — I would think that she would either recognize the virus and/or figure out a way to cure people… much like that last time something like this happened… and with Anna off trying to find Robin, I would think she would be in touch with PC and find out don’t come back and try to help from wherever she is…. and hopefully, she can get thru to Robin to ask what is this virus…

    anyways, so I figured Alexis and Joselyn were given a watered down version of whatever Jerry has – he probably got it while working with the full strength stuff. He’s behaving as tho he’s got TB..

    so if Jax is coming back, Jerry probably didn’t know Carly would call him , so makes one wonder if Jax has already been giving the ‘antidote’?


    Christine replied

    It does seem as though Jerry has TB, doesn’t it? I tried to look up his medication, at least part of it (Benzodiox___). Drugs starting with Benzodiox are for skin problems. Anything plain Benzo__ is for anxiety, restless leg syndrome, seizures, things like that. I could understand seizures, but looks like he takes it for pain. I guess it depends on whether the writers are trying to create a drug name that is similar to what would actually treat what he has or whether they just don’t care and picked anything. Anyway, Walter White in BREAKING BAD would cough and then spit up blood when he first got diagnosed with cancer. Maybe that is what Jerry has?

    Then again, maybe when he cheated death the last time there were complications OR, if it is someone like Helena pulling the strings, she could have given him something to make him do what she wants with an antedote as a condition of doing the job.


    Christy replied

    maybe they told Jerry (actor) to act like Nicole Kidman did on Moulin Rouge… that was TB.

    i don’t think it’s cancer.

    i doubt the writers are being as thorough as writers on a medical show – like HOUSE – would, as far as the names of things

    would be fun if they got ole doc house to come in with the cdc to save port chuckers… althought dr house would most likely torture a few of them with his insane tests first! bwahahahahah

  5. Mary Fergen says:

    I certainly hope this is not ABC/D’s way of cutting costs and forcing Ron and Frank to let a bunch of actors go! GH has been so good, there are few characters that I would like to see leave. If this not the case, then this should be an exciting ride!


    Christine replied

    I was thinking the same thing. Until today, I thought it was probably Dante and Lulu’s baby that would be a victim. Now I am thinking IF they have casualties, then it would probably be somebody not that significant like the male doctor that worked on Alexis (forgot his name) or maybe even TJ because I heard that the actor now playing him kind of has one foot out the door anyway because he is interested in other projects.

    Hopefully it will just be a hoax and people just get sick, but not die. Or people might get sick but Alexis and Josslyn will be used to help them.


  6. Lew says:

    Hopefully, Jerry will fall victim to his own scheme! I TRULY hope this outbreak or whatever it is, will bring Jason and Sam back together. I have had enuf of the Jason and Elizabeth googly-eyed hour.


  7. caroldee says:

    Maybe Jerry will CROAK before he finishes his task.. I mean he looks sick anyway. I could care less I disliked his character intensely.


  8. MCBAMJASAM says:










    Karen replied

    seriously we don’t need people like you watching GH.


    Nikki replied

    LOL Karen, I totally agree with you.

    Didjanoit replied

    Oh really? So now soap fans are getting too uppity to want “certain” viewers to watch the show? It is reading posts like this that make me ashamed to be posting on the same site as people like you and Nikki. It’s called being a bully in case you didn’t know that. People that make fun of and try to humiliate others in public are the ones who should feel humiliated.

    Nikki replied

    Didjanoit, did you even read MCBAMJASAM’s post? It was a completely unintellegent post consisting of ridiculous statements such as “OH BY THE WAY THEY ARE TRYING TO GET RID OF GH ACTORS AND ACTRESS SO THEY CAN BRING THEIR OLTL ACTORS ON” which is untrue. The reason I agreed with Karen is because if you dislike the show for some reason, actually have A REASON. Just because one couple is not together is not a reason to hate a show, nor it’s headrunners.


    Didjanoit replied

    Yes, I did read it, and the statement you quoted isn’t ridiculous or untrue, it is their opinion. My point was, since when has GH stopped needing all the viewers they can get? Whether they are watching for a character, a couple, or the stories is irrelevant, as long as they are watching right? How many people are only watching for the OLTL characters? Should we be telling them that they aren’t needed too? I apologize if I went too far with my own response, but I’ve seen this sort of stuff so much lately that it really gets under my skin, lol. I can read opinions I don’t agree with and move on most of the time, but I am really tired of seeing people being put down for expressing their opinions about the show.

