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17 July 20th, 2017 Clare Bowen On Scarlett’s Heartbreak: “My Heart Is With All The Souls Out There Who Have Experienced The Suffering Portrayed On Nashville CMT Tonight …”


If you think Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) being robbed at gunpoint from last week’s episode of CMT’s Nashville caused shockwaves for the on-again off-again lovebirds, tonight’s episode was even more of an emotional-ringer as Scarlett faced the most harrowing ordeal.

The next morning after the robbery, Gunnar is at the police station, meanwhile Scarlett begins having excruitating pain in her stomach and notices blood on the sheets.  She is promptly taken to the hospital by Deacon (Charles Esten) where she learns her baby girl no longer has a heartbeat and that she suffered a spontaneous miscarriage .. to make things even more unbearable, Scarlett learns that she will have to deliver her stillborn child.

Nashville star, Clare Bowen took to Twitter immediately after the east coast airing of the episode sharing this message: “My heart is with all of the souls out there who have experienced the suffering portrayed on Nashville CMT tonight, some of my dearest loved ones included.  I have never felt this particular kind of pain, and can only imagine it to be all consuming – so it is with deepest respect and heartfelt prayer, that I urge anyone who has found themselves engulfed by grief of miscarriage or stillbirth, to allow your feelings be spoken, heard, and valued by those around you.  You are not alone. All my love,  Clare.”

So what did you think of Clare Bowen’s message on social media?  Did you see tonight’s emotional episode featuring Scarlett’s baby heartbreak? Comment below.

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  1. Rebecca1 says:

    I’ve heard Clare Bowen speak in a few interviews and she seems like a genuinely good person so her message is in keeping with that. Empathetic. Supportive.

    The episode was heartbreaking. I felt for her AND Gunner. LOL…I think they need to stay apart for good this time. He has given her all anyone lookng for love can ask for…his heart, his love, his compassion, loyalty. She rejected his marriage proposal on the ABC version, she wanted him back and then she cheated on him with what’s-his–face…the video producer. Now, Gunnar risks his life to protect her, runs to her at the hospital, makes up her bed…and she’s still not sure. Time to move on and be loved back, Gunnar!

    The show’s been really picking up. After a rocky start…couldn’t stand the whole Juliette/gospel Church episodes…it’s coming back to itself. And, I’m liking Deacon and Jessie.

    They need to bring back Luke. And, I could do without them trying to “hip” up the country feel with “kids gone wrong” ala Daphney’s new friend, Liv. Hope we’ve seen the last of her….


    Soaphound replied

    Rebecca, I agree wholeheartedly. The Scarlett concert scene was stunning. Out of nowhere came this beautiful, heartfelt moment and it really elevated the show. I guess I live on a different planet from Scarlett, because I would have married Gunnar (faults and all) years ago. I know Will really loves Gunnar, too, in an exquisitely unrequited way. We need more of Will with someone decent (he’s also my favorite singer on the show). And yes, far less Maddy. I like Jessie also but I hope we don’t have the usual “it’s too soon for Deacon to get involved” storyline. Glad the show has been renewed for season 6 also!


    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi Soaphound…

    Yes; I’m getting chills (emotional ones) as I reflect on Scarlett’s song. Was very touching and can be applied to any loss in life. It really got me….

    And, yes! A thousand times yes! LOL…give ME Gunnar! Love him.

    We do differ on Maddie (y?) though. I like her. I like both sisters. They’re such good singers and well, they’re Rayna and Deacon’s (and Teddy’s) daughters. By the way, I think they should bring Teddy back. He got short-changed both in the show and as an actor. Though I do love how Deacon’s being a true father figure for Daphne.

    I’m not sure if I think Gunnar loves Will. He did have a crush on him in season one…maybe he’s still carrying a torch (some you never get over, true.) But, I think it’s more of a deep friendship now…Gunnar, Avery and Will. I love their three way bromance! “Will” is stunning; great singer too. They’re all so talented!

    Deacon and Rayna were the IT couple for so long…(I think it really sucks that she just up and left the show. Of course it’s her right as an actress…her career and all…but still, the Deacon/Rayna romance took so long to finally come together after all those troubled years, the history and then…oh, well. dead. So, not sure if they mentioned how much time has gone by since Rayna’s death. It would be too soon and kinda weird if he fell in love with Jesse at this point, but you can see he has one foot in the past (which will always be there) but the other is definitely walking toward Jesse.

    So happy too about the renewal!

    Rebecca1 replied

    oops…I meant “not sure if Will loves Gunnar” in the romantic way. But I love the way you phrased it…”in an exquisitely unrequited way.” Beautifully said!

    Gary replied

    Why not call or write and let them know what needs to be done? Surely they are waiting for you to solve their problems and tell them how things should be. You should be in charge.


