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5 April 17th, 2014 Confessions of The Bay: Peter and Janice Starring Lilly Melgar and Kristos Andrews!


In one of the most intriguing videos of the series in Confessions from The Bay, Lilly Melgar and Kristos Andrews star as Janice Ramos and Peter Garrett, who despite themselves are having quite the steamy affair, which has become our favorite part of the most recent chapters of Gregori J. Martin’s The Bay!

In this newly released “Confessions”, Martin cleverly edits the piece where both Janice and Peter’s thoughts are intercut back and forth and juxtaposed against each other, where sometimes the characters are lying to themselves about their true feelings, seem to have opposing views of their relationship, but in the end can’t fight their feelings and the attraction to one another.

So, it would seem these two are having more than just some fun under the covers with one another!  Now after the jump, watch Lilly and Kristos in the latest installment of Confessions from The Bay!  Then, let us know if you like the pairing of Janice and Peter  …  or as they are now known by their squish name “Jeter”!

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  1. Cees says:

    Go Jeter! What I like so much about these confessions is the insight they give to the characters. Definitely makes me more invested in the show. Can’t wait for the next installment!


  2. Tammy Kreiss says:

    Best confessions yet! I loved it! As they are both asked the same questions, you feel their pain, not knowing if you want to laugh, cry, or want to see them together! Oh Jeter!


  3. Lisa says:

    Jeter is hot! Jeter is fresh! More please! I just love the bay and Lilly and Kristos and the whole cast! Can’t wait for May 1st :)


  4. Kathleen Honeyman says:

    Jeter is fun and exciting to watch. Best Confessions to date. Looking forward to #MayBay!


  5. Julie Brackett says:

    How compelling was that?! You get the inner workings of two characters in the Confessions series. Be in the room when their individual therapists ask probing questions about their relationship. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall for that? Now I just want to see all the romantic stuff all cut together into one piece!


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