  9. MK says:

    Just don’t kill of the rest of the Q’s and Have Alan hidden somewhere.


  10. Patrick says:

    Innoculation – Vaccination – Protection – Antidote.

    Woah! Fans clamored for some thing new. I don’t know what to think. This reeks of intrigue – Spellbound – Just Saying…

    Alexis – Oye! I was in tears. especially, when Molly lost it.

    Josslyn – Carly’s telling her daughter…. You have to fight like you did last year… I know you’re tired…. just lean on your mom…. the better part of you is Jax. what is heartbreaking… is how good Laura Wright is. she’s pulls out all the stops… akin, Shirley McLaine, in terms of endearment…

    I’m caught up in GH. I don’t want to speculate… I’m so looking forward to Jax.


    I just adore the relationship between Patrick and Epiphany. The Good Doctor and the tough love, qualities of head nurse Epiphany. She has stood by Patrick, as he’s still reeling from the “death” of Robin. throughout the aftermath… it has been Epiphany who has truly endeared herself…. with Patrick…. they’ve established that bond of Patrick finding a friend in Epiphany… that he can be honest.

    Jason – alone. go figure…. I’m finally, getting used to the possibility of Jason and Sam… Divorcing…. Oye! They’ve broached the subject… and it looks like it’s going to happen. even elizabeth… is telling Jason… back off… she’s interested in Ewan.


    Johnny! – ? – He almost told Starr in the hospital chappel… what is he thinking… he’s sensitively portraying… someone enigmatic, at least the writing… is leaving me with questions. I hope he finds a way out of this. even if he doesn’t end up with Carly.


    Dante and Lulu are pregnant?!?! I don’t mind this… Geez! talk about.. history… I feel so protective of Lulu… because she’s Laura’s daughter.


    Olivia – 6th SENSE!. this could be intriguing…. Olivia… has some meat to chew on… and she’s interesting… finally…. all i knew of her… is as Steven Lars “girlfriend” and Dante’s mother… so… this is new territory for me… and if the writing holds up…


    I know i’ve forgotten some other points of interest. This will do for now… isn’t that always the way….


    Patrick replied


    Oye! A false-positive – chemical pregnancy.

    Oye! it’s emotional. Lulu and Dante ask each other if they’re dissapointed and/or relieved.


  11. Brian says:

    Is Ron C. killing off everyone in Port Charles then going to repopulate the town with everyone from LLanview??? (jokling)


    Christy replied

    Brian (Frons?)



    Brian replied

    Oh i can assure you I am not “that” Brian !!! Just my bad luck to have the same first name as the man who killed my all time favorite show !

  12. Didjanoit says:

    Honestly? I think the people who stopped watching GH a long time ago might enjoy this story, but viewers who were tuning in for the past decade will see it as another rerun. We saw this several years ago with what people called the Monkey Virus. It wasn’t a big hit either, as we saw the destruction of Holly, who was made into the villan holding Port Charles hostage for the cure. Frankly having Jerry Jacks back is going to hurt the story, more than help. While Sebastian was loved as the evil Mr. Craig, he was not widely accepted as Jerry Jacks, and I was happy thinking he was finally dead. So no, I’m not interested in seeing this.


  13. Jan says:

    oh crap…..natalie, cant come now….thats next thing, ” you cant bring liam here.”


  14. Karen says:

    My choice if someone is going to die is Steve.


  15. Christy says:

    I hope this doesn’t come down to a wipeout everyone… i think it would be better as a race against time, finding out who is doing this, where they are, what they’re up to and OMG, gotta find them and stop them. And in the process I’d think unlikely people will team up and work together on stopping this disaster – like maybe Todd & Johnny , John McBain and Jason and Spinelli, Trey/Star/Kristina/Michael… like the whole town figures it out before IT happens and gangs up on JJ… even Jax and Johnny pairing up to make sure Carly & Jos are ok.

    what do you think?


  16. Christy says:

    oh, hey

    wouldn’t it be great if ABC did a 2 hour GH on Sept 7th? with a great cliff hanger to get you all worked up before their new time slot on the next monday.

    oh, but when does ABC ever listen to our great ideas! ha!


