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12 July 24th, 2013 Colby Shows A Sensitive Side On This Week’s All My Children! What Did You Think Of Brooke Newton’s Performance?

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Several weeks ago the revival of All My Children re-introduced the character of Colby Chandler, a part that on the ABC version had been recast quite a few times! But this time, it looks like the AMC casting director, Alison Goodman and the powers-that-be who preside over Pine Valley  got it right with Brooke Newton (Colby)!

In a relatively short amount of time, this scheming bitch on wheels version of Colby has slept with Pete (Rob Scott Wilson), slept with David (Vincent Irizarry) insinuated herself into the Chandler Media Gala, and is making poor Celia (Jordan Lane Price) feel awful about herself and her relationship with Pete, no matter what Pete says to Celia to try to smooth things over after sleeping with the hot to trot Chandler gal!

But on this week’s second episode of All My Children #44, Colby after hitting the hay with David, is hit with the news that her childhood friend Cassandra (Sal Stowers) is in bad shape, and she runs to the hospital to see her! Once there, Colby tries to cheer up the battered and pregnant Cass with a beauty make-over! But it is to no avail.  However, for the first time as viewers, we see Colby has a heart!  She loves her dear friend Cassandra, and wants to help her, even helping her friend get an abortion!

So we ask you, what did you think of the key scene this week? What do you think of Brooke Newton as the latest Colby Chandler? Would you give her thumbs up?  Share your comments below, and watch a clip from the Cassandra and Colby scene entitled, “Making the Pain”  after the jump!


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  1. Melissa says:

    I loved the softer side of Colby this week, and would love to see more of that. She can be a good person when she wants to be, and not a spoiled brat. I must say that Brook is a talented actress, and she’s showing that she can play what ever character comes her way.


  2. Jules says:

    It was the first show I saw of her that I didn’t want to push her out of a 10th floor building. She’s laying it on way too thick when she’s doing the bitchy shtick. This was way more understated and genuine.


  3. Ramona says:

    Loved seeing the softer side of Colby, made her a more human and believable character! Brooke Newton did a wonderful job showing this softer side.


  4. SteveS says:

    I thought both Brooke Newton and Sal Stowers did their best work yet in these scenes. While I’ve been enjoying campy Colby, she has been over the top, as has Cassandra with all the screaming and crying, and then in this episode they both calmed down and had a real, heartbreaking conversation. Kudos to both actresses, as well as the writers and directors!


  5. Rebecca says:

    Brooke is a very beautiful and talented young actress, and I think she’s doing an excellent job as Colby. She has breathed fresh, youthful life into this iconic show. I hope Brooke has a long run on AMC and that they don’t recast Colby again. She’s perfect for the role. I loved to see Colby’s tender side, which helped make her a more fully-developed and believable character, plus a good girl for a bit. Hopefully, there will be more of that to come.

    Overall, AMC has been terrific online. I’m very impressed with what Prospect Park has done. I’m so grateful to them (and the fans) for bringing this beloved gem back and making it better than ever after the final five subpar years on ABC.


  6. moshane58 says:

    She was more like the old Colby.Not caring for how they made her on the reboot.


  7. Michael says:

    Brooke is talented I must say and to be honest I love her whether bitchy or soft…but I prefer her softer side she does it well


  8. carla says:

    Wonderful actress . Brooke will do great things and be around along time.


  9. CTwildheart says:

    Brooke is doing a fabulous job as Colby! She does over-the-top bitchy SO well and now she is showing she can do softer scenes. Very reminiscent of when Colby first came on the scene as a teen. Nice job. I felt her and Sal had a good friend chemistry, it felt real.


  10. Johnny says:

    I thought she did a good job of showing that even a b——- has a good side. I think she is doing a good job with the role, Lord knows it’s been played by at least six actresses that I can think of so Brooke Newton can pretty much make the character her own and I think she has the ability to do that.


  11. Urban says:

    Outstanding performance… and, so real! Colby shows there is true humanity in all of us. True friendship and shared past moments are priceless. Thanks for making my day… :o )


  12. Wil says:

    She plays both sides of Colby well. You need both for a well rounded character.


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