    Soaphound replied

    Rebecca, no worries. I knew what you meant about Will and Gunnar. And I have to say, Maddy scored major points with me when she doused Miss Juliet with that champagne! What was that fool woman (not) thinking? For someone who’s so devious, she doesn’t cover her tracks very well. All she had to do was tell that songwriter, “Hey, Maddy feels bad about passing on the song, so please don’t mention anything about it.” Problem solved. But then it wouldn’t be Drama! Hey, do you remember back in season 1 or 2 when Scarlett played that song about her mother (“BLACK ROSES”) and had the onstage breakdown? Another spine-tingling, epic scene!


    Rebecca1 replied

    Soaphound…yes! That was another great moment! (So sad when she lost her mom; Deacon his sister. But I love the bond between Scarlett and Deacon; always there for each other. We should all have a bond like that in real life.) I do have to say though, I was a great fan of Scarlett’s. She’s kinda getting on my nerves; always down, negative. There’s no “up” side to her. I’m not quite sure what Gunnar sees at this point….and I just felt she became very dismissive of his feelings until she finally let him go….

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hey Soaphound!

    No new “Nashville” posts but I thought about you when I watched last week’s episode! It’s been really good. Gunnar’s back story was really touching. It makes Scarlett’s constant on again/off again with him more upsetting. He really needs a “home.” A secure love.

    I’m not quite sure Rachel Bilson’s character is needed. So far she’s added nothing and is annoying…could she be Gunnar’s next love? (Though she seems to have a crush on Deacon and I sense a jealousy toward Jessie.)

    Beth replied

    You seem to be on every single page here and all over every page. I don’t understand all of your comments blasting other posters- I have been to this site on and off for years and you have been insulting and rude and you think you have every right to be since it is in defense of whatever causes you supposedly champion. That does not give you privilege or special pass to be so demeaning and rude to others. Disagree all you want but spare the name-calling and insulting others intelligence- and it has been numerous times not once and I have never seen an apology from you-ever. I have seen others apologize and try to make peace with you and you ignore those entirely. Love to have a break from all of your dissertations, but instead you will treat me to more of your abuse. Whatever.


    JK replied


    Soaphound replied

    Rebecca, so glad you thought so, too. Loved last week’s episode.. I’m glad we got to see not only Gunnar’s sad past (yes, I did tear up), but what a terrific actor Sam Palladio is when he has good material and not just being Scarlett’s lapdog! On a superficial level, they finally let his hair grow out and he looked SO good last week. I am enjoying the show right now, especially since the daytime dramas (Y&R and GH) are kind of going through that dull summer phase. I hate what they did to Cane’s character, and I wasn’t even a fan of his. They just let Victoria continue as the worst boss since Leona Helmsley and that smarmy creep Billy just coasts along like Teflon. I hate it when that happens! So, thank heavens for NASHVILLE.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Soaphound…yes. Sam Palladio really gave a fantastic performance. He’s always been sweet…from the first time he hesitantly approached Scarlett at the Blue Bird. (Did you know he’s British and Clare is Australian? Always amazes me when actors are able to perfect another dialect. Not only are they both speaking in an American accent but they sound like they’re truly from Nashville! Although, perhaps those that ARE really from Nashville would disagree with me. ;) ) Wonderful episode/actor/character.

    Last night! The show keeps getting better and better! And I must admit I didn’t like the first few episodes of this CMT version. But Zwick and Hershkovitz are great writers and have not disappointed. I’m loving how Deacon and Jessie’s story is unfolding and I thought it was adorable how she kidnapped him for that hour getaway! So cute; I “smiled out loud.”

    Deacon’s concert was fantastic and moving. And Maddie? She’s obviously become central this season as well but I think it’s a wise decision. She’s gorgeous, is an incredible singer and it seems fitting that she’d follow in Rayna’s footsteps. I’m glad that Daphne is getting airtime, too. I worry about that young actress though. Even in real life, her sister gets much more attention/guest spots.

    Oh! LOL! I even liked Rachel Bilson last night, after just tellling you I found her character annoying.

    I can’t commiserate with you on Y&R. I watch that show very sporadically. I do know who Cain (Cane?) is though (and did watch when Chelsea blew up Adam) came back to marry Cain, was thought dead, came “back to life” and as far as I last heard they’re both leaving the show. “Victoria…Leona Helmsely” ;)

    Rebecca1 replied

    Oh. On that “superficial” level? I so agree! I like Sam with longer hair, too. But then I’m partial to guys with long hair. Matt Cohen (GH). Check him out on youtube where his is much longer. Stunning.

  2. Carol says:

    Clare Bowen has an amazing voice. I was moved to tears during her performance. I like Maddy and Daphne just not crazy about their storylines. I would also like to hear more music and see a few more male characters introduced.


    Soaphound replied

    Yes, Carol, I concur. We need a really decent guy for Will and MUCH MORE music. Still, I’m delighted the show is still on and staying put for a while. And how about some “diva-like” competition for Juliet, since they dumped Layla.


  3. Alan says:

    Really good episode. NASHVILLE is finally a show worth watching with Zwick and Herskowitz as show runners.


  4. JK says:



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