  17. Francine says:

    Enough already of diabolical stuff! Get rid of Jerry and bring Jasper Jax back! Also bring N episode with Vikki and Kate. It would be nice to see Anna kicking Jerry out…


  18. Nikki says:

    This storyline is incredible! Firstly, Sebastian Roche being back is a complete blessing. He is so supremely talented and with Heather (temporarily) out of the picture, it’s awesome to have a true villian back on the screens. Also, ensemble plots like this are what great soaps are made of and I love that GH is bringing that back. Alot of the comments above are so negative, panicking about “losing” people instead of just enjoying this story and it’s upsetting. So many soap fans moan and bitch about how they’re “bored” and how the powers that be don’t tell good stories anymore, yet when one comes along all people see is the glass being half-empty. It’s a soap! Anything can happen. If a character dies, whose to say they won’t come back to life some way or somehow? And there’s not certainty that anyone will die or leave the show. Also, people are saying this is FV & RC’s way of bringing on a slew of OLTL characters instead of GH ones.. honestly, that is frustrating. I was an avid OLTL fan, so TRUST ME- if anyone has reason to dislike RC, it is me, but him and FV have done nothing but turn this show around! It was a newbie infested, boring, mob run show for so many years and finally, it is filling up with veteran character (the fantastic returns of Anna and Heather, for example), it has woven in new characters seamlessly (John’s past with Sonny, which ties into Kate and Joe Jr. which makes for terrific acting), bringing back people the old regime didn’t give a damn about like Ingo (Jax) and Sebastian (Jerry), showing connections between people instead of solely focusing on plot driven stories (Alexis’ different relationships with her daughters, Todd and Carly’s newfound friendship, Lulu’s past with her family and her ex, affecting her on with her husband), and they’re stirring up romance like other soaps (Y&R, for exmaple) have not been able to muster up in years. No matter who you ship, doing romances like Michael/Starr’s, (a young romance done RIGHT for a change, which involves two highly complicated, veteran ABC characters finding solace in eachother) Luke/Anna’s (also involving Tracy, which is a triangle involving veterans and terrific actors who have the chops to make it impossible to choose which pair is better), or the John/Sam/Jason/Liz quadrangle that brings drama not only to the show, but gets people talking which is what a good soap should do! And even a character that RC and FV didn’t create, has been immensely improved under their thumb which is Ewen. Instead of making him just a villian or just a good guy, they’ve mixed the two so that he is a character with depth and different sides of himself. I could not be prouder of the show right now and I’m just sorry people are choosing to see the bad beyond the good.


    Didjanoit replied

    If the show is so incredible now, why do so many people feel they have to “sell” it to everyone? Why is it that anyone who doesn’t enjoy it has to be labeled and their opinions negated? I haven’t seen any post anywhere saying that the people who are enjoying GH are wrong, or telling them to stop harping on how much they love the show, so why do so many feel that it is perfectly acceptable to tell people who don’t like it that they are bitching and moaning?? This story doesn’t interest me because I’ve seen it on GH before, so yes, it would be boring for me to watch it. I also don’t like many other aspects of the changes to GH, and I’m entitled to feel that way, no matter how many people feel differently. It seems that people are somehow afraid to hear that the show isn’t being well received by all, and I do not understand that.


    Tina replied

    I agree with everything you said and then some. Some people think if you say some thing negative about the show or certain characters they or fans of you should stop watching the show. Well people can’t dictate to other people what they shouldn’t watch. Everyone has a mind of his/her own and last I looked this is a soap opera, and this is a comment board for everyone,who chose to do so. Everyone’s comment is their opinion of a show that’s on T.V. and people should respect others comment as your is respected. Thank you for what you wrote Didjanoit as I said above, and stating the Truth.

    Nikki replied

    Oh I don’t care if the show isn’t being well received by “all”, because I’ve seen many, many positive reviews from most fans on other websites, as well as critics, actors, and, considering ABC’s newfound interest in the soap, the network. All I’m saying is that GH was on the road to cancellation before these new changes and I rather focus on being happy that the show is not only still on the air- but thriving as well! I’m sorry that you cannot see what Frank and Ron have done for the show, it’s truely a shame.

  19. Randal Upton says:

    Jerry Jacks was the Australian Psycho villain. He tried to fool everyone. I think that 2 WSB agents will pick him up, after the young, evil psychologist will be shot and killed